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Reviews of Wentworthville Medical & Dental Centre

  • Dr girgis is awsome the girls in treatment room are caring and professional. Facilty is great and receptionists are banging gorgeous and also efficient. Five stars from me
  • Awful surgery, Drs just want you in and out and reception staff are rude and dismissive!!!
  • I went to this centre today and was very pleased with the service, the receptionist was lovely and very helpful and the service from the doctor was great. I am very surprised to read some of the comments on this page because the service I received was nothing like there's. I saw a few patients that I thought were very rude and the staff handled them professionally. This centre does look very busy and the staff seem to handle it very well. I think all the people complaining should put there name to there complaints and if they don't like the waiting times they should try the hospitals, as I have spent 6 hours waiting in a hospital to be seen. Keep up the good work guys. Jarrod.
  • OMG...can't believe the staff here...will never go back here... rude is understatement...you will feel more sick after being to this medical centre...
  • Been there before..long waiting is one disappointment along with inexperienced staff at physio department. Departments do not talk to each other though they sit in one place. Was referred to a physio who again referred me to private docs as was not able to assist.would not recommend this place to anyone I know.
  • Rude staff at the counter, doctors that are not the least bit interested in their patients and VERY lengthy waiting times. Two hour waits are the norm. Only go to this place as an absolute last resort.
  • My experience was the Doctor was fine but the assistant had to be the rudest, most inconsiderate, dismissive person I've ever seen.

    What's worst is that after waiting nearly 2 hours for treatment assistant comes outside and starts talking to me about my problem in front of EVERYONE.

    I had to insist that we go inside the treatment room and was extremely embarrassed.

    When people asked the assistant how long the wait was responded angrily, assistant might as well of just told them to shut up because it was the same tone used.

    I've found the reception staff are ok and polite, but don't handle stress very well and seem to get flustered when customers are impatient.

    If not for the doctor I feel comfortable with, I would never go back.
  • I attended Saturday afternoon I waited for over 3 hrs other customers were complaining and were told to go somewhere else. Only 1 doctor was on and they advertise there open until 10pm at that rate they'd need to. People made to wait the doctors response was "do you want to run the place". A little mutual respect and service is not to much to ask I'll never attend and let others know.
  • Worst ever. The receptionist is extremely rude. Doesn't even look at our face.

    Doctors are fine I guess.
    Be ready to wait at least for a couple of hours...
  • rude reception & doctors that dont know too much
    rude staff told me wait in car with my brother as he cant walk and freaks out in waiting rooms , & would get me when my turn after 2 hours waiting i went in to find another rude staff telling me i missed my spot because didnt hear my name.
    • You need a reality check!!! Too much in the lala land.

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