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  • Psychic Deniz

    Astrology, Spiritual & Genealogy Newtown, NSW
    Hello everyone, I came across Deniz own website few years back & just only recently I decided to see him for a reading which was last week wot can I say & where do I startlol wot a lovely young man he IS FROM THE HEART & when he smiles his whole face lights up I was very nervous but sitting with Deniz for 45mins which I wished was much loooooooongerlol he was so sincere so sweet so calm so softly spoken & so BLUNT AS & very importantly VERY VERY VERY GENUINE!!!!!

    His last words to me was "u need to test me 1st before u come back for another reading"test him? DONT NEED TOO, my gut instincts already TOLD ME HE IS!!!! Im writing to u all to tell u I have been to many psychics/clairvoyants/mediums/tarot readers sum well known even who charge big ridiculous dollars & sum only 30bucks... I have heard a lot & only a few good ones only who were accurate! BUT DENIZ TOPS SHINES ABOVE THEM ALL I am staying with him from now on cause he said SO MUCH IN DETAIL I felt my money was very well spent & thats wot i want a psychic who SAYS ALOT... not only did he describe ME but he picked up on my past relationship in full details describing the person & wot he is doing now (cause i already knew, lol) without me saying a word& my current one evenlol OH MY GOD ACCURATE 100% & others things & predicted events for me I felt at ease with him & I laaaaater told him about intimate stuff that u cant tell no one but with Deniz u can & he is open minded & funny too the way he says things u just feel he is ur best friend he is truely so very gifted, blessed & in time HE WILL BECOME A WELL KNOWN FAMOUS, coffee tasted good too as well as the people downstairs in the shop they were pleasant go go go dont be scared or negative... if u want answers go to the young man with the bright big smile to give u *****THE REAL HONEST ANSWERS*****