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Beverly Hills, NSW
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WE DON'T JUST MOVE ! WE ZOOM.. Best rate in town from $23 phh ...

ZOOM Removals is a professional removals firm based out of Beverly Hills, Sydney NSW. We cover greater Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle, Wollongong and the Southern Highlands, as well as out to the Blue Mountains with our services. We also offer country NSW and interstate relocations to Melbourne and Adelaide outbound from Sydney. So if you are moving a home, office, just a few items or need an extra hand packing, ZOOM Removals is at the ready to make your upcoming move a smooth and hassle-free experience.

We move homes...
Is it time to move again? And â?? the crucial question â?? who can you trust with your precious belongings to provide you with the best value service? Look no further than ZOOM Removals. We offer you our fleet of highly trained removal experts with a huge variety of vehicles to give you the most options - whether you're moving a single item of furniture, packing up a five-bedroom mansion and everything in between.

...and offices...
ZOOM Removals offers you a cost-effective, punctual service that keeps your business turning a profit. Benefit from our flat rates which remain the same every single day of the week or schedule an after-hours office move to minimise business downtime. Plus, our competitive rates ensure your expenses remain lean during the office relocation period.

...Best rates in town...
We provide you with unbeatable half-hourly ratesfor reliable and efficient relocation services, completed by our trained relocation professionals. We're certain you will not find a similar professional service like ZOOM Removals at the price we offer. From initial booking to final drop off, rest assured ZOOM Removals has your local Sydney, country NSW and interstate moving needs covered. And, with charges from door-to-door, you only pay for what you use. Simple.

...with an amazing free box offer to boot!
Want even more value? ZOOM Removals has the absolute best, never-to-be-beaten free box offer. That's unlimited free boxes for
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Reviews of ZOOM Removals

  • This is an update to my earlier review. Having posted that review Zoom rang me to seek to apologise and to see what they could do to resolve the matter. This was done without any promoting from me. They refunded part of the cost of the removal and I am impressed with the fact they did this without any prompting from me and did not dispute anything I said any my original post nor seek any evidence or actions by me before making the refund.
  • Would never use them again and would never recommend them. Despite having an inventory they could not come up with the right size truck for my job. The guys worked hard but they damaged some of my furniture. When they put some of my things in my shed they stacked it in carelessly with the result that they destroyed my heater. They also damaged my banister.
  • Don't use these people. Beware.

    We did a number of loads in our van before we got the Zoom removalists in. We got 3 men on the basis it would make the move quicker and cheaper but instead they went slow to drag it out so each of them could get a big paycheck. My husband and I were both working harder than they were, lugging boxes and furniture, trying to get the job done. When I confronted them about the go-slow they became over-emotional, yelling at me aggressively and threatening. Since they knew where we lived we had to suck it up.

    The next time we moved we used different removalists and it took half the time, my husband and I did not have to help at all and it cost half as much.
  • I cannot speak more highly of the service which began with the friendly advice and quote from the office. Then on the day .....WOW....the removalists were not just on time they were before time ! The guys were punctual, professional , polite and even charming. Lots of friendly banter and listened carefully and handled everything with care and precision. It was a long distance move and I felt so comfortable that all would go to plan. At the other end they worked diligently to fit everything in to the storage unit perfectly ! I will not hesitate to use Zoom Removals again. I highly recommend them. Thanks Zoom :)
  • Absolutely terrible. They did not show up on the day they were supposed to. Got told they were on the way and then I herd nothing. I rang back and asked where they were and I was told they were delayed on other job. I herd nothing after that. They did not call to let me know anything. I had to call them late afternoon to ask what was happening! The guys who did eventually come were very slow and refused to move pot plants because one of them didn't like tree's and spiders.
    Totally useless company. The guy they use are contractors, so there is a lack of quality control and they have no control over them or how they behave.
  • I was recommended to Zoom by my friend and I was told that they were very professional and really friendly. I was a bit hesitant at first as I have had some really bad experiences in the past with other removalists. However Zoom really shone through! The men I had on the day were amazingly quick and professional. Even though I had a lot of stairs and tight corners at my unit block, they were able to overcome any obstacles and make the move go as quick as possible. The prices were really affordable, no hidden fees at the end either which was really good. "
  • My move was made an absolute joke by these unprofessional bunch.

    First up, I was promised a large truck and 2 removalists, from Zoom. Instead, without telling me, they sent a pair of contractors. This wouldn't have been a big deal, if the contractors they had hired weren't a pair of rude, unprofessional amateurs. Their truck was old, paint faded, impossible to identify as removalists. They showed up, no uniform, no manners, and worst, they spoke little English.

    Next, they turned up 3 HOURS LATE! And worse still, we were not told ANYTHING by Zoom removals, we had to chase THEM! And then, they were clueless as to the location of the contractors.

