Woolworths Ltd

Supermarket & Grocery Stores
Camberwell, VIC
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Reviews of Woolworths Ltd

  • I often shop at Woolworths Camberwell, only to be disappointed with the service provided by the staff at the self service checkouts. One staff in particular is abrupt constantly. The staff's obvious reluctance to help makes me wonder why on earth they would have someone like that working so closely with customers! I would have hoped they could employ someone who can smile and be nice!
    • this has been my supermarket since 1988, it was safeway back then, I have only in all that time had 2 staff that I couldn't get to smile or talk, they are all great, the ladies at the smallgoods counter, the check out the packers when I need something, I shop at all hours from 1pm til midnight, the only other supermarket I use is Laguna Indonesian Asian for specialities. I just find everything I need
  • I visited recently because of the special Woolworths had on some tuna. I went to the tuna aisle only to see that it wasn't marked as on special. I stood at the service desk for what seemed like forever, so I stopped one of the staff and asked if the tuna was in fact on special. He said he will check and come back to me - well I saw him 10 mins later stacking magazines at the other end of the supermarket!! I returned to the customer service desk where another staff member was standing. He couldn't help me either (this was seriously getting ridiculous!) so he asked another staff member who snapped at me and said that the tickets for the multi-buys hadn't been displayed yet but they were on special. This was at 11am on a Monday - how long does it take to mark the specials?

    This is why I usually shop at Coles!
    • You do realise that this is the biggest Non-Problem ever. You're worried about saving 20 cents off a can of tuna? They're usually only about a buck anyway! Maybe the staff at the supermarket had had an insanely busy morning and marking the 'special' for the cans of tuna was not a number one priority - ever thought of that? I'd suggest calling ahead to let them know that you are on your way down next time.
    • I always find that if you ask nicely & smile people fall over themselves to help courtesy, travels both ways
  • This safeway has a great fresh food section, including a great range of cheeses and meats. The opening hours are pretty flexible, and parking is easy provided you don't want to to shopping when the Camberwell markets are on, on a SUnday morning.

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