Woolworths Ltd

Supermarket & Grocery Stores
Nundah, QLD
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Reviews of Woolworths Ltd

  • Woolies Nundah is good to shop at and close to my home. One problem is the pokey parking area underneath that is often full because non-shoppers do the wrong thing and park there. On the positive, the fruit and veggies, deli and seafood sections are always fresh when I go there shelves are always well stocked. I have had one rude older checkout woman though who shouted at me for putting their free food magazine in my trolley without scanning it, very embarrassing.... the rest of the staff have always been very friendly and helpful.
  • Standard woolies. Needs more open registers week nights
  • I have to disgree with NSFL, I shop here a lot and always find the staff extremely helpful and knowlegeable. The meat manager there is brilliant....he really knows his product and I often ask for the best way to cook a particular piece of meat and every time its turned out beautiful. Very nice supermarket with very nice staff and great shopping. Keep up the good work.
  • It's pretty average as far as supermarkets go. The staff are friendly but they aren't very knowledgeable.

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