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  • Curry Karma

    Takeaways Liverpool, NSW
    Love their curry and garlic naan bread. Yum!
  • Black Rose Cafe

    Cafes Liverpool, NSW
    The food might be great, but my experience was beyond poor. My daughter of preschool age suddenly threw up while we were waiting to eat there last night, before anything arrived, of which I had paid for. I was made to feel like a criminal by very unsympathetic management who tossed me paper towel and a little bag to clean it up myself, who told me I 'should've have left when it started'' even though the incident occurred within a 30 second time frame, I was offered NO help, or even the mandatory mop and bucket an establishment is supposed to have. My daughter wasn't offered any water until half an hour later. I had to wait for my sister to get my daughter replacement clothing who at this stage was crying, because that same person made her feel like she'd done something terribly wrong. I had to cover my girl with the paper towel to mask the view from the other diners, who honestly, didn't seem to notice.
    There were three groups, of which I saw eat their meal, pay and leave as normal.
    When my sister returned with replacement clothing, I was then informed that I was expected to get on my hands and knees and clean up the rest of the mess because of the 'loss of customers', I had to use that little glass of water they gave to my daughter a while later, to douse the mess because I was given nothing else.. Paper towel being less than effective tool to clean vomit with. (Mind you, as I said, I saw them eat, be satisfied and leave)
    A friend who arrived shortly after went into the cafe, and was verbally attacked by this same individual and was asked to leave along with myself and my daughter when he asked for plastic containers to store our food that I had already paid for.
    He had to verbally fight for those plastic containers, the management seemed adamant that we leave without eating or taking the food I had paid for.
    Even a comment was made about how I handled the situation and what I should've given my daughter was mentioned (as I said, we weren't given any water until half an hour later. There was a milkshake on the table and juice, I had that to work with),
    But as I said before, I was given no help, or even kind words, for that matter!
    I was a semi-regular customer, this used to be my favourite place to eat.. But I'll be taking action against this injustice that has occurred against my daughter and I, and its assured... I'll never go there again.