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  • paulie3c   3 reviews
    I went here based on some good reviews and got a digital perm. At first the management was really friendly. They had their assistant do 1 side of my head while they did the other side. Huge mistake. I don't know what solution they used either as it dried out my hair considerably. I am no rookie with digital perms and usually pay a lot to get it done at Druitt st. My usual hairdresser at there had left so I was looking for someone new. Anyway, the management made a mess of my hair. The digital perm was horrible so I went back to them to get it fixed. They were so incredibly rude when I showed them what they did. They straightened my hair which of course made it even worse. It was one bad decision after another. My hair took an entire year to grow out and still doesn't feel as soft as it was.
    I would not recommend them at all.

    5 months ago - 24/10/2013

  • yan3lu4   4 reviews
    Has always been very genuine and helpful. For the quality of cut and colour I get every time, he charges a very reasonable price. I would recommend this place to anyone.
  • ren1985 Newbie   1 review
    I really like this place! I used to go to other hair studio in City all the time, but I recently went here to get my hair cut instead. It's actually not as expensive as I thought it would be - then again, I didn't get a shampoo. He was very patient with me even when I was late for my appointment and were very friendly and professional.

  • never12 Newbie   1 review
    I called this place a week ago seeking for reservation on the following week. As I was busy and couldn't make it for my appointment, I tried ringing up the place again to inform them of my circumstance but no one picked up. I continued to try to for a few days until finally someone answered the call but that was already after the day of my appointment..

    The staff rudely told me that its a waste of their time even though I told them that I tried calling dozen of times, I don't really feel like pursuing this nonsense anymore. To cut the story short, don't waste your time going there, if they can't even manage their customers properly, what makes you think they would do up your hair properly even if they can. I think they won't even if they can.
  • mvall Newbie   1 review
    The first time i had my hair straightened with him was undoubtedly fantastic!! Busy as it were, with the help of another they did a thorough job in completing the job of straightening my hair meticulously.

    And so what shocker that he ruined it the 2nd time!!!!

    I was his first and only customer so he kept saying "take your time"... as this is a long process, especially since he's the only one working that day.

    He was shocked when 1.5 hours later another customer walked in, unbeknown to him that his other colleague has taken this person's appointment.

    I asked for a straighten and a trim... But the end result is that my hair is frizzier than first time, and he shaved blotches of my hair into thinning it and removed a large length off my hair.

    And all of a sudden he just finished. So he can attend to his next customer.

    When I called him about my hair not being silky straight and frizzier.. He flatly denies that he didnt finish the job and tells me to call back on a time when he was closed!!! He flatly refused to complete it.

    Grave disappointment And I really had faith in you!!! But when under surprise pressure you ruined my hair in not completing the job!!! The texture of my hair now is worse than before when it had many split ends back then.

    Bizarre in the change of attitude and professionalism!!!

    I really did like your work the first time... Its of much disappointment that this has happened.

    If you want your hair trimmed... I wouldnt recommend him. If getting your hair straightened.. Ensure he's not alone because japanese hair straightening is a >3hr job. The first time he straightened my hair it was involving product application twice, straightening twice, and rinse/blowdry 3times... These done intermittently.

    He only did half of that the 2nd time.
  • jasmine88 Newbie   1 review
    Extremely happy with my haircut and experience. Uki was fantastic. It was my first time visiting the salon but I was made to feel like an old friend that had been going there for years. I left feeling very glamorous. All the team were really friendly and professional.
    Thank you!

  • puppymoo   4 reviews
    I was referred to this salon by a trustworthy friend with amazing hair so I decided to go.

    I have to admit, the hair cutting skills are probably the best I've ever experienced, however stylist is incredibly rude and impatient. Once ripped out my friends earrings straight out of her ears when the stylist was brushing her hair. Then stood there watching (and sighed!) as she looked for the earrings on the floor. I was too afraid when it was my turn and made an excuse to leave.

