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Bella Vista, NSW
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Reviews of Woolworths Ltd

  • Up until recently I was a regular customer at Woolworths in Tumut. But I am now a happy Coles shopper. At Woolworths there is no staff to help you, there is no staff on checkout you have to line up at self serve behind 20 other people every time. The staff that are there are run off their feet moody and are never happy and really do not care to much about anything. The manager, My god how did this woman ever get to be a manager, she wont say hello, smile or help a customer, she yells at her staff in front of customers. The shelves are empty, the bakery is dirty,the bread is fowl a few times it was frozen on the inside. Why Woolworths Why is your store so bad, I now go to Coles, where the manager greets you with a big smile and a hello, I never have to wait in line and if I do a happy staff member will show me to a checkout and serve me....I even see Woolworths staff there doing their own shopping in Coles
  • Woolworth's Glenorie has discussing fruit and vegetables early in the week.
    It has been so bad on some occasions that I have had to drive to Dural to shop.
  • I took a letter to your supermarket (Werribee plaza) and to Big W (Werribee plaza) asking for a donation to our trivia night (tonight) and got no response from either of them I am so annoyed angry and disgusted I shop there every week It is for relay for life team MB 20 and for cancer research.Surely a phone call to say no would not have taken much.Coles did not hesitate or K mart I think I will swap my shops now I get much better customer service from Coles and their staff They wished us well in our trivia night ......K mart gave us a bike to raffle we were over the moon with that Customer service Woolworths that has all gone in your stores..........Wyndham shopping centre I had no coin for a trolley asked for one of those little wheelie ones and was told staff were using them then I said I had no coins for the other ones and was told too bad (exact words) then I said I will shop somewhere else and was told okay then bye(exact words) I was mortified It was last Saturday the 7th Feb at 12 oclock (iknow just came from my grandsons basketball game) didn't see a name badge but she was in her 20s and in a normal uniform.See what I mean NO CUSTOMER SERVICE where has it gone What is happening in your stores????????Why am I whingeing because your stores beat all others one time in customer service but not now........overall not happy Jan regards Joan
  • Big W - went sat. Morning 8:30 (opening time on door) actual opening 8am, to buy esky on special, all sold out. Counter staff rang another store to see if any available, yes will put one on hold for a hr only. Collected esky from other store only to wrap it sat. Night & its missing the bung!! Sun. Morning spent 45 mins at counter to be told cant help, not ordering in anymore & offered $5 discount! Along with all other dissatisfied customer's at the counter, what a slap in the face. Tried 7 camping stores, gone on line & still no part. Dont buy anything from big w on special cos they dont check their broken stock & expect u as the customer to think u have a bargain & for what u have saved, u never paid full price for the item anyway attitude.
  • Is there an email address to contact head office? I bought"fresh" garlic from woolies and got home to cook dinner only to find that every single clobe was mouldy! To the point where i had mould dust puffed into my face as i cut the garlic. This is disgusting. The expiry date wasn't until december and i had JUST bought the garlic. Its a cheap item in not fussed about a replacement or refund but more so worried about other people who may return home with mouldy produce. It is a health risk and absolutely disgusting.
  • I was wondering how come the prices for fuel can be so different between Black town & Penrith,. Woolworth service station. The Flushcombe Road Servo is charging $1.73. for 95 and $177. for 98 unleaded . Where as Penrith charges 20 cents a litre less I thought prices were supposed to be the same.
  • I want to share an all to common problem with my local Woolworths. My husband and I went to our local supermarket today to do our weekly shopping. When at the fruit and vegie department we could not purchase quality items. broccoli was yellow on the ends, there were no mushrooms, coriander the only one in stock was brown and slimy, several mandarins had brown soft spots on them. When we reached the check out, the queue was so long and as usual there were only a few registers open. When I got home I discovered that I had been over charged on two items and had to return to the store and go through the lengthy experience of getting a refund. Wollies fresh food policy certainly does not apply at Deloraine . Week after week I struggle to find fresh fruit and veg, and am frustrated by the lack of produce available to customers in all departments. I spend $10,000 -$15000 a year just on groceries. I am tired of poor quality. The next closest supermarket is 50kms away ,making that a 100km round trip. I am a nurse and do shift work, I don't expect to get poor service and quality every time I shop. I don't have time to waste running back and forth to the shop to return items that aren't quality.
    One very upset, tired ,frustrated customer. Kerrie
  • I wanted to report a problem I had with my shopping today.
    The problem was the (so called) "fresh" salmon steaks I purchased were most certainly NOT fresh in fact, far from it! And this was obvious upon unwrapping the fish. Can only describe it as unpleasant and quite slimy to the touch.
    It was when I returned home from my trip to Lakewood that I made this discovery. At the Deli counter in this store I had been assured by the very nice staff that this fish was indeed fresh (and hadn't been frozen).
    I will return to this store when it is next convenient to me to receive a refund. But meanwhile, I have been very much inconvenienced.
    I did phone the store to report this and to suggest that all other salmon steaks in their that batch should be removed/replaced. But to add to my irritation, it took 4 phone calls before the phone was answered. It rang so long prior to the 4th attempt that it cut out each time. Surely this is not good for the reputation of Woolworths.
  • I have been enjoying up to multiple daily Homebrand Chicken and Sweet Corn soup cup mix since I discovered years ago that it is suitable to my medical dietary needs. It costs 25 cents per serve. At my local store the Homebrand range has been replaced by the Select range which is not suitable to my medical diet and costs 85 cents per serve. That's a COST INCREASE to the customer of 60 cents per bit of powder to make a cup of soup. Way to go Woolworth if your aim is to eliminate choice. I have requested the return of the Homebrand range. I will let you know what happens.
  • I went to your Deli department and asked for a roast chicken. The staff who served me didn't greet me to start with, then staff put the chicken in the bag open and left it at the counter.Then staff left without asked me if staff could help me with anything else. So I chased and asked staff nicely to close the bag so the chicken would stay warm until I get home. Staff replied that it's too late because staff already put the price tag at the front of the bag. But I insisted that staff closed the bag with more blank price tag. Staff did close the bag, but without closing the corner of the bag first. Well I was in a hurry and couldn't be bother arguing any more. When I got home, I found the chicken juice was all over the plastic bag. My question is, didn't you train staff a proper customer service? I was working with your company in the Deli department for few years, and I never did what staff did. I always make sure that the chicken was secure properly before I gave it to the customer, and never forget to greet the customer before and after.
    • Yes customer service has gone in the stores now.......it is an effort to help customers for sure........yes you were trained the correct way and it has stuck in your mind not like todays staff rude and aggorant

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