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Reviews of Zen Q

  • atan7 Local Star 1,295 reviews
    Oh no... How the standard has dropped here. I really love the Zen Q franchise, shaved ice, herbal jelly, taro balls and sweet fruit syrup make my day, but the service here have really deteriorated. We ordered some of the dinner boxes, mine was the braised chicken and when you look at the posters, in smal writing it says "Photos are for reference purposes only"... that is correct. The portions are small, the chicken came with rice, boiled bean sprouts, a single piece of pickled ginger as a few boiled veges. After waiting 30 minutes, it wasn't what I had experiences at other Zen Q franchises. My friend ordered some of the side dishes of egg plant. They display it to be in a large cup, but when she received her order, it was actually in a dish 2 cm high... To say the least, we were disappointed and hungry.

    I'll be going to other Zen Q stores...
  • The staff seemed uninterested, when I ordered two (mango, matcha) snow ice desserts for takeaway. The desserts barely filled the cups and looked half melted by the time they were handed over to us. I suggest that they either entirely fill their cups with the ice, or get smaller cups. To be shown a large cup size, but only have it half filled. The desserts are actually very nice, however, I will not be returning.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,295 reviews
    Asian desserts of grass jelly, shaved sweetened ice, taro... Yum! I'll be here again!

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