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Reviews of Zen Day Spa

  • Booked myself and a friend into Zen for a 2 hour massage/facial package as a treat. The reception was cold and the receptionist was shivering. We were told to get there 15 minutes early for our 12pm appointment to fill in forms and then had to wait till 12.15 before we were shown to the room.

    The treatment room was cold and the ends of the towels were damp. We also had to ask them to put the heater. The door was super squeaky so every time the therapists walked out it was very noisy.
    The therapists treatments were good though, it is a shame that the other things let the experience down.
  • Exceptional place. very warm and friendly staff,i wish to have something similar in my home city. We went there even twice 2 during our 10 days stay in Sydney. Very relaxing atmosphere and professional specialists.Massage and facial was heaven!!!I didn't felt my 14 hours flight back home after this wonderful deep tissue massage
  • splendid place!had recent treatment with the group of my friends,very welcoming and professional.surprisingly discovered good discounts and monthly specials,will definitely go there again! 100% - Yes!
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    Exquisite day spa, the moment you walk in the door you are presented with a total 'zen' feeling. They have a couple room for massage, and all their products used are Dermalogica, the facials are great too. Its a little pricey - but understandable in the area and its so worth it.
  • I experienced the worst eyebrow wax and tint here. Definitely not recommended. She waxed top and bottom and pulled skin off which scabbed the next day which was my wedding! Also did the facial after the tint so it had to be done again!
  • where do I begin, not only did they make me wait for 30 minutes without an explanation as to why i started so late, my session which was suppose to go for 3 hours in total - only went for 2hrs and 15 minutes. The foliation and power wrap, was a complete waste of money, she rubbed her hand over me a few times to exfoliate, then whenever she put towels on me they were wet and cold. I paid close to $400 - NEVER to return again. OH and the staff were rude.
  • Out About Area Expert 233 reviews
    I've been to Zen a few times over the past five years for a massage and have always enjoyed the experience. I was a little worred about the reviews on TrueLocal which indicate something might have happened over the past year but thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. Overall it was a good experience, the staff were friendly and the massage very good. The location is central Darlinghurst so expect to hear traffic noise nearby but overall a nice experience.
  • Cee Zee Hot Bod 278 reviews
    After having been a regular visitor of this day spa, I thought I would revisit them after not having been there for over a year. Now I realise why I havent been there for over a year.

    Firstly when I called to make the appointment, they asked me for my credit card number to hold the reservation. While I understand they have a strict cancellation policy, it is a bit rich asking for such details over the phone for waxing. A hairdresser would never ask for these details in advance.

    Secondly, I found the reception staff quite rude and abrupt. When I walked in they were all standing around having their own conversation without greeting me and checking on whether the beautician was ready to receive me form my appointment. They continued to gossip while I sat waiting on the seat.

    Lastly I found the beautician quite unprofessional and not very thorough. They seemed quite inexperienced and offered a lot of excuses as to why my eyebrows could not be perfectly shaped. No other beautician that i have visited has ever had a problem. Quite frankly the services offered at this glorified beautician are the most expensive in the area. While I am happy to pay more for a quality service I don't believe this spa is worth the fee they demand. There are so many better places to visit in the area which are better. I dont think I will give these guys another chance again. I actually left here feeling quite irritated.
  • Zen used to be amazing and they used to have great staff. I'm not sure if they're under new management or what but in the last year all the good staff have left and they're pretty rude and unfriendly now.

    They are in a good location though so I'll probably keep going there - they're right on Darlinghurst Rd and have parking out the back so they're convenient.
  • Reno 10 reviews
    Zen Day Spa is fantastic. While it is not cheap I find it is one of the better spas in the area. The ambiance is fantastic and they treat you really well. I use it for myself and also buy gift vouchers sometimes to give to friends for presents. And they do couples massage which is very romantic....

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