    Worse still, the contractors provided me a REALLY LAX excuse for their lateness- "oh, we were told to look for o'connor st, instead of o'connell st". This was after he assured me they knew the area well because I had tried ringing them 3 times before they showed to me house.

    ON TOP OF THAT, they were thew worst pair of removalists ever- EXTREMELY LAZY. They refused to LIFT our furniture, instead DRAGGING our furniture, OVER OUR RENTED UNIT'S WOOD FLOORBOARDS. Well, there goes our bond...

    THEN, they had NO IDEA how to pack a truck. I'm no expert, but I would have thought that heavy items go first, and boxes go next, to prevent the boxes being DESTROYED? They got lucky none of our stuff was broken during this move, or else it would be on them to replace the stuff.

    LAST, and perhaps worst, THEY MADE US DISMANTLE OUR BULKY FURNITURE, for their convenience. THAT IS NOT ON. Their ONE JOB is to remove the furniture, in full assembly, safely.

    So, instead of dismantling our bed that took close to 4 hours to assemble, we had to rely on FAMILY (who shou'ldn't have to get involved when you have hired removalists) to go out of their way, take time off of work and christmas preparations, to help us move a bed. And fragile glass items too, the removalists refused to wrap our stuff free, EVEN THOUGH ZOOM PROMISED US ONE FREE WRAPPED PIECE OF FURNITURE.

    As the icing on the cake, I HAD TO MOVE MOST OF OUR STUFF INTO OUR NEW HOUSE, FROM THEIR TRUCK. Granted one of the removalists helped me, but the other lazy stood there. No unpacking, as is noted on the website, no wrapping, and worst, NO EFFORT AT ALL SHOWN BY THESE PEOPLE.

    WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THESE "removalists" to anyone. All they had to do was move a 2 bedroom unit, with two young adults, who don't have much stuff, ONE SUBURB OVER. LITERALLY A 5 MINUTE DRIVE. And yet, they failed almost every component of the move, EXCEPT SAFELY MOVING BETWEEN HOUSES. At least our furniture is intact. Our move was scheduled for 11am, they showed up at 2. By the time this whole debacle was over, it was 5pm
  • Zoom did a great job with my move. It went smoothly and they were on time and ready to go. Not only did they take care with my furniture but they even insisted on the extra care with wrapping to ensure my items would be safe! It was less stressful than all of my other moves I've ever had. I would definitely recommend these guys around! Good job zoom!
  • Very happy with my experience with zoom, The guys were fast and polite and took great care of my items. This is my 2nd time with this company and they really know how to keep a customer coming back, ive recomended all my friends to them and will ocntinue to do so. thanks guys (:
  • this is my first time using zoom and i will definitely keep using them for all my upcoming moves and also be telling all family and friends about them if needed. very hard these days to find a fast honest and reliable company especially when it comes to moving. Zoom helped move my things out of a storage as well as do a pick up on the way to the drop off, all this was done in a timely manner and the guys were efficient.
    great experience, affordable as well.
  • five stars is definitely not enough. I have moved with zoom 3 times already, first my house, then my storage and then my office move. Very professional, friendly and reliable company. Highly recommend going with them!
  • I had booked zoom removals to move me from a 3 bedroom house into a unit on the 3rd level with stairs and from the time i had booked it straight through to the end zoom had been nothing but helpful, friendly and didn't even complain once about taking my stuff up 3 flights of stairs.
    they were on time and didn't even stop for a break they worked right through.
    the time taken to complete my move was reasonable and the price was affordable as well.
    anyone needing to move i suggest to call zoom removals and if possible try ask to have Anthony and kevin.
    very impressed guys.
  • Thank you zoom for a fast and smooth move.
    will tell my friends and family who need to move about your company.
    very happy customer
  • Boxes bubble wrap friendly team and even a VIP card!!!!
    Definitely recommend you guys.
  • Katherine took my booking smoothly and explained all costs upfront.
    Very professional men were sent out as promised.
    Overall it was a great moving experience with no hidden costs and smooth sailing.
    Highly recommended,
    Thanks zoom team
  • Very very happy with my service from zoom, I had 3 removalists come to move my 4 bedroom home and move it so quickly and carefuly!
    Couldn't of chose a better company to go with for such a cheap price, Definitely using zoom when i move again, special thanks to the office team for taking the time to listen to all my questions and explain the answers to me. thankyou
  • Do not use! Avoid at all costs! My husband carried twice as much furniture as the two men we had to do our removal. They spent a large time on their mobiles during the move, and drove very unsafely with all our items (read swerving all over Princes highway). It was an absolute miracle that nothing was broken.
  • Great experience using zoom, The guys were fast and efficient and managed to complete the move without a hassle.
    I would highly recommend and if moving a 3bedroom plus home definitely ask for Sam and his team.
  • Great service and affordable. Sam and Peter did an efficient job well done.
    Zoom is highly recommend for anyone needing a removalists service.

