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4chillis Local Star

A dedicated foodie (I pretty much work to eat and drink). I hate shopping for most things except for cooking accessories, new food items and interesting alcohol selections.

Joined 01 November 2007 West Hindmarsh, SA

  • Izakaya Den

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    This has been on my Melbourne hit list for quite a while and tonight I was able to go. Loved it. Great service. Brilliant cocktails. The food was amazing, every mouthful was delicious.
  • Nosh Barossa

    Cafes Tanunda, SA
    This is our regular coffee spot when in the Barossa - always decent and the staff are always friendly. Quirky décor and very convenient that it is right next to a bookstore.
  • Keils Fine Food & Coffee

    Cafes Tanunda, SA
    A lovely space with friendly staff. I sat at the bar by the window, read the paper, had excellent coffee and watched the passersby. A lovely way to spend an hour or so.
  • Tanunda Hotel

    Hotels Tanunda, SA
    We needed a quick meal before we drove back to Adelaide and thought a good counter meal would hit the spot. We were advised by a local that the Tanunda Hotel did decent schnitzel so on that basis we found ourselves there. Service was really quick and the food was decent. Both the schnitzel and the fish that we ordered were well cooked and tasty. For decent pub grub in a nice pub atmosphere the TH will deliver.
  • Cockles On North

    Takeaways Port Elliot, SA
    After a swim in Horseshoe Bay a big breakfast was in order and Cockles Café delivered. Their menu had lots of interesting breakfast options and we had a hard time choosing. The food arrived promptly and it was generous and tasty. Accompanied by good coffee we were completely satisfied with our experience. Friendly service too.
  • In Thais Cafe & Noodle Bar

    Takeaways Brighton, SA
    This place was popular on a Wednesday night. We were in a large group and there were no complaints from anyone. The food was all tasty but the winning dish of the night was the tamarind duck. Generous serves. In Thai gets extra points for allowing our group to pay separately at the end of the night - a very efficient process.
  • Crown & Anchor Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Adelaide, SA
    The Crown and Anchor is a great place to go for a beer and to shoot some pool. It's not modern. it's not pretentious. it's just a pub. The staff are always great.
  • La Boheme

    Pubs & Bars Adelaide, SA
    La Boheme is my go to bar. You walk in and it's like you've left Adelaide are in France. The cocktails are consistently amazing and I love trying new ones but still have my old faves. Their music is good - you never know what you're going to get. The garden out the back is a great addition.
  • Grace Emily Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Adelaide, SA
    One of those pubs that doesn't feel the need to update but remains popular purely because of that fact. a great supporter of live music which is brilliant. Great beer garden but lots of other seating options as well.
  • Casablabla

    Pubs & Bars Adelaide, SA
    Having been on the receiving end of bad service at Casablabla several years ago I have not returned until now. I am pleased to report that the service has improved in it's friendliness but is still poor in its understaffing. It was a busy Friday night, only one bar was open and there were regularly queues for drinks.
  • Bistro Dom on Waymouth

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    A birthday celebration took us to Bistro Dom for dinner. The menu was one of those where you want to order everything because everything looks appealing. We opted to share all of the small plates and they didn't disappoint. Accompanied by house made bread and complimentary olives and snack we had a great start. The main course also delivered on taste. Great service all night. Due to the size the tables are close together so be prepared to be privy to your neighbour's conversations.
  • Apothecary 1878

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    If you're down Hindley Street this is a great option for a drink. Consistently great service with a wine tome for a wine list and a great selection of spirits. I have eaten here before and the food is great but it was just drinks on this occasion. A lovely oasis in the craziness of Hindley Street on a Saturday night.
  • The Henry Austin

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    We were keen to see what Chesser Cellars had evolved into so stopped in for a late night drink downstairs (after having a look at the rest of the place first). The downstairs bar is cozy and the bartender knowledgeable. Keen to go and eat in the dining room in the future.
  • Insieme Restaurant

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    it's been a while since I've been here but I am pleased to report that Insieme remains a great place to have a meal. Quality service all the way and the food is still amazing. The complimentary arancini were delicious and our gnocchi was everything that it should be. We had such a lovely time our lunch hour stretched a bit longer than it should have.
  • Hains and Co

    Caterers Adelaide, SA
    Thursday night and Hains and Co was pumping which is probably in large part due to the great service that it always on offer here. I also love the HUGE South Australian gin selection that Hains and Co offers.
  • Jerusalem Sheshkabab House

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    long time fan of Jerusalem for simple menus and quality middle eastern food. I expect surly service when I go here however, on a recent visit I was pleasantly surprised to have friendly service. the food remains excellent. the menus have had a facelift (and the prices) but still a great place to visit for a casual meal.
  • Udaberri Pintxos Y Vino

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    it's been a while since I've been to this great little bar. love the space out the back. great wine list, great drinks list and a good menu. our meat and cheese platter was fantastic.
  • Pink Moon Saloon

    Pubs & Bars Kent Town, SA
    great little place for a drink and the menu is great. we've had snacks and they have gone with our drinks and satisfied our cravings. love the smokey smell of Pink Moon Saloon.
  • Proof

    Pubs & Bars Adelaide, SA
    Still love this place for a drink. The staff are always really friendly and always on hand to recommend something a bit different for you to try. Great fun standing at the bar but also have a great upstairs area and outdoor area. Unfortunately the toasties have dropped in quality since my last visit.
  • Gondola Gondola

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
     I have enjoyed lunch here previously so popped back for dinner. Still great. A couple of beers, some dumplings, bun cha (crunchy roasted pork salad) and banana flower salad with some of the hugest prawns I've since and I was completely satisfied.