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A dedicated foodie (I pretty much work to eat and drink). I hate shopping for most things except for cooking accessories, new food items and interesting alcohol selections.

Joined 01 November 2007 West Hindmarsh, SA

  • Vietnam Claypot

    Restaurants Grange, SA
    We needed a late night Vietnamese fix and weren't sure that our regular spot was open so I used the Zomato app to find out what places were open near us and Vietnam Claypot came up. It is in a small group of shops and looks very unassuming. We had cold rolls, beef pho, combination vermicelli salad and a Vietnamese beef salad. All were really tasty. Lovely lady looking after us. Small beer and wine list. Brilliant prices. Can recommend.
  • Maxwell Wines

    Vineyards & Wineries Mclaren Vale, SA
    This has been on my to-visit list for some time now. Having a spare day in McLaren Vale was the perfect time to visit for some wine tasting and lunch. We ate out on the deck which was lovely and the service was excellent. The menu has enough on there to satisfy most requirements but we had a hard time choosing between the dishes - they all looked amazing. The serves were aligned with the price point and everything was moreish. Glad that we went.
  • d'arenberg

    Vineyards & Wineries Mclaren Vale, SA
    One of my favourite places for a long, winey lunch. The food is consistently excellent. They have al a carte option or a degustation option. I've only ever gone with the degustation option with the matched wines. The service is always 100% professional and you could have multiple people looking after you without noticing it. Lovely setting. Never disappointed by the food but I always have my fingers crossed that the passionfruit souffle is on the menu.
  • Penfolds Magill Estate Winery

    Restaurants Magill, SA
    We had a long lunch at Magill Estate Kitchen on the recent public holiday. Lovely atmosphere. We started off in the lounge area for a couple of drinks and then moved to our table. The staff were brilliant all through lunch. We slowly worked our way through most of the menu and everything was amazing. The bill, after a lot of food and a couple of bottles of wine, was extremely reasonable and we were completely satisfied with our experience.
  • Vn Delishh

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    The newest addition to Gawler Place. Very friendly, smiling staff. The usual selection of Vietnamese offerings including pho, cold rolls, salads and banh mi. Today I went pho, cold rolls and Vietnamese iced coffee. The cold rolls were great - herby, a good size and plenty of filling. The iced coffee was everything that it should be. The pho wasn't brilliant. It was tasty enough but the stock was cloudy and lacking that intense flavour that other places deliver. Also, did not come with the usual plate of herbs, bean sprouts and chilli to make up your own - it was already added.
  • Naya

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    If you were a fan of the food at Dhaba at the Spice Kitchen on Kensington Road then you will enjoy the food at Naya as Ragini Dey has moved to the CBD. We tried the truffle paneer, goat terrine, crab omelette dosa and duck sticks - all delish and all excellent value. The sliders were fine. The tandoori beef salad was unfortunately a let down - it did not match the menu description (an exotic Indian salad) more a run of the mill salad with marinated beef. The staff were friendly enough but unless Ragini was looking after you it all seemed a bit disjointed. I understand that Naya's is also a bar however, the loudness of the music wasn't condusive to dinner conversation
  • Zenhouse Tea Corner

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    For non-vegetarians we really enjoyed our lunch here. Two large menus to choose from plus specials. All of the dumplings were really tasty. The stuffed tofu was delicious and I was really pleased with the huge plate of salt and pepper mushrooms. They have a large tea selection too.
  • Pirie & Co

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    The former Wine Underground has a great vibe. Excellent wine list featuring a great selection of South Australian wines. We didn't eat but the menu looks great for both a snack or a meal.
  • Hello Sarnie

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    There is a lovely feel (and smell) as you walk into Hello Sarnie. I was impressed with the offerings in the display cabinets - they all looked inviting. I opted to go with a salad today - it was the perfect lunch size and had lots of yummy things in it. I like that the salad dressing is on the side so you can add as much or as little as you like. Again, weird for me to say, but the sandwiches looked amazing. And big. Supersize bread? They also had lots of delicious looking fillings. Reasonable pricing too. If you just need a snack they had pots with vegie sticks and dips.
  • Banh Mi Vietnamese Rolls

