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Award winning male/female artists specialising in quality custom designs, picture perfect portraits, inspirational cover ups. 5 private rooms, autoclave sterilisation & all work guaranteed. Your health and well being is of the highest importance to us. Located in Sydney suburb of Penrith.
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Reviews of Wicked Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio

  • Even though we were double booked, we were re booked for the same day but later in the day. Our ideas were drawn up and approved by us before tattoo was inked. Tom did an awesome job. My daughter has since returned for a repair on another tattoo, again Tom did a great job. All staff are friendly and funny, studio is clean and welcoming.
  • Unreliable. Waited months for an appointment. Called day before to confirm - all good. Drove out from city for a no show by tattoo artist. They claimed to have called but no voicemail or anything even though I bothered to confirm. Expected better..flakes at best. Cannot recommend. Summary - tatto artist did not show up ...wasted months of waiting and the long drive from the city
    • Stuart, we apologised to you for the inconvenience, and refunded your deposit. The artist was called in for compulsory Jury Duty, unfortunately things out of our control do occur. Sorry that your were disappointed, but I did check on this situation myself, Mitch was working the counter when he found out about the artist being unable to attend, and he tried to phone the number that was on your booking and it did not answer. It may be a case of the phone number being taken down incorrectly. I can assure you that all of the people that work at Wicked Ink care greatly about our customers, and I personally take offence to the "flakes at best" comment, but I guess you are entitled to your own opinion. Kellie Fielding
  • Aobryan Local Star 170 reviews
    Such a fantastic studio. Very clean and welcoming. Staff are friendly, funny and always happy to help. I've had many tattoos and piercings there. They're always happy to try and fit me in at an appropriate time at short notice. Love their work and their piercer Mitch is fantastic (and has a sense of humour to match)!
  • Been inked 5 or 6 times so far Johno is a legend great tattoos great colour excellent detail love it!!!!
  • I got inked here twice and they were good going off a stencil, then I asked for a design to be sketched and they made a huge deal about it and asked for me to pick something from their stencils. Tattoo "artists"? I think not. About a year ago I wanted to buy a voucher for a friend who loves this place, they told me I couldn't do it over the phone even though I now live 1 hour away, but when I got there they said it could have been done over the phone.
    • Considering that Wicked Ink is primarily a custom studio, even though we are happy to do whatever the customer wishes of course, I find your experience surprising to say the least. A studio who's artists would prefer to do original pieces would never suggest a "stencil" design over an original concept. Also we do not have "stencils" available to choose from, even more confusing?? I would love clarification on your particular artist. Feel free to drop me an email at contact@wickedink.com.au Thankyou Kellie
  • Quite simple really you want good art go to Wicked Ink Penrith they are and have been professional in my dealings with them over the last few years.

    There is a artist there for all tastes and preferences.
  • Mad tattoos here
    Sash any harder to get a booking with
  • Good tattoos by sash and others in here
    This place is good but every time i been there they act a little to cool for school
    They are rude and act like they are kat von d
    The staff at the counter looked at me like i was from outer space they need some training in being nice
  • I am an "older" client of Wicked Ink. I had my first tattoo on my hand. The counter staff were nothing but charming and very knowledgeable especially as the area I chose to get "inked" was delicate. I was fully informed of how to care for my tattoo and my artist even said to call him if there was any problems... which there wasn't. I am very pleased with the result, and the service. From the bespoke design drawn up by the counter artist to the actual tattoo. I would recommend this studio to anyone, young or old! Great job Wicked Ink!!!
  • I've been working on my sleeve for the past two and a half months and I can't say strongly enough how much I love these guys. I couldn't believe that a tattoo studio could be like that. I looked through their artist's portfolios on their website before I chose Johnno to do my piece. The studio is amazing, the private rooms are awesome, I can even bring in my own movie to help distract me. But I would like to say something in response to a couple of the other reviews,The girl's on the counter are amazingly helpful, while I was waiting for my appointment, I watched them have to deal with some incredibly difficult customers. I know the customer is always right but no one should have to deal with people being aggressive to that degree at your workplace. I will miss my fortnightly appointments, seeing the level of art coming out of that studio shows what real artists they are. I will be recommending these guys to everyone I know.
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