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Reviews of Waterworx Aquatic Lifestyle Centre

  • Every time I come here the heated pool is closed for some stupid reason. Why not do your stupid learn to swim outdoors for once. Refuse to comeback here would rather go to the new lagoon or bandanna. At least the staff there are nice and supervise.
  • I've been going to Waterworx every week for just over five years, having taken my son there from about 8 months of age.
    I would make the following comments;
    1. In the five years of attending I can think of only about two weeks when the inside pool wasn't perfect ie my boy or I had sore eyes. Given the numbers of people through and my previous experiences with large swimming pools, including living in apartments where there are large communal pools and fulltime staff, this is pretty amazing.
    2. My boy and I have had numerous interactions with lots of staff as he climbs the Learn To Swim levels. Lots of different personalities along the way, but every staff member we have met has worked with my son and I to assist his swimming development.
    3. Best of all NO ONE has ever been pushy about development or the need to join the swim squads or enter rigourous practice regimes. This pool truly understands that first and foremost sports should be fun... there is a time for competition. And my boy loves going as much now as when he was in waterproof nappies.
    4. We had our boy's birthday party at Waterworx recently and got massive value for money. We had no problems at all paying for odd parents/kids and parents coffees etc. It wasnt the Ritz, but the kids had as good a time as they do at the local park, Lollipops or any of the other commercial party venues. And they got some exercise! Catering was exactly as described and quoted. First time some kids had seen fairy bread, I reckon, but they enjoyed it as much as we did when little.
    5. Communication is a two way thing; When I see the comments below I can only think that there was some huge communication issue going on or as they seem to say in social media these day 'Haters are going to hate"
  • Recently signed up for a membership at waterworx and the lady that served us (Amanda i believe, that i later found out is an offical for swimming australia. Which in my opinion is appalling!) had absolutely no customer service! She was soooo rude! There was a deal going and she didnt want to give it to us. After my partner paid she practically threw the card back at us. Then she said to us it makes us workers bitter when people get deals because we have to pay full price. After our membership is up we won't be returning to waterworx and i wouldnt recommend it to anyone!
  • Recently held my daughter's birthday party at Waterworx and can't say it was worth it. Was charged $18 per child for entry for themselves and an accompanying parent, reserved area seating and party snacks. Had specifically asked the desk to not charge any guests to pay to get in (we would foot the entire bill) but somehow, five adults and even a baby still ended up paying to get in. Baby was even on the guest list that reception had but was not ticked off, so not really sure what the point of giving them the list of guests was. At the end, when I was trying to sort it out, was told briskly by who I assume was the management staff that the total amount was still owed even though they had charged my guests entry fees. Basically, they profitted twice from my guests.

    The reserved area seating and party snacks were as expected (simple, but adequate), and the staff were friendly (apart from management staff that day). Pool facilities were also wonderful for the kids although indoor pool was a funny colour and indoor toilets were not very clean. Overall everyone had a great time. However, sorting out the bill left a sour taste in my mouth. Will not hold a party there again.
  • Great for kids, I have two children (4&6), nice friendly, warm water and not overcrowded. I have tried all the pools in the area, it is our favourite. Next favourite is forest lake, but you are limited in pool availability. Could do with a lick of paint inside.
  • Simply brilliant, friendly attentive staff, life guards always visible....very quick to deal with the morons who are out to spoil everyones day except thier own very approachable staff and management. Hosting birthday parties what a brilliant idea will be booking the kids next party there.
  • Crystal clear water, lots for the kids to do with shallow children's pool and giant spraying mushrooms etc. When we were there they had a giant inflatable up. 50m outdoor pool plus 25m indoor. Friendly staff. Will go again!!
  • Staff ignore what is happening.
    There are no lanes assigned for lap swimming for people who would like to enjoy swimming and exercising. When you are in a pool you actually need to watch around so that the "flying kid" doesn't land on your back as some parents take pleasure "throwing" kids off their shoulders and take the whole pool for themselves. No pool courtesy, no respect for anyone's space. I have seen and used much busier swimming pools where people show courtesy towards each other, there are lanes assigned for fast, medium and slow swimmers and and place for kids. There is no wonder why so few people actually use this place.
    There are no staff outside supervising those who misbehave.
    When I complained to staff a few times, it doesn't seem that they pay much attention. Don't go there!!!
  • Being local residents and with summer coming up, my husband and I decided to check out this pool for the first time with our four children (two are under 2). Given that it was a weeknight, we went in the evening as we are both at work during the day.

    We arrived at Waterworx at 7pm, one hour prior to closing. We were charge TWENTY-SIX DOLLARS for a swim in their pool during this last hour of the day. To make matters worse, the family we came in with (who were about 2 mins behind us) were charged only NINE DOLLARS for their swim - they are two adults and two children under 2.

    When I called otday to offer some feedback to them, I was extremely polite. I asked why the discrepancy in the amount we were asked to pay, and they offered no explanation. I then asked if $26 was the correct amount we should have paid, and to my shock they said yes. They then went on to tell me we should have arrived earlier in the day if we wanted value for money (!!!!!!!) and then basically hung up.

    I will NEVER go back there and I would urge any family looking for an inexpensive swim during summer to avoid this place. Double whammy: overpriced and no idea of customer service.
    • Fort starters Adult entry is $5.00 per Adultr and $4.00 for children regardless of age. There is a thing called insurance and maintenance costs involved with running that facility which is not subsidised by the council like all our other local pools.

      As for the family walking in behind you that had 2 Adults and 2 Kids and only paid $9.00, if one of your kids or family members is part of the learn to swim program at the facility the rest of the family gets in at $3.00 a piece.

      any council pool in the area would have charged you the same if not more and closed earlier. They must be doing something right as they are still here after 10 years......
    • I have turned up 45 minutes prior to closing, but was warned they were closing soon, so it was my choice. You pay for entry not the amount of time in the pool. If you are not sure of times, it is a good idea to check the website (currently down) or call first...I have learnt from experience and turned up to many pools that are closed.
  • There are two aspects to this business, the pool, and the gym:

    Pool: Lots of space, with plenty of lessons going on to keep everyone happy. Outdoor/indoor, kids' play pool, and a creche. We took our infant son to swimming lessons there from 4 months old, and our teacher was lovely. However, we took him out, immediately before he graduated to the 3-5 year old bracket, because, while that teacher was lovely with infants, she ruled with an iron fist and a loud voice with the old kids. That style simply wasn't for us.

    Gym: Lots of equipment, plenty of treadmills, bikes, cross trainers, and a couple rowing machines. Seven TVs showing various channels in the cardio section. In the weights room, lots of mirrors, two TVs playing, generally, music videos. Lots of space and lots of weight equipment.

    The staff for the centre floats back and forth between the gym and the pool, and they are all lovely. My wife and I bought year long memberships to the pool and gym each, but when my wife lost interest, they transferred the balance of her account onto mine, so that her subscription wouldn't be wasted. They also deferred my account when I went to America for a month.

    Highly recommended.

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