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  • ml30 Newbie   1 review
    I dont think theres a problem with the new layout,but how ever all the goods have been re arranged to new places which can be annoying at times because were all use to everthing in the same spot as it has been for the whole time it has been there.
  • Iknow Area Expert   92 reviews
    I am not happy with Woolworths. I find it very hard to find stuff in the new set up. It is hard to get two shopping trolleys...
  • S. Harris Newbie   1 review
    I have shopped Woolwoorths for 30 years, but am changing to Coles since the "New" setup. During reno I had a bad fall, breaking bonein foot, and since reno i have been unable to find wanted groceries.Took 1hr to do shop of only $70- could not find anything. Do not like set up, too many "impulse" buys in major aisles, at end of aisles etc. Every person I spoke to last week said exactly the same thing. Also, since Woolworths took over from Purity I have been unable to buy several products that I had been buying for many years. Reason given - they don't sell on the mainland. BOO Hoo. We are people too.Twelve months ago I may have given 4 stars, but am unable to give more than 1 by todays standard.
    S. Harris.
    • anoush Newbie 
      I also find it difficult to get regular items now and the new reno is just awful, can't move to good in some isles as to narrow with cement columns down middle of rows . I also find their fruit and veg are exceptionally expensive and I refuse to buy them when imported from usa and other countries when Australia has perfectly good clean fresh produce grown here and end up throwing it out because woolworths and other big name supermarkets won't pay them a decent price. They need to look at local growers and give them a decent chance and price before importing rubbish and expecting us to buy and consume it.


  • tanco72   4 reviews
    Excellent would shop there all the time as they show their prices and they are always cheaper than the others


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