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Reviews of Werribee Mercy Hospital

  • They are so understaffed and under resourced that several times during the labour staff would come in and say "are you finished with that machine yet"? It happened constantly.

    The hospital is in some kind of black hole void when it comes to phone reception.

    Forget posting your new baby pics on social media or even calling your friends to given them the good news, because you might as well be in the simpson desert.

    You might say that this isn't the fault of the hospital, but the fact that they refuse to share any of their wi fi passwords with staff just shows that they don't really care. Such a simple service could make a huge difference to the mums who are recovering from what is in some cases a very traumatic experience.

    And want to watch TV? That'll be $10 a day. So the epidural is free but if you want to watch reruns of Seinfeld, that costs money.

    The clincher and the thing that ruined the stay for me was the rude person on reception. That person is someone who obviously hates the job and treats people like dirt, without an ounce of common courtesy.

    Most of the staff here are fantastic, and would probably agree with this review.

  • Excellent sevice from emergency staff. I was hobbling along outside emergency,in obvious pain,and a staff member saw me in and bought out a wheelchair. I was seen within a relatively short period of time andadmitted.Follow up care was also excellent.Staff were polite and friendly. No complaints from me.
  • Was unfortunate enough to decide to go to Werribee hospital last night. Never again. Worst staff ever. They are jaded and rude.

    I was experiencing severe pain last night which led me to go to the hospital for the first time ever. I had explained to the staff that my symptoms were not consistent with gastro and that I had this same pain four days before.

    Staff proceeded to offer me neurofen which I refused to take as I had already taken panadol and I did not want to risk making the issue worse by medicating without knowing. When I tried to explain this they treated me like i was a hypochondriac. Told me to stop making up things basically. I was told that beds needed to be available for the doc to see me. Two patients walked out and I still needed to wait another hour.

    Two hours of sleep for the whole night and a 3hr wait to see a doctor at 5am, who then told me to see my GP. My pain had subsided by then, and that must made me seem like I just wanted to waste their time.

    This hospital is unbelievably terrible. I walked out crying. That was the first and last I'd even consider going there.
    • I agree with you I stil have the pain occasionally to this day..
      No one knows what it is.. :/
      And Werribee mercy just don't bother I only go there because I have no other option.
  • I have never dealt with a more difficult person ever!!! So unhelpful, rude,. I was basically told I was lying, then it was discovered the "weekend" staff had made the error. Who cares just fix the problem. Absolutely disgusting.
  • The staffs told us there is no wheelchair to borrow.. the patient is old in paint and not able to walk. The hospital reception told us there is no wheelchair where the wheelchair is only next to the information centre... they got no idea of what they doing, totally bad service and not considerate for the patient..
  • I'm almost ashamed to say I've been to the mercy hospital on many occasions just to wait 3-4 hours for someone to look at me,
    I have gall stones.. The attacks are nearly the same as a heart attack, and just as painful.
    I'm only 19, and it's the scariest thing I have ever gone through.. The staff asked me on a scale using faces how I felt being how severe my case was I picked the one on the end which is severe,
    I got in the hospital at 5:32 and was seen at 7:47, this was shameful, by now the attack had subsided and they took some blood samples an told me to see my gp who could do nothing to help me,
    I have been to the mercy hospital nearly once every months for 9 months now... Id go in and tell them of my condition go through all the steps every time ( even though they are on file) I wait in the emergency room crying and vomiting,
    No one comes to ask if I'm ok, no one offers me a tissue or asks to pho e a relative for me never once. The staff at the mercy are careless.. The only reason I would go back is because footscray is to far to drive invade I faint again
    Overall I would recommend ANY other hospital...
  • If you have any kind of medical emergency I don't reccomened you come here, the wait to see a dr is always so long, the staff are rude and uncaring. And more often than not if it's serious they will just tell you that you need to go to footscray or sunshine anyways!
  • Well If you have a private health cover, dont bother going there. I was not satisfied with the service. Even though i got a private room i faced few issues:
    My wife had a cesarean but we were discharged after 3 days. By third day i was happy being discharged as i found my home was much better than the care they provide
    In my 3 days we saw around 10 -15 midwives. There is no continuity. If one midwife forgets to give the first bath to the child, the second one was not very happy in discharging her duties. I also have to remind them to give panadol when they said they will bring it in.
    My room was opposite medicine room. They frequently open/close the room even during night and my baby wakes up. It is hard to settle a newborn child and us being new parents
    A small tv is hanging from the ceiling. Facing towards bed it can only be viewed by one person (if at all it works)
    If you are a vegetarian, please take your own food. The menu caters for non-vegetarian. Even after choosing items from food menu, i did not exactly got what i checked
    I requested for extra pillow but they said that 2 are enough for one room
    Rooms are small and 4 adults makes it congested
    Private rooms have shared bathroom with next room.
    Dont expect midwife will be come to your room at once if you have pressed a buzzer
  • Werribee mercy emergncy is by far the worst emergnecy room in the western suberbs when ever i have had to go there or anyone i know no matter how serious their condition the wait has been unberlevable, the staff are un careing. i recommened going to footscray or sunshine instead.
  • I have been there to have my 3 babies and loved it there. The staff are very friendly and helpful and I got a single room being a public patient after my c/s which I loved.The only fault is how quickly you are sent home but that is the same everywhere.

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