Woolworths Ltd

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Mt Hawthorn, WA
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Reviews of Woolworths Ltd

  • I have shopped at Woolworth for past ten years and am getting very frustrated with waiting for my turn to go through the cash register whilst staff are in the service area chatting and laughing whilst some other staff are working very hard trying to serve us customers. In the self serve area there usually is a young chappie working but most times they were walking away and joining with the conversations at the service desk. I usually shop on a Saturday as work long hours during the week. Have reported this many a times to the service management with a negative result. If this remains like this I will have to shop some where else and not support my local shopping centre
  • I have been a regular customer at Woolies at the Mezz long before it was practically re-built but friends and myself are getting frustrated with what seems poor management.I go nearly every afternoon around 4.30 = 5.00pm and the people kept waiting at the checkouts that are open while staff are filling shelves or having breaks during the busiest period should not happen.One instance [it has happened many times]was yesterday afternoon at 5.00pm.I was part of 3 lines of people at the quick checkouts when one closed and left all of us for 2 ladies to process.The strange thing was that the person that closed her till yhen went in the customer service desk to chat with 2 others there.I'm afraid that this happens very often but it is the first time I've complained but realise that if do and others do the same that management may be bought to task.I've heard many comments about the service but the most popular seems to be --its easy to get but very harsd to get out.With the complaint over I must say that produce,frozen foods etc. are allways very well presented and any queries to staff as to where to find an item are handled in a very polite way.
    Barry Hall

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