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  • Burwood Back Pain

    Chiropractors Strathfield, NSW
    In my case, a chiropractor looked at my spinal x-ray for 5 sec, said "it's twisted", and took me to the treatment room. After 10 mins massage by a massage therapist, the chiropractor walked into the room and manipulated my spine without explanation. Then explained what was done to me!! Wouldn't they normally explain first before the manipulation??! No detailed explanation was given regarding my condition on the initial visit nor during the period of treatment that I had received.
    I was not satisfied so I changed a chiropractor.
    (Massage therapists are excellent in here, by the way)
    I guess if a patient has passive attitude towards his/her treatment, they will not provide you anything. They will just kick you out from the clinic as soon as they finish your treatment. But If a patient is actively asking about treatment including of pain management, and a referral to other health professionals (e.g. physio), they will make time for you and explain according to your concern.
  • EP&P

    Physiotherapy Burwood, NSW
    I have suffered from lower back pain for 5 months and had been seeing chiropractors for a few months.
    The chiropractic treatment provided immediate pain relief, but did not last for long as my core muscle was too weak.
    Since I started exercising with physio here, my condition is so much improved.
    Especially Greg and his team provide a lot of information regarding my condition, and educate me how to manage my pain and to strengthen my core.
    I highly recommend this physio to anyone!!