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Luxury accommodation, five star pet suits, Victorias most comprehensive dog training school, grooming, nature walks, play time, pick up & delivery service, day care. Special diets & medication catered for. Wellington Park, its more than just a kennel. When quality counts, pet care is our concern.
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Reviews of Wellington Park Boarding Kennel

  • We have been trying to organise a refund for our kennel stay as this kennel lost our our family dog. Management originally said they would refund our money. Now they are refusing to refund money. Very poor and disgraceful practice from kennels.
  • Paid for VIP accommodation. LOST MY DOG and now avoiding contact and refusing refund. A disgrace. If you love your furry family member, do not go here
  • I dropped my dog off before I saw the other reviews here, and was a bit worried, however when I picked up my dog she was so happy, and relaxed I wanted to make sure I left a good review. The staff I dealt with were really friendly and helpful, and while I didn't see inside the kennels my dog came out looking just as healthy as when I put her in. She seemed very relaxed which is great because she is actually an anxious dog, so I was certain if she had had a traumatic time there, I would have been able to see it when I picked her up.
    My experience was really positive and I will go back again.
  • If you are thinking of taking your pets here because on the website the kennels look amazing - ALWAYS go to have a look at the suites before you book them in, you may be surprised. The staff and receptionists are lovely but the conditions are less than ideal to keep your pets happy and stress free - so always check out the venue before you take your pets there. Dogs often get dirty and covered in urine/poop but usually get a bath before they go home so they look (and smell) a lot better. Always check out the cattery too. And be careful as they may have kennel cough as other people have said their pets have contracted from these kennels.
  • We had our two dogs stay at the Wellington Park Boarding Kennel on a Saturday night. Upon arrival, we requested if we could see the room they'd be sleeping in but were told that we couldn't as they were "cleaning". We had to pay a two night minimum, which was $65 for each dog.
    When we picked up our dogs the following day, they were covered in urine. It was all over their belly and paws. They are both toilet trained, so I have no idea how this happened. Over the next few days, they also contracted fleas. Last but not least, they then developed Kennel Cough. My vet told me they get a lot of Kennel Cough complaints from this place.
    Never Again!
    • you should have requested for a bath for your pooches if they were that bad, I have left my dog there on numerous occasions and always get her washed because I know she will get dirty playing with the other dogs, its a great service, she gets a hydrobath and flea rinse before she comes home and smells better than when she went in.
      'k9 cough" not kennel cough hence it isnt actually started in kennels, dogs can contract it from walking down the street as it is an airborn virus.
  • I think the best thing you could do is to go and check out the kennels before you make your decision as to whether you want your animal to stay there. The kennel staff members are exceptional, they really care about your animal, but you are only as good as the equipment and surroundings you are given to work with. Take note of overcrowding at Christmas time. Make sure you get the extras you pay for.