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  • Richard Lane   5 reviews
    This is good pub if your into live entertainment. Excellent trivia nights!
  • Lydia31993   5 reviews
    Definately worth the price. Yes; the schnitzles are enormous & They taste nice! The drinks ARE over priced but the food is well worth it. I wouldnt recommend it to those who are health freaks coz it does strike ur mind of the appearance , but u cant eat 1 all on ur own... Its impossible.

    This is very good pub food!!
  • JB-Union Local Star   103 reviews
    I only come here for the food. I find the drink prices dear. The chicken parmigiana selection are the best and the biggest that i have come across. I'm in love. The rest of the menu looks good but still haven't gotten past the range of chicken schnitzel they have. Two people could happy share a chicken schnitzel at the bistro here.
    Happy eating!
  • Wacko-Jack   13 reviews
    I really Like how the schnitzel is bigger then the plate it is served on. Alway miss my brecky before coming for lunch. Top Meal!
  • iliketoeat Newbie   1 review
    NEVER EVER will we return to this place. Ordered the Chicken snitz with prawns and spat out my first bite it was so disgusting. The chicken was overcooked, dried out and deep fried in the oldest dirtiest oil you could imagine. The prawns were mushy and smelly and drowned in oil- the coating of jarred garlic did not mask how unfresh they were. My kids had the fish n chips which they refused to eat- when do kids ever refuse fish n chips- thankgod they wouoldnt eat it so i didnt have the strugle of refusing it to them. $70 for 4 meals that were completely unedible- we walked out without eating. This can only be described a overpriced, overcooked, heart attack on a plate. UUuggghhhhhh!
  • spyderpixi   17 reviews
    I've never seen such a huge schnitzel in all my life! If you share a schnitzel between two it is by far the best value pub meal you'll eat - and tasty too.

    The shnitzel's come with a topping of choice -much like with ordering a pizza, but on top of a chicken schnitzel. An interestingly unique concept to say the least. Some of the choices include Hawaiin, Florentine, Carbonara, and Marinara to name a few. My husband ordered the Mexican schnitzel. Not being fond of my garlic prawns (served swimming in a bowl of the oiliest broth imaginable, ugh!!) we shared the schnitzel and it was incredibly tasty. Topped with generous amounts of kidney beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa, it was really delicious. So large is the serve we took the rest home which easily fed the both of us for lunch the next day. If you love schnitzel then this is the place to go.

    One word of advice - stick to the schnitzels, that's what they do well. Other dishes are not very appetising. My friend ordered nacho's and the topping was measley and the corn chips were burnt black, too long under the griller. And as previously stated, the garlic prawns were oily beyond belief. We'll definitely be going back for the schnitzel.
  • videodrome   38 reviews
    Ditto on the schnitzels. Share one between two or pack some up for lunch tomorrow. The price matches the size, but the novelty of being served a ludicrous pile of schnitzel makes it worthwhile. But onto the pub vibe and so on: Why is this place populated by weirdos? Probably because of the hideous gaming & pool area, the fact that there's a TV playing some lame sport in every corner of the place, just the general outlook of the place is skewed all wrong. They could really capitalise on the open fireplaces, couches and central location. If they do the place up, this will no doubt become my local. Until then, it's simply a dive serving the odd plate of oversized schnitzel with an overpriced bottleshop attached.
  • bails996 Barfly   250 reviews
    The biggest Shnitzels on the planet. This really is thier draw card and it is a good one. Old locals pub and very friendly

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