    Specialty Food Adelaide, SA
    I re-visited and re-ordered the roast pork banh mi which is at the pricier end of the banh mi scale at $7.50 (there are cheaper options in the CBD) however, it was as good as last time. The pork was tender and juicy but had crackling too. And lots of meat in every mouthful. The roll was bulging! Definitely worth a try.
  • My Tho City

    Takeaways Hindmarsh, SA
    Great food here. The rice hotpot and "roll your own" cold rolls are always a winner but we've never been disappointed by any of the meals that we've ordered. Salt and pepper squid was good last night as was the combination hotpot that we decided to try. For dessert you can't go past a fried icecream ball. The owner wanders around making sure that everyone is happy. The service is generally on the mark
  • Houda's Kitchen

    Restaurants Hindmarsh, SA
    What a great addition to the neighbourhood! The renovations mean that this restaurant is now welcoming. The share plate was really tasty - all the dips were fantastic as were the the little parcels. The mixed grill has a great selection and everything was cooked well. Loved the tabouli.
  • Ramen & Izakaya Himeji

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    I was cheerily greeted as i walked in the door, seated at the bar and immediately offered water. My order was taken quickly and arrived quickly. I had the original hakata tonkotsu ramen - from my first mouthful I could taste the love in this broth! Delicious. The pork belly melted in my mouth and the pork loin was tasty. The noodles were cooked perfectly. I initially thought that the size was small (I ordered a large) however, I was completely satisfied afterwards.
  • Welland Fish Shop

    Seafood Welland, SA
    I tried this place when we first moved into the area and was not impressed however, some hot weather, and a desire for a Sunday night BBQ chicken and chips forced me back. I was pleased to find that the management had changed which meant that there was a vast improvement in service and quality from my last visit. The chicken was tasty and juicy and the chips were great - fat, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.
  • Seacliff Surf Lifesaving Club Incorporated

    Cafes Seacliff, SA
    The atmosphere alone is enough to give Seacliff SLSC a good rating - a lovely dining room with balcony and gorgeous views. I attended for a function (perfect spot!) and the staff were excellent from start to finish. I was too busy socializing to try much of the food but what I did try was good and everything else looked good. There were a lot of empty platters going back so no complaints there.
  • La Casa Del Pane

    Bakeries St Morris, SA
    I live on the other side of the city to La Casa del Pane but will make a trip for one of their pizzas. I don't know what they do to their tomato base sauce but all year round it has a brilliant taste - I love their margharita pizza because of this. They also do breads and calzones (which are delicious). They've re-ordered things since I was there last and there are now more tables for dining in (they have a dine in menu).
  • Street ADL

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    Having been to Street ADL before and really enjoyed it I bought a group in for lunch. Unfortunately it let me down. It wasn't a busy lunch service but the service was not good (to be fair there was one guy that was on the ball but he obviously couldn't be everywhere at once) - drinks took ages to come which was disappointing on a very hot day. The menu structure has changed since I was there and while I usually have a hard time deciding because I want to try everything, this time I struggled to find anything I was particularly interested in. Ended up going with the fish and chips which I was happy with - good chips, nice fish, great batter, nice mushy peas. However, if I'd been one of the people that ordered a burger or the kangaroo dog I would have been sorely disappointed for the money I was paying out. Also, if you are dining there on a hot day avoid the tables by the door - the aircon does not reach that far.

    Pubs & Bars Adelaide, SA
    Gilbert Street Hotel was the venue for our Christmas lunch and it was a great pick. Even though it was really busy and there were several large groups we were well looked after. The food was excellent. I was reminded why I was a regular visitor there when I worked in the neighborhood.
  • Bacchus Bar

    Pubs & Bars Henley Beach, SA
    I've known about Bacchus Wine Bar for years but have never ventured in the doors for some reason until yesterday. It was a lovely evening at Henley Square and this was a great place for a couple of glasses of wine and some nibbles. There is no table service here but otherwise the service is very friendly. The food arrived promptly and was delicious - all tapas items and the pizza were good.
  • Mocean

    Restaurants Streaky Bay, SA
    The view is fantastic!!!! The owners take pride in using local where appropriate (the seafood) and regional South Australia for the rest. They also make their own chutneys etc. The service was good - everything was timely. The food was also good. The deli platter had lots of goodies on it, the fish and chips were also good. I ordered the pork cutlet special perfectly cooked.