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Joined 26 September 2007 Belfield, NSW

  • Single Rosetta

    Cafes Haberfield, NSW
    Yep I'm pretty happy with this little cafe. Its a 15 minute walk from my house and they make delicious coffee and breakfast. Its quiet and relaxing and the few guys that run it are really polite and friendly.
  • Cremeria Deluca

    Cafes Five Dock, NSW
    Agree with the previous reviewer, best granita and panna outside of Sicily! However their customer service is embarrassing. You don't really feel welcomed when you walk in. They are too busy 'making money' and don't put any effort into their customers. This is the main reason why I won't ever go there again. I'd rather save my money and travel to Sicily again to taste the real deal.
  • Envy Cafe

    Cafes Summer Hill, NSW
    This cafe looks the part but the food and coffee wasn't the greatest experience. The food was bland and my coffee was very watery. I visited here about 6 months ago so maybe its changed since then. I would come back here again to give them another go.
  • Plunge Cafe

    Cafes Summer Hill, NSW
    I've been here a couple of times and enjoyed both times I've been here! The coffee is really good, the staff are warm and friendly and they have these little falafels on the menu which are a tasty treat! I now live around the corner so I will be coming here more often.
  • T2 Tea

    Coffee & Tea Suppliers Sydney, NSW
    T2 is my place to go whenever I need tea. I love all their herbal teas and the staff are always willing to help you look for something different. I love all their new tea sets and whats great is they offer free gift wrapping.
  • T2 Tea

    Coffee & Tea Suppliers Sydney, NSW
    T2 is my place to go whenever I need tea. I love all their herbal teas and the staff are always willing to help you look for something different. I love all their new tea sets and whats great is they offer free gift wrapping.
  • Caracalla Pizzeria

    Restaurants Haberfield, NSW
    This restaurant has changed its name so many times its hard to keep up. Its always been Italian influenced but never really hit the nail on the head until now. I ate at this restaurant last week and was highly impressed this time round. They have a wood fired oven in the middle of it which produces quality Italian traditional pizza. We also ordered pasta and those too were delicious and couldn't get enough of it! I'm happy to say that this good authentic Italian restaurant is just around the corner from my home and can visit whenever I like. Keep doing what you're doing! Fantastic place to eat.
  • T2

    Coffee & Tea Suppliers Sydney, NSW
    I love coming here. I always buy tea and tea cups as birthday gifts. The staff here are always here to help you if you are looking for something in particular or they always offer suggestions to help you choose something special. They also offer gift wrapping as a complimentary service.
  • Sushi Maru

    Restaurants Leichhardt, NSW
    WOW!! This is the BEST sushi train I've had so far! Its a new restaurant in Leichhardt and they have really outdone themselves. The staff are so friendly and welcoming and the food and fish is the freshest I've had. The prices are reasonable and we didn't have to wait long at all for a seat. I can't wait to go back here again.
  • Secure Parking

    Parking Surry Hills, NSW
    I park in this car park regularly. They've made it so convenient to secure a spot. If you book online, they offer early bird parking for only $14.00 for the day! And you can book 15 mins before you arrive. Great rates and very convenient! Also the staff are tentative and lovely.
  • moonlight candles australia

    Shopping Centres Leura, NSW
    I'm so happy with my candles that I purchased from here. We visited the Blue Mountains one weekend and stumbled across this candle shop. Not only are they a lot cheaper that your commercial candles, they smell so beautiful and last long. The staff were very friendly and wrapped the candles in nice gift wrap paper. I hope to buy some more from their online store but would definitely visit here again if I ever return to the Blue Mountains.
  • Josophan's Fine Chocolates

    Chocolatiers Leura, NSW
    Best pie I've ever eaten. I'm from out of town and I would most definitely drive all the way to the Blue Mountains just to have a nice hot pie from here. Loved every bit of it and the people that work there are very friendly. I also had a piece of this indulgent almond meal chocolate cake which was to die for!
  • Gatsbys Pies & Pastries

    Cafes Blackheath, NSW
    Really great pies and sausage rolls from this darling little patisserie we stumbled across while we were visiting the Blue Mountains one weekend. Lovely staff and the all of the other pastries looked unbelievably delicious! Swing by for a coffee and sit outside while you watch the world go by.
  • Cafe Madeleine

    Takeaways Leura, NSW
    I really enjoyed this little cafe! The cafe was really busy but we were able to get a table straight away. The waiters looked flustered as they told us they were under staffed that day. We had to wait a little while for our food but didn't mind too much. The coffee was really tasty and our breakfasts were pretty good too. Although my scrambled eggs were a little bit too oily and buttery. Lovely place and would come back to this cafe again.
  • Katoomba Canton Palace

    Restaurants Katoomba, NSW
    We visited the Blue Mountains one long weekend and was looking for something quick and tasty to eat for dinner. Chinese food you can never go wrong. We happened to stumble across this place late one night and decided to walk in. At first the waiters said they could not seat us because they were fully booked but the restaurant was half empty. We still aren't sure why they said that. Another waiter said that it was fine to accommodate us, so the 6 of us sat down and ate a delicious meal. The food was good quality and the service here is very quick. We were very satisfied with the overall experience and would probably visit this restaurant again if we ever come back to the Blue Mountains.
  • The Forresters

    Takeaways Surry Hills, NSW
    Awesome restaurant upstairs! Cuban style I think it was. We ordered the fried chicken burger which was so delicious I could have eaten two! It was too packed because we came at lunch time but I assume it would get very busy after work. Highly recommend this place if you're after a nice big burger that comes with sweet potato fries!
  • Chiswick Plumbing

    Plumbing Concord West, NSW
    Fantastic plumbing service. My shower head kept leaking and was quite loose. It would never stay upwards while you had the water on and forced you to hold it in your hands while having a shower. I called Chiswick Plumbing to come and replace it. They came out within the next business day as I was not available that day. The guy that came out was very friendly and was very clean while coming through my house. He even took his shoes off to go upstairs because my house is carpeted. They fixed and replaced it on the spot. I'm very happy with the service and was reasonably happy with the fee they charged me. Overall my experience with them was pleasant and would recommend them to my family and friends.#reviewtowin
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  • Thai Garn

    Restaurants Summer Hill, NSW
    I ate dinner here last week and was really impressed. The waitstaff are so welcoming and friendly. My mum and I ordered 1 entree and a main each. The food is very fresh and the waitstaff also keep topping up your glass with water and offer you free prawn chips to munch on before your food arrives. This place is right around the corner from my home so I will definitely be coming back here again.
  • Din Tai Fung

    Takeaways Pyrmont, NSW
    Din Tai Fung have the best dumplings ever! I come here all the time. I usually order the braised beef with spinach soup and the pork dumplings. The dumplings melt in your mouth. They are over priced but worth every penny.
  • Daniel San

    Restaurants Manly, NSW
    awesome place! Right across from the beach. I was here last week and had some lunch, My colleagues and I ordered the 52 piece sashimi set. it came out on a wooden boat which was pretty cool! The fish was very fresh and delicious! I don't often visit Manly but if I do again, I would definitely come back here again for the food and the good vibe.