Woolworths Ltd

Supermarket & Grocery Stores
Belrose, NSW
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Reviews of Woolworths Ltd

  • The worst Woolworth in my experience. Came in at 6: 30 pm today. The staff who served me at counter : I know it was late and you wanna off ASAP. You really don't need to show me that face and almost throw those Coins on me. If you told me register closed I will fully understand. Since you didn't show me the close bar, you ought to serve me with reasonable stander.

    Some times communication is a better way.

    Never go that store again.
  • mumsrite Local Star 224 reviews
    There are good and bad days at this store. On a good day the lines at the cashiers go reasonably fast and counter staff are friendly.

    On a bad day, counter staff aren't responsive and talk or shout at other staff members while you're being served.

    It's not a good feeling. You'll just never know what you're going to get when you shop there.
  • mumsrite Local Star 224 reviews
    Why would I want to shop here?

    Staff are unfriendly, often rude. The store is small with an inventory that's even smaller.

    This store looks sad at first glance and definitely uninviting.What does this reflect: Poor management? Substandard work conditions? Definitely lack motivation.

    I sure am not in a hurry to shop at this Woolworths branch again.

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