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  • Rent A Space Self Storage

    Storage Melbourne, VIC
    Price match and their ridiculously helpful staff were fantastic! from picking up my belongings and the diver sneakily helping me move my mattress as i moved alone to helping me unload the truck at the storage unit, couldn't be happier with the service!
  • Paxtons Camera Video Digital

    Photography Stores Hornsby, NSW
    Amazing service! I spent just over an hour in there and i never once felt like an inconvenience for the staff, they were very friendly and amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. Price match Internet, but they were cheaper than what i found on-line and as a beginner with my first DSLR gave me a free ticket to a "how to use your camera" conference. cant recommend highly enough!
  • Pash Australia Pty LTD

    Party Supplies Chippendale, NSW
    I went to a "PASH PARTY" in August 2012, made an order through their consultant, and in their own words "she has done a runner". They have refused me a refund, because they never recieved my money, and fair enough, i showed my recipts and they offered me a voucher for double the price of the original amount, this was only OCTOBER, after dozens of phone calls and "we will call you back". Its now NOVEMBER and i have still recieved NOTHING from this company. the only way i have been able to get them to return my phone calls is my giving a false name and saying i want to host a party.

    I would not recommend PASH PARTY's at all. really poor customer service, and as they said the professional host of the party "did a runner" with my money. and this is now an ongoing issue for 4 months!

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    got a quote $42 for cut and trim, no worries. in the chair and hairdresser tells me he cant cut my hair properly unless its blow dryed, after already washing it... fine, another $20... half way through blow drying my hair he's called away to do extentions, i wait 40mins with half my hair wet, half dry! great cut, fnal price is somehow $69 over 2 hours later... they refuse to the $62 agreeded on. and it cost me an extra $10 in parking because it took so long. great cut, but not worth the wait. and they put the big sell on with all their products, colours and in house beautition which i was totally against.
    • a 40min wait in the chair with half wet hair half dry hair while my hairdresser served 4 other customers and a poor quote was REALLY UNPROFESSIONAL IN MY OPINION. if that was the amount agreeded on at the start it would have been fine. but it wasnt.