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4chillis Local Star

A dedicated foodie (I pretty much work to eat and drink). I hate shopping for most things except for cooking accessories, new food items and interesting alcohol selections.

Joined 01 November 2007 West Hindmarsh, SA

  • Thu Nguyet Vietnamese Cafe

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    Thu Nguyet do more than Vietnamese rolls - they do Vietnamese salads and soups as well - but the Vietnamese rolls are the hot ticket item. I walked in to find a huge queue almost to the door with one after the other ordering the Vietnamese rolls. The staff are really efficient and the line moves quickly. With summer almost upon us I'd made up my mind that I needed one last bowl of pho and luckily they could supply. For $11 this was a very big bowl loaded with meat, noodles and tasty broth and came with a large plate of herbs and bean sprouts.
  • Seafaring Fool

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    You would be forgiven for walking right past Seafaring Fool and not realizing it was there - it is a little hole in the wall in the front window of a clothes shop. The barista knows his coffee though and is was great that there was a mini size cup so that you can have the coffee without all the milk.
  • Blefari Caffe and Cucina

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    This is not something that I usually rave about but the sandwiches from Blefari are really good. They use interesting breads with good quality fillings that are generous. Their good coffee goes well with them! Good service even when it's busy.
  • Thea Tea Shop

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    It's been a while since I've been here so I was glad to see that it is still as popular as ever. I was tempted to go with my old favourites (noodle soup or black pepper rice) but thought no, I'll try something different - so basil nuggets (weekly special) and spicy cold noodles it was. Both were worth switching for - especially the noodles! I couldn't pass up my favourite passionfruit tea though...
  • Mayflower Restaurant and Bar

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    Great experience. Lovely decor and atmosphere. Water was offered immediately and drinks orders taken promptly. We started with some local proscuitto which came with some pickles and lovely bread. The housemade duck proscuitto came with an excellent salad however, it was hard to find the duck in it! Being a duck lover but not a pie lover I was torn as to whether I should order the duck and tangerine pie. The pastry was excellent (no greasy mouth feel afterwards), lovely tender chunks of duck and a beautiful background of citrus. The pork cutlet was well cooked and a good pick. We also ordered a side of brussel sprouts which were so delicious they would turn any sprout hater! We could not be tempted by either the dessert or cheese trolley on this occasion as we were too full.
  • Wurst and Stein

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    Looking through the front window Wurst and Stein looks small - but don't worry it stretches back a long way so there is plenty of room! As you would expect for a beer hall, there is a great selection of beers. Only two cider alternatives at this stage though. The menu is definitely geared towards beer food and I can't wait to try the food soon.
  • Lucky Lupitas

    Restaurants North Adelaide, SA
    Thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The staff helped us with a beer selection from the Mexican beers available. The tacos were all yummy. We tried the two main course specials and they were both great. The least enjoyable dish was the hamberguesa. Great service all nice with enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Croydon Social

    Restaurants Croydon, SA
    We have visited several times (both eat in and takeaway) since Croydon Social has opened and not been disappointed. The homemade pastrami was moreish and the gnocchi with beef Ragu was delicious. Now this is quite the call, but our sopressa pizza was the best we've had in a long time. The love that's gone into the dough was evident and quality toppings finished it off.
  • New Local eatery

    Restaurants Hindmarsh, SA
    We were hooked with our first brunch and have returned several times for dinner. Always fantastic service. Always delicious and interesting food. They now have a Tuesday night deal where you have two courses for $50 and bring along your own wine with no corkage. Can see a mid week meal in our future.
  • Ampika?s Kitchen

    Restaurants Willunga, SA
    What a fantastic find! It was a wet and windy night but it was so cozy in Ampika's Kitchen. I love the retro furniture. Unfortunately it was dark so we could not enjoy the sea views but you live in the area it would be lovely sitting outside on a sunny day. Excellent service all night and the food was amazing. They made sure to ask how spicey we liked our food. Make sure you sample the house specialties - the crying tiger beef was so tender and delicious and the duck curry was a generous serve. If it is available make sure you have the house made Phrae Sausage - so good. It was a nice touch that the curries come with rice so that you don't have to order it separately.
  • Laksa House 2