    I was also there once with my partner who was asking for an advice on what style is recommend for him and was replied, "I don't know. You tell me, or go to another hairdresser". Sadly, we wanted to leave but the stylist had already started cutting so it was a little awkward.
  • AreviewerZ Newbie   1 review
    The salon was recommended by someone so I\'ve decided to give it a go.

    The first Japanese Salon experience in Sydney.

    I\'ve made a booking with the Salon for a weekend cut, that was good. I\'ve changed the booking to have on the day that I finished work early, that was good. I have arrived there and let me tell you my experience.

    The moment they opened the door, wasn\'t too greety like I have experienced in Japan. I have tried numerous of times to explain how I\'ve wanted my hair based on their judgement. They could not come up with something. They have gotten someone else to look after me and translated in Japanese. The hairdresser was good. In fact, I was and still am impressed with their craftmanship. I can never forget their skills at work on my head.

    The one thing that I am not too overly pleased is the people skills the management have. Not good enough. I\'ve experienced better customer service both here in Australia, in Japan and other Asian countries.

    I\'m also in the field of customer servicing and I know what it\'s like to provide an utmost service to customers both here and abroad.

    At the end of the haircut, I could not understand the management. They muttered something like \"next time, find another hairstylist ..

    I will go back for the other hairstylist though. I\'m even willing to pay them directly instead of going through this management.

    All in all, the place is nice. The crafmanship of the management's assistant is formidable. It is VERY disappointing to experience a bad people skills from the management. And I won\'t recommend them on those grounds. Either because I am a male or I\'m not a female. Or they do not like my face.

    Truthfully, I don\'t think there is anything wrong with my face or with me. All I wanted was a hairstyle I was after based on their recommendation.

    Regardless of the management's background in hairstyling, they had made me feel bad.

    They definitely lost my patronage and I have unrecommended them through my circle (A big circle) and those who were recommending me.
  • Kim Chi   3 reviews
    I've been to 4-5 japanese haidressers in Sydney city, but was looking around for a new hairdresser and upon a Japanese friend's recommendation, headed toward Zero Three.

    I went here for the first time a few weeks ago, and I have to say I was really pleased. It's, as the below reviewer said, the best hair salon I've been to! The hairdresser, Yuki, is very skilled, and also friendly!

    I have very damaged hair (straightened, dyed black, thin/fine hair, that was previously permed!) and my hair is pretty hard to handle. I wanted to lighten my hair back to a lighter colour, but dyeing dyed black hair is very hard! Yuki and his assistant quickly explained how light I could go without damaging it further, and did an excellent job of evening out the regrowth with the previously dyed hair!

    As the below person said, it also is very busy, so I'd also recommend you call to book an appointment, however you'd really only need to call up about a week ahead. They're open from Tuesday-Sunday generally around 8pm (if they have no reservations they will close earlier).

    The hairdresser is easy to find, on the border of Ultimo and Pyrmont, about a 15 minute walk from Chinatown, and 5 minutes from the Fish Markets!

    All in all I highly recommend it!
  • DdDd   2 reviews
    This is the best Japanese Hair Salon I have tried.
    The Japanese Hairstylist Yuki (male) is very professional, creative and very easy to communicate with. He used to work in another Japanese hair salon in the city years back and was the top hairstylist way back. As same as all other Japanese places that you have been, they provide excellent customer service - friendly smile, head message, polite greeting etc... Also did i mention they have all their equipments import from Japan as well.
    For such a bargain price that they charged, the style, service and excellency they provided is perfect. Getting there is easy as well, there are plenty of off street parkings (fees apply). This is way easier than getting parking spot in CBD.
    If you have never try Japanese Hair Salon, why not give it a goal. If you is a fan of it, then you have to come to this place.
    P.S.: this is a small studio and getting very busy in weekend and weekday lunch hour. Strongly recommend you call for reservation. As personally seen couples of disappointed walk-in customers which needa call back for reservation.
    Also haircut for lady, please assume around 1hr duration for your visit since Yuki really taking his time to work on your hairstyle. Of cource, he can perform a faster cut if you insist or in a hurry.

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