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4chillis Local Star

A dedicated foodie (I pretty much work to eat and drink). I hate shopping for most things except for cooking accessories, new food items and interesting alcohol selections.

Joined 01 November 2007 West Hindmarsh, SA

  • Market St

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    So much yummy looking stuff here. I settled on the Little Piggy sandwich. It was tasty but the ratio of coleslaw to pork was off and the pork was overwhelmed by the coleslaw. It was also the messiest sandwich I have ever eaten as the coleslaw hadn't been drained properly and the dressing dripped everywhere. I was wearing a work suit so it was hard work to make sure I didn't wear the sandwich. My friend is gluten intolerant and the offerings were limited however, she enjoyed her beans and tortilla. I will come back to try other menu items.
  • The Highway

    Pubs & Bars Plympton, SA
    We moved onto The Highway from another pub on a Saturday evening. It was busy so it's obviously a really popular spot. They had a guy with a guitar playing who was really good and created a nice atmosphere and then later the DJ kicked in. They need more staff behind the bar. People were queued 2-3 deep trying to get a drink.
  • Avoca Cellars

    Bottle Shops Clarence Gardens, SA
    Good range of pretty much everything that you could want. Really friendly and helpful service. Very convenient if you're in the area.
  • Avoca Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Clarence Gardens, SA
    The outside section is really comfy. We sat in an enclosed area just outside of the Glasshouse and with heating and the television it was a perfect place to catch up and watch the footy at the same time.
  • Whipped Bake Bar Cafe

    Cafes Semaphore, SA
    Whipped is crazy busy on the weekends so leave plenty of time to secure a table (particularly if you have a largish group) and be prepared to share a communal table if you have to. You will probably have to line up to order but the food comes out quickly. The breakfasts are generous and tasty. Lovely place to catch up with friends.
  • Banquet International Pty Ltd

    Wholesalers Albert Park, SA
    Not that you could tell from the name but this is a large food warehouse with loads and loads of different products. there are tinned goods, frozen goods, fresh goods. Good for a browse to find some different items that you may want to experiment with in your cooking.
  • Chu's Restaurant

    Restaurants Unley, SA
    Came for a family dinner. The food was good but is not the authentic Vietnamese that you get elsewhere but it was still tasty and good serves. This is a good option if you want to try Vietnamese food but are a bit unsure. the service was excellent all night.
  • Phonatic

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    Returned to give Phonatic another go. I went with the Bu Bo Hue this time. a good hit of chilli with a good quantity of meat. the Hanoi style spring rolls also went down well.
  • Est Pizzeria

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    The gnocchi continues to be excellent. Lovely fluffy pillows and usually served with an ultra rich, slow cooked sauce. The serve looks small but it is filling and satisfying. The pizzas are also excellent - thin, cripsy with good quality toppings. Staff are excellent. The beer and wine list changes regularly so it pays to ask the staff some questions or just tell them what you like and let them pick.
  • Red Door Bakery

    Bakeries Adelaide, SA
    My friend announced that she wanted a really good pie for lunch so my first thought was "Red Door Bakery"! I am a long time fan of the sausage rolls but decided it was time to introduce myself to the pies. The special of the day was a Mexican beef pie and it was delicious! With the chilli jam on the side - a great lunch!
  • Fancy Burger

    Specialty Food Adelaide, SA
    Still one of my favourite burger joints in Adelaide - so much flavour! The Biggie and the Legend are still my favourites as they are packed with good quality meat and delicious fillings. The chips are amazing and the serves continue to be generous.
  • La Moka

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    I have stopped in at night for a cocktail and other times for coffee but this was my first time for breakfast and my egg and prosciutto roll delivered. with a great coffee to go with it, it was a great way to start the day.
  • Providore - Lucia's

    Gourmet Adelaide, SA
    For anything biscuit or cake related this is the place to go. You can buy single cakes that are just perfect for a sneaky snack for one or big cakes that are good for a group. They cater for most dietary requirements and you will often find some unusual cakes that are good to try for something different.
  • Gourmet Sausage Shop

    Gourmet Adelaide, SA
    What I love about the Gourmet Sausage Shop is that they have fat sausages. Skinny sausages are fine but sometimes you want something substantial and a fat sausage is the way to go. They have a huge range of flavours. I've worked my way through most of the range and haven't hit a bad one yet.
  • Charlesworth Nuts

    Cards & Gift Shops Adelaide, SA
    Another great place to buy something to munch on while you're walking around the markets. There is no minimum buy and they're quite happy to give you a couple of dollars of this and a couple of dollars of that. Everything is fresh and they have a great range.
  • The Smelly Cheese Shop

    Delis Adelaide, SA
    If you need cheese, or cheese related condiments, this has long been the place to go. With their huge range you will never leave empty handed. The staff are really helpful if you're unsure what you want, want to try something different or want to put together a special cheese board.
  • Big Table

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    This is still one of my favourite places for a market breakfast. The food always looks and tastes great and the options are interesting. Great coffee to go with it and you're off to a good start.
  • The Grind @ Central

    Coffee & Tea Suppliers Adelaide, SA
    The Grind continues to supply Adelaide with all of their coffee needs. Whether it's a coffee to drink whilst perusing the markets or buying some coffee beans / pods / freshly ground coffee to take with you - the Grind will have what you need.
  • The Mettwurst Shop

    Butchers Adelaide, SA
    A shop that specialises in mettwurst - what's not to love???!!!! As you would expect they have a huge variety and they're not shy about letting you try either. I normally stop here to grab a burner to munch on while I'm wandering around the markets. Their taster packs are a risk free way to try several varieties.
  • Standom Smallgoods Butchers

    Butchers Adelaide, SA
    You can't help but buy something when you walk past Standoms - they are well known for their smallgoods and they have stood the test of time which means that whatever you buy from there is delicious.