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA

    During winter I hit Laksa House 2 at least once a month for their dumpling laksa. Big dumplings with lots of filling and good laksa broth. It makes you feel good sticking your head over the bowl when you know it's cold and miserable outside. They have different varieties of laksa and other noodle and rice dishes - bit it's always laksa for me.
  • The Little Hunter

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    I have eaten here before and had a great steak. This occasion was for drinks in the beer garden which was nice. Plenty of seating and cover. Very pleasant. Some of the group had a Groupon deal for drinks and a platter and this was honoured with no issues. The other food coming out looked equally as generous and there were no complaints.
  • United Latino Cocina

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA

    I visit United Latino Cucina fairly regularly for both breakfast and lunch and am never disappointed. Excellent latino flavours, good size serves and reasonable pricing. For breakfast it's normally eggs and beans and lunch is normally slow cooked beef but I've never hit a bad meal.
  • Pho SA

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    We tried the cold rolls (with pork balls), paw paw salad with dried beef, salt and pepper tofu and beef pho with raw beef. Thr cold rolls were good, not as much herbage as I like but with the excellent sauce you didn't really notice. The salad was really good. The tofu was salt and peppery but it was a different style of tofu than I was expecting. The pho broth had good flavour but the meat was the tenderest that I've had. Beautiful. Nice decor and quick service.
  • Bakery On O'connell

    Bakeries North Adelaide, SA
    Glad to see that the move down O'Connell Street has not affected the popularity of this place. When I'm having a party this is my go to place for desserts - everyone loves the jelly cakes, vanilla slices and other sweet goodness and they make them in the perfect party sizes. When I drop in their breads and pies never fail to delight.
  • The Beigelry

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    I needed a late lunch and The Beigelry has been on my list for a while so I headed there hoping, fingers crossed, that they still had bagels left. I was very happy to see some still in a basket. I ended up having the New Yorker on a dill bagel, with japaleno cream cheese and all of the extras. I was practically drooling at the thought of it on my way back to the office. It was packed full of filling - I could barely get my mouth around it! Sooooo good.
  • Phonatic

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    loooooove the décor - very cool. The service was also spot on. My food came out very fast even though it was relatively busy. The pho tai was not brilliant - the broth didn't have that intensity of flavor that other places do however, they weren't stingy on the bean sprouts and herbs which is a plus. The pricing was reasonable. I will go back to try some of their other dishes though.
  • Delicatessen Kitchen and Bar

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    After several successful visits we re-visited with interstate guests. I booked through their online booking service - no problems. As always the service was superb from the moment that we walked in. The food - everything that we ordered - was excellent. Not one complaint. The menu regularly changes with a few stayers remaining on the menu - the chartcuterie plate is a must - you get a bit of everything and everything is delicious. Decent winelist with enough choice.
  • Adelaide Lebanese Bakery

    Bakeries Thebarton, SA

    I haven't visited Adelaide Lebanese Bakery since it moved from its West Thebarton location. I like the new premises! There is a butcher area with loads of yummy lebanese sausages and other meats, then a bakery section where you can get flatbreads with a variety of toppings. Some open, some closed. The closed cheese and spinach one is my favourite. There is, of course, plenty of flatbread to buy. There is a grocery section with lots of interesting goodies and a freezer section with more interesting things.
  • Kerou & Co

    Bakeries Thebarton, SA
    So lucky to have this around the corner from where I live (but kind of dangerous too!). I walked in expecting breads and cakes but was pleasantly surprised to find savoury items as well as charcuterie - rillettes, terrines and saucission. The baguette was beautiful, the citrus tart was just what I like and the spicy saucission was delicious. If you weren't tempted enough they have tastings available just to make you want to buy more!