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Reviews of www.iinet.net.au

  • mins Local Star 945 reviews
    We have been using Iinet for years now and never had a problem with connectivity, however we are releasing our plan. When I called to cancel they were very informative and offered to refund some money if we didn't see the month out.
  • hmd 3 reviews
    I have been with this company for some years. It used to be good, with great service. Now, it sucks. I am exhausted from phoning customer support to try to get things working. The wait times are totally unreasonable. I believe they have expanded beyond their capacity to handle things. I would not recommend this company.
  • We have been with iinet for over 10 years. We thought it was great until we changed our modem to a budii in February. Since then it has been awful. We have replaced the budiiin once and the handset three times. Passed from customer service rep to customer service rep, promised call backs and action that has not happened and had No phone for months on end and still no solution. Patience is wearing very thin for a company who had served us well. :(
  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 962 reviews
    We presently use iinet for our mobiles and internet services and couldn't be happier. Such a good company to deal with, we just moved house and they have been very professional and helpful organising the transfer. I really like the online toolbox account admin and LOVE that rather than waiting on the phone for a rep they just call you back (even if the wait would only have been a few minutes). Our internet is super fast and reliable and I think our phone plans are the best value I've seen anywhere!
  • Been with iinet for several years and never had any issues. recent acid test was during a relocation but all went smoothly. ADSL took a little longer than I wanted but happy with the service.
  • Been with iinet for over 7 years and I have no plans to move. Price point is good but more importantly, I can get through on customer support...and the CS is based in Australia not offshore. Over the past two years, I can't remember any outages i.e. uptime excellent. Very reliable.
  • I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND iiNet and their Techii service for sorting out network issues on site. Who would have thought that a mirror splash back could be a big problem? Lincoln came out on time, listened to my network issues and sorted out the problem/s. Even had additional bits and pieces in the "Techii Mobile" that made the impossible all possible (after trying many options). On Site. On Time. Neat and Friendly. Problems Sorted and helped test other services also. ALL GOOD!!
  • I'm still a fan. I have both ISP and VoIP and must say, for the past 5 years the service has been extremely reliable. Love the fact that I can call technical support and within minutes I'm put through. Pricing could be a little bit more competitive (they slipped a little bit), but for quality and customer service, I can't falter.
  • bradlyloco Local Star 184 reviews
    ISP's we love to hate them. They are an indispensable utility in today's life. A lot of ISP's get a bad rap from us consumers. I've been with a few over the years myself, and had some pretty bad experiences. iiNet has proven themselves to me over the last 12 months as a reliable fast internet connection with higher than average customer service and support staff. Their prices are not rock bottom, but, certainly not the highest tier either. I rate them as pretty darn good. They've got me as a long term customer.
  • I've found these guys pretty good. had a few bumps when they bought out ozemail. But that was quickly sorted. My home internet is fantastic now. I have had some issues with my business line, but it may have to do with my exchange.
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