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Sydney, NSW local guide

Welcome to the largest city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales. It’s so large in fact we’re just going to limit this piece to the CBD. Luckily there’s plenty on in town.

After Captain Cook landed in 1770 it was decided Australia would make a great convict settlement. Fast forward eight years and the First Fleet, headed by Arthur Phillip, dropped anchor in Botany Bay. With no fresh water the fleet needed a new port and so on 26 January 1788 they sailed into Sydney Cove. The result was our first city and public holiday.

Since then Sydney has become a so-called global city, as well as the most expensive city in Australia, so start saving if you want to live here or even pop in for a visit. If you have some pennies saved Sydney can spend them.

The Star City casino will happily relieve you of any unwanted cash but it’s a depressing way to lose money, so your best bet is to enjoy some million dollar views. Sydney Harbour boasts the iconic images of the Harbour Bridge and the sails of the Sydney Opera House. These features are best highlighted on New Year’s Eve with the usual over-the-top fireworks display.

As you’re down near the water you might as well head to the Rocks. Amongst the historic buildings you’ll find overpriced markets and plenty of pubs to enjoy an overpriced ale. Heading up George Street you’ll soon reach the grand Queen Victoria Building which houses a vast selection of boutique retail outlets.

Once you’ve maxed the credit cards it’s probably time for drink. Head down William Street, guided by the Coca-Cola billboard, to the once infamous and now highly gentrified Kings Cross. There are bars, nightclubs, restaurants as well as remnants of its red light district history. If you’re making a night of it try Oxford Street where you’ll find more clubs, bars and cheap pizza by the slice.

There is more to the city than shopping, eating and drinking. Sydney has a few classy activities. The Opera House, State Theatre, the Wharf Theatre and more showcase plays, dance, opera and classical music. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Artspace and the Art Gallery of NSW display modern, classic and bizarre art. If museums are more your thing the Powerhouse offers a hands on experience, the Australian Museum dinosaurs and the Maritime Museum boat related objects.

This isn’t anywhere near a definite list of Sydney, so your best bet is to explore yourself.

Map of Sydney, NSW

Featured businesses in Sydney

  • Byrne/liz

    Byrne/liz reviewed Mr 24/7 Plumbing
    If you want a plumber who is prompt, punctual, very professional in service and expedient in carrying out his work this plumber is for you! We found Mr24/7 very professional with quality service using the latest equipment for a very fair price. We will definately be using this plumber for all our household needs!

Restaurants in Sydney

  • LeanneS

    LeanneS reviewed Macchiato Restaurant
    I have yet to be disappointed from the quality of food at Macchiato. The interior has recently had a facelift and it looks quite nice. There is a great range of food to suit all tastes, but while it can get a little pricey, you never go hungry afterwards!
    It can get very busy at lunchtimes, so if you have a big table make sure you call and book ahead in advance to avoid disappointment.