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Reviews of Warners Bay Private Hospital

  • This place is appalling . The Nursing staff do a good job, the food ,rooms are nice is good, BUT the Admin is a joke.
    The Wi Fi ,proudly promoted ) for some works one day in a month for others never at all and even if one wins"lotto" and actually connects the download allowance in in the small Megabits and one can not do much. There are only two ( yes two) disabled car parking places for the entire hospital. They used to have three ( wow) but one has been converted into a loading dock.
    The new Lakeside clinic has none only access is either up the steepest set of stairs one can imagine ( well a bit steeper actually) or park some where out the front and walk like 500 mtrs through the entire length of the hospital to get there.
    Then for last 24 hours my wife's room phone doe not receive or send calls. !
    To add insult to injury the passage to one fire exit is usually packed half way across with full and empty cardboard cartons including under the fire extinguisher !! God help the patients if there is a fire.
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