  • Best service! The guys were great, very kind and caring men
    Treated our belongings with care and secured all my furniture. I will definatly recommend zoom
    They are awesome
  • Thank you Zoom for great service very highly recommended to anyone needing to move great to know stairs inst an issue nor is a separate price.
    *Reasonable and affordable.

    Mick and Nas
  • Zoom helped assist my elderly mother, they were perfect from the minute they turned up all the way through to the end, not letting her touch or lift a single thing they were extremely courteous and hard working. five stars ***** and more if i could.
  • Great service and great rates, Highly recommended.
  • Hi Zoom thank you for moving my family and I everything went smoothly and you were fast and efficient and on time which was perfect. I wont be moving anytime soon but i have given out my VIP card for a friend to make use out of it and i will be recommending you as well for anyone needing to move.
    no job too big or too small for Zoom they are great!!!! five stars for zoom *****
  • Just wanted to thank you zoom for making our move so quick and easy.
    from the initial booking straight through my move you guys were friendly, efficient, and careful.
    Ill definitely be telling all my family and friends.
    job well done.
  • Great team great service from my initial booking straight through to the end of my move. Zoom i will be recommending you to all family and friends.
    NO1 removalist
  • I moved with Zoom Removals last week and i could not have moved with any other company. They were terrific! I used 3 of their professional men.
    They packed and moved my 4 bedroom home in a very reasonable amount of time i was very impressed. I highly recommend Zoom, Its the least i could do to thank them for making my move a lot easier.
    Thanks guys.
  • Zoom Removals provides the best service!!!!

    I would like to thanks Sam and his partner for their efforts on the day of my move. They put in a huge effort with the packing, loading and unloading of my goods..
    They were very friendly, professional and co-operative and went out of their way to accommodate things.

    I want to say to them both a very big thank you.

    I will be recommending your company in the future.
    Thank you very much,

    20/03/13 :):):):):)
  • great service with professional and fast people, they even arrived on time.
    thanks zoom
  • ********** this company deserves 10 stars. very impressed with the level of service provided and the men who came out to do my move.
    highly recommended.
  • 5/5 stars. Zoom made my move go really smoothly, they were professional and very helpful, they moved me from my 2bedroom unit into my new home with a reasonable amount of time. Ive moved plenty of time in my life but this time im happy to say that my money was well spent. I would recommend them to anyone.
  • Had two moves with this company one from home to storage, and then from storage to our new place. they were fast friendly and very careful with our belongings, our second move were different guys but they worked just as hard, and were just as polite and friendly. I would definitely use them again.
  • Zoom helped us move our 3 bedroom home and made this move as stressfree as possible. they were fast, friendly and even gave us advice on how to move things. they also gave us a loyalty card to use to wards our next move or to give to someone wanting to move ontop of that we got a free mattress wrap as part of the service. i strongly reccommend this company to anyone wanting to move.

    thanks zoom :)
  • Worst service. They turned up 3 hours late and worked extremely slow. Damaged, scratched and bent our furniture, we had black marks all over our couch. We had friends helping out and they worked more efficient. It took them one hour from one suburb to the next. They kept speaking in another language than English which is completely unprofessional. When we complained about the damages we got ignored. Do not use this company!!
  • It's my second time moving and both times it has been with Zoom, they are a fast and reliable team and very professional.
    they looked after all my furniture and items and transported them safely to my new home.
    thank you zoom i have and will again recommend you to anyone needing to move.
  • Anyone needing to move anything at all go with zoom removals, i highly recommend them, not only are they friendly and professional but they are fast and very helpful too.
    i even got a VIP card to use towards my next move or even to give to a family or friend who is using them, how cool is that :)
    thank you zoom.
  • I was so impressed with Zoom removals. They really took care of all my furniture and worked very fast at the same time. They were well presented, friendly, professional and punctual. I highly recommend this company for anyone wanting a professional move.
    the above is how i describe the Zoom Removals team. they helped move my partner and I into our new 3brm home and they were very helpful, on time and professional. its good to have a company who offers exceptional customer service and affordable rates too. i would definitely be recommending zoom to anyone who needs to move, they have a great easy website too.

    Huge thank you Zoom.

  • we used Zoom Removals to relocate our family home. The team was so professional, friendly, and efficient and on time!!! we were very happy with the way they looked after our furniture especially considering the difficult access they had to deal with. The overall service from the office through to the move was excellent and the team took all the stress off us. we will definitely recommend them to anyone we know who is moving. my wife and i cannot thank zoom enough.
  • Zoom helped us moved from our 4 bedroom home and i tell you this move has to be by far one of the most stress free and professional moves Ive ever had. i will definitely be recommending you to all family and friends and anyone in need of a removalists.
    zoom removals you made my day.
    thank you again

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