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  • seanaussie Local Star   803 reviews
    Booked both flights & a hotel through Zuji for a recent trip to the US - no problem at all with the flight booking & they were the cheapest (even cheaper than the airline's website), a very easy process. No booking fees or credit card fees which saved a lot of moula that I spent in the US instead!

    Re: Hotel, had rung them after seeing a price online as wanted to check something, and was amazed when I was offered an even cheaper price than anything I'd seen online. I must admit I was suspicious and so I asked the operator the same question many times & even asked him to ring the hotel in the US to check if the room he was quoting me on was the same type of room as I'd seen elsewhere. He did this without hesitation and answered my every question without pressuring me. I did buy through them & everything was just right when I got to the hotel.

    Would most certainly use Zuji again.
  • normanbay Newbie   1 review
    Very disappointing experience today, trying to find good fares to UK. Zuji was the best engine at finding cheap flights, but when I clicked thru, they were 'unavailable' - at any price! After two calls (the first person did not call back when said they would in 10 minutes, let alone 4 hours...) and the second telling me the airlines maintain their database (untrue according to the airline in question) I called the airline who said there were plenty of seats for $8 more on the dates I was looking at. then I thought I'd point this out to the parent company, in Sydney, and their phone just went to engaged tone. Must have too much business!! Ended up booking with someone else for a bit more, as at least there is proper service!I'd be interested in others' experience in this space....
  • TL.user   3 reviews
    I used zuji as a means to purchase flights for my next holiday.
    I used their website and selected the flights I wanted and entered my credit card details.
    I then went ahead with the purchase as was given an error and was told my card has not been charged.
    I tried once again, carefully checking my details, tried again. I was given the same message.
    I then entered my girlfriend's details with the same error.

    We decided to cut our losses and purchase directly through Virgin Blue. Purchase went through without a problem.

    20mins later, my girlfriend takes money out of an ATM and finds she is about $300 short. I checked my account, I was out too!
    We HAD been charged regardless of the message given.

    I called zuji and was informed I had not been charged and the money was with my bank. I was then assured money would be returned within 24hrs if no transaction was processed.
    24hrs passed and the money was still missing.
    Once again, made the phone call to the overseas call centre.
    I was asked to give them the fax number of my bank.
    I would like to know how you come across that easily.

    All I wanted was my money back and was told I needed a fax number and the branch name.
    We both do everything online and don't use branches.

    I was assured through all this that it was my banks fault, however I wad able to make a purchase 5 minutes later with the same card without issue.
    Are our banks giving us a hint and not allowing us to pay a suspect company?
    I wanted to know if this problem wad fixed and if any other prole would be encountering the same issue. I wad given the same spiel about our bank being to blame.

    Additionally, whilst trying to get the fax sent off to my bank, I was advised that other banks had already received the fax on behalf of other customers.
    I would advise all to stay away.
    Would you like to risk being deducted your money whilst being told otherwise.

    I hope others think twice before purchasing anything through zuji.
    • crikey88 Newbie 
      I too am experiencing the very same problems EXACTLY! They said it was their fault on their part but then they blamed my bank as there was something wrong with my credit card. I had no problems up until now. I checked my funds and they took a substantial amount away from my account. I gave zuji my banks fax number at westpac. At that point I called my bank to see if Zuji have reversed the charge. The did. BUT another $1846 had gone through. i called them up to make a change and they said they will put it through. I called the bank and it said that it hasn't. This is my first time purchasing flights online with Zuji and MY LAST! Beware they will take your money then blame your credit card. I'll be waiting to see if the money has come back to my account tomorrow(mon) but until then I'm giving Zuji another call. I better get my money back!



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