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Western Toyota is one of Australias top-selling Toyota dealersWe are situated on 4.5 acres at GuildfordWestern Toyota offers you... A huge range of new Toyota passenger cars and commercial vehicles.A massive range of high quality used cars, which, in most cases, carry a three (3) year Warranty to 175,000 kms.A fully equipped workshop with Toyota trained technicians and support staff.84 very knowledgeable and customer satisfaction trained staff.NRMA authorised reseller (all pre owned vehicles carry an extensive NRMA Inspection Report).
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Reviews of Western Toyota

  • I don't normally bother writing reviews unless a business has really earnt its stripes & I must say this is the case at Western Toyota. I have been servicing there for approx. 3 years. Where do I start, I picked up my car today & thought it was time to spread the word. A friendly, professional, courteous & punctual service at the right price every time, this was after purchasing a used car from them & being treated extremely well. There seems to be a really nice culture right through the business, after hearing horror stories from friends about other dealers I must say these guys are a stand out.
    To the service manager Jay & sales manager Mark I will continue to send customers your way.
    Thanks for your care & attention.
  • Dont have skilled people in the service centre. For minor issue with my camry hybrid they charge me $ 1500 for diagnosis my car and after 4 attempts they found car door handle was twist from inside.my car is under warranty year2013 September. so after they returned my car still facing problems with car computer playing the function. So not gng back to them. Plz dont go with ur new cars. I wish dont happen with any one else. Please dont ignore this. Thx for read and ur time.
  • The greatest thing about the place is the receptionist. made me and my family feel so welcome on the Saturday morning we test drove our new Toyota Tarago. She showed a genuine interest in my two kids who came down with my husband and I. Apart from staff, the sales people were quick and genuine and helpful.
  • Toyota service at this dealership is beyond a joke.

    Dropped my vehicle(fleet) at 7:30am this morning and had a requested pickup time of 15:00 this afternoon.

    Rang the dealership at 14:30 to ask how long it would be till it was ready.

    Was told it would be finished in an hour. Arrived at the service counter was ignored by the staff for at least 15minutes till one had the decency to look up and acknowledge my presence.

    Asked for the vehicle and the response was a blank confused unhelpful stare. Without any explanation I was left at the counter whilst the staff member wandered out into the workshop to find out what was going on.

    This unhelpful person then came back and snapped that it was still being worked on. They gave no indication of when it was going to be ready or any sign of an apology for the delay.

    After sitting in the waiting area for another hour I saw my vehicle being driven out for its test drive, after seeing it come back it was another further 10 minutes before any of the staff who at this stage had left the counter unattended did anything.

    When a staff member finally did approach me to inform me that my vehicle was ready there was no apology for the delay or even any show that they had delayed me.

    In the whole this experience has turned me off any Toyota vehicle apart from the work supplied vehicle which I have no choice in.

    It should also be noted that none of the staff were wearing any form of name tag or identification.

    A totally unsatisfactory experience and will avoid this dealership in the future and would encourage all others to do the same.

    People please realise that you can take your vehicle elsewhere for a warranty service.
  • There is asales guy here (Oliver) who is the best car salesman i have ever met. He knew that i had researched the car i wanted and didn't wate my time "selling" the car. I gave him my budget and what i required and he came back with a price and options that could be delivered within my budget. Painless. If only the guys in Parramatta were this straightforward. The buying experience was awesome. My only gripe, and the reason for 3 stars is that the staurday service has limited hours (1pm). Highly recommend if you are after a good deal on a new car.
    • I m also agree this staff is the best sales person at this place. I deposit for my new car with them. Just visit as casually westren toyota and I liked very much how this staff serve me and I bought a hybrid same day. But bit sad for the people in service centre.they r terrible.
  • I had bad experience with this card dealer. I bought a new care from them. When I brought my car for them to fit teh alarm, the horn not working, but I knew it was working fine before. They told me that they have to order the parts. It took them couple weeks. The worse thing is that they can't do the job on Saturday. I am working full time, I can't juts take day off just to fit the horn. After all, it was their technician fault that stuff up my horn. Very disappointed.

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