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  • The Dip
    Restaurants    Sydney, NSW

    the food is sooooooo good. seriously just go and have a bite. have everything but the hotdogs.... then when you have had everything else, go try the hotdogs.

  • Goodgod Small Club
    Takeaways    Sydney, NSW

    awesome place to see live bands, so intimate and grungy and never expensive, i even got to see Thom York DJ for $15...

    anyway, if you want to have a good night, go here. awesome food, excellent music, fun trivia, and the best shows.

  • Maharaja's Lakeside Indian
    Restaurants    Baulkham Hills, NSW

    i've never chosen anything below hot when i have the option. and my girlfriend chose mild as she does. I couldn't even finish eating it was that bad, this is seriously the first time chilli has ever been a problem for me, and i was once dared to eat a whole chilli from my indian friends mums garden when i was 15, she ran and hit it out of my mouth when she saw what was happening, but this just made me even more curious so i snuck a couple and dont regret it, that was insanely spicy, but even that wasn't as hot as this food. so i decided to eat my Girlfriends food, she couldn't bare the spice of the mild she chose, that was the spiciest mild i've ever had, it was spicier than any place i've been too's very spicy option, no joke.

    Besides the crazy spice, We ordered a Butter Chicken and tikka masala, both looked the same even though one is meant to be orange and one red, the butter chicken just wasn't creamy or buttery at all. still tasted alright, but wasn't really what i expected to get, it tasted almost exactly like the tikka masala just 1000x spicier.

    anyway, it was decent enough food (not for the price) and it was a nice place and good service, maybe my experience was just a mistake, they accidentally dropped the bowl of chilli in our bowls, me copping the most and that chilli caused my butter chicken to go red and lose its butteriness. who knows. just go somewhere else.

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