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Reviews of Woolworths

  • Easternian Local Star 865 reviews
    Woolworths at Eastgardens has been my regular go-to place for my grocery needs. The shop is large, and it has a clean and spacious layout that makes shopping at this store enjoyable.

    It has an extensive range of products, including fresh food items. I always find what I need at this store. There are also a lot of checkout counters, both operator-assisted and self-serve checkouts.

    There is also a BWS bottle shop next to it, which makes it even more convenient for when we need to get some drinks for entertaining.

    On the downside, the prices can be a little bit uncompetitive at times and you end up paying more than the butcher outside.

    Despite being efficient and knowledgeable, the staff can be a little bit hard to find and I can safely say that I have been to other stores with friendlier service.

    Parking at this Westfield is plentiful, although sometimes can be a challenge during busy afternoon periods. Luckily, the store opens until 12am midnight. Sadly, the stock fillers come out during night times (as early as 7pm) and fill the aisles with boxes, so it isnt exactly a convenient place anymore.
  • Cashier staff are pretty neat and friendly. But one experience was very unpleasant, I had a raincheck which was "expired" by a bit and the cashier staff called the management, this management was very stuck up and arrogant about this and didn't even apologise once for the inconvenience. And when I said that I didn't find a certain policy of theirs convenient all they said is that is I'm wrong and that they are right. Some customer service from this management. I'm a daily customer, not happy at all.
  • This Woolworths is the one we go to several times a week. For me it's very convenient and I know where everything is. The cost of most fruit and vegetables average out to about the same as other supermarkets or fruit and veg grocers (except for the herbs, they are more expensive here $3 vs $2 a bunch at fruit and veg grocer). I have noticed that a lot of the deli items like cheeses are cheaper here than other supermarkets. My biggest problem with it though is that it can absolutely reek of cigarette smoke coming in through trolley entrance. I think that staff from the centre (Eastgardens) congregate there when smoking and it comes in and spreads throughout the store. I have complained about this and they have done nothing so I assume they don't care. I would have given 3 or 4 stars if not for the smoke.
  • flora 114 reviews
    It was great to get value for my dollar & take advantage of there weekly specials
    The customer service was great the staff helped dirrect me to the correct isle & the line to pay went really fast so it was a fantastic shopping experience

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