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  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star   790 reviews
    called in and got the choc bomb balls from the tv show recipe to riches.
    self service check outs were quick for this kind of purchase. its times like these, when i appreciate the self service, no fuss or waiting. cheers!

    5 months ago - 29/11/2014

  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star   790 reviews
    although i like this store, i'm sick of the self service check outs not having a staff member there helping. i thought the idea of having these check outs was to have customers go through check outs faster, but instead every time you have something that wont scan or you have a problem with something there are no staff to help you. or there are staff to help, but they are off serving customers on check outs and rush over to help. i would rather see you open up more check outs than for us to waste more time trying to serve our selves.

    6 months ago - 30/10/2014

  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star   790 reviews
    thanks for being so good with the animal cards today and help sort through them for my kiddies. they got a few more that the didnt have. very helpful - and thoughtful. considerate of the kids!! :)
  • TheMiddleIngredient Local Star   790 reviews
    I often drop in here for the last minute groceries that i've run out of.
    however when i dropped in yeterday to grab a loaf of bread there was none on the shelves and 4 racks sitting under the shelves full of bread. It is difficult for me to bend over and get it out because of arthritis. It would be nice if the stock was actually on the shelves and closely monitored.
    I am always shocked with lack of staff on at the check outs - given there are only 3 machines that are self service and they are usually always full. there is normally a line up at the check outs with staff actually serving. i think more staff needs to be on check out.
    however other than this the store is set out well, and they have a few really great priced items when on sale. the home brand stuff also helps with the budget - but i would like to see more australian owned brands on the shelves.
  • cornernote Newbie   1 review
    I went into this woolworths with my kids to buy some fruit and vegetables, and also to put some removable stickers on some of their glass and plastic cabinets. My intent was not to deface property, simply to share a message about love and peace.

    We were not being secretive while placing the stickers as we did not see it to be harmful. The management spotted me doing it. They questioned me about it. I was more than happy to discuss it with them, even remove the stickers if they like. They asked me to leave, and I was more than happy to do that also. There was however some confusion as I was not sure if they wanted to discuss the matter, or wanted me to leave because they kept going back into the conversation as I was leaving.
  • tanialr   18 reviews
    always cheaper using a docket


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