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Chester Hill, NSW
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Reviews of Woolworths

  • I am so impressed with Woolworths at Chester Hill that I felt I just had to write this review.
    I have shopped in many supermarkets but Woolworths at Chester Hill stands out as the BEST. The shelves are always so neatly stacked with so much variety, the displays are eye-catching, the aisles are bright and spacious and the fresh produce is top quality.
    But what impresses me most at Woolworths Chester Hill is the staff. They are very caring and go to great lengths to help you out.
    It is such a family friendly atmosphere all around the store, that I really look forward to go shopping there.
  • Diane R Local Star 543 reviews
    Recent improvements to the shopping complex at Chester Hill are great, and that included a new bigger and better Woolworths, this one with a butcher/deli section, bakery and fresh fruit and veggies. The store is well layed out and very bright with everything simple to find. Walking along the chilled food aisle is a great way to cool down on a hot day! The staff have been pleasant enough, the aisles are usually clutter free, and over all it's a nice atmosphere and great place to shop.

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