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  • sharonc210 Newbie   1 review
    Please don't waste your time seeing them, I have never experienced anything like their complete lack of interest and extremely poor medical consult.
    All other reception, x-ray and medical staff were outstanding, see any other doctor at this practice.

    1 month ago - 11/03/2014

  • Hannah Jen Newbie   1 review
    Long waits at Centre all the time, but Dr Jones is the best Dr there! If you require emergency dental & can't pay up for it, your best bet is the hospital :( which can be up to a 12 hour wait just to be seen by the house doctor after you complete triage.
  • notonce Newbie   1 review
    This is a medical centre and not a hospital. If you have broken bones, heart problems, breathing problems then you should go to a hospital with staff and equipment there to treat your problem. If you want to see a doctor then there is usually a wait of a few hours but try and phone some other doctor or medical centre and get an appointment within a few days! Overall I don't mind the wait for the convenience of same day service, bulk billing, pathology services and x-ray facilities.
  • WoyWoy   4 reviews
    This is the only Medical Centre I know of that takes new patients, which is a huge plus.

    I waited from 5pm to be served at 9pm on a Friday, to be served, which is unbearably slow. Even other Hospital takes 4 hours. (Government mandated requirement for all Emergency Departments)

    They only have 1 doctor on duty from 6pm very night.

    But I was very happy with the GP, a former Country doctor from Mangrove Mountain.

    With a shortage of GP's, and heaps of old codgers in the local area, waiting times are only going to get worse on the Central Coast, not better.
    • WoyWoy  
      Gosford Hospital guarantees to see you within 4 hours, otherwise they fail NSW State Government metrics, which looks bad for them and they get less funding.

      Best to just go to them direct, on a Friday night.


    • semstar Newbie 
      I hear that they are building a mega medical centre at West Gosford in the business park on the Central Coast Highway behind the petrol station near to the Blood Bank, fried chicken takeaway and liquor "barn" opposite the RSL. Supposed to have over 30 treatment rooms, x-ray, pathology and more to take pressure of Gosford Hospital Emergency Ward.


  • TJ009   2 reviews
    Extremely, extremely poor service. Was left waiting for 6 hours for an important doctors certificate which I needed that day, but was refused because the doctor that ended up seeing me was not the doctor that had diagnosed me, despite my medical records from another doctor at the same centre defining all my symptoms and my condition, along with past medical certificates about my condition being on the computer in front of her. And was diagnosed and put on heavy drugs for the wrong condition due to lack of care from doctors. Not worth your time, much better off either paying to see a doctor or going to a hospital.
  • dexters1   1 review
    Was sent home with heart problems and told to wait for a halter monitor to come back from Sydney. Called a few times over the following week and was told that I was at the top of the list, and would receive a call soon. I waited 18 months with no call, and just found out that they dont give heart monitors to patients anymore, you have to go to hospital or a specialist. I still have heart problems, and have wasted 18 months waiting when I could have found out what the problem is already. It's absolutely disgusting that no one informed me, I would think that a patient with heart issues would be taken more seriously. The staff were rude and unhelpful, they wouldn't even write a note and tell the management that i had called and was not impressed.

    A usual 3 hour wait to see the first available medical staff. Not recommended at all unless you're absolutely desperate.
  • Janet A. Newbie   1 review
    6 hour wait for a patient with injured back and broken arm!
    4 hour wait when I had concussion.
    People come in hours later and get admitted before you.
  • Jera   2 reviews
    Treated my father within the hour when he came in after a nasty cut to his scalp. I was also seen to very quickly after fainting at school for no obvious reason (No illness, pain, or shock to explain it). When I was there, the receptionist was able to give a rough estimate of how long it would take to be seen (which was fairly accurate). There was plenty of comfortable seating inside to wait on, and lots of parking outside and underground.

    @Newbie.Then you should have gone to Gosford Hospital in the first place, it's not that far away. Hospitals are for life threatening things and serious symptoms. Medical centres are where you go when you, say, need stitches or something not quite so serious.
  • Andrew Jenkins Newbie   1 review
    Don't bother, go to Gosford Hospital at least there you are told how long you will have to wait and if, like my wife you were in severe pain from breathing difficulties you would be attended to.

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