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  • Ramen Kan

    Restaurants Bondi Junction, NSW
    I absolutely love Ramen Kan, and go very often as I live in Bondi Junction. I ordered take away recently and expected to get everything that I had paid for that was listed for the meal, but it came without Miso? I asked where it was as I thought they had forgotten to put it in the bag, but they said it was complimentary for eat-in only? Correct me if I'm wrong but complimentary means some thing that you get as a bonus, that's unexpected, but when it's on the menu and you have paid for it, you expect to get it!! I still wanted the miso, so had to pay another $2 for it?!! How rude! I had already paid, I think they need to take some lessons in customer service, I won't bother with take out again, if anything it should be cheaper!! not impressed!!
  • Pasta Pantry

    Takeaways Woollahra, NSW
    I have recently moved jobs in the city from near Wynyard to Oxford street, and was pleased to see there was a nice Pasta and salad bar close by. Usually I have has the small size and this is enough for pasta alone, but on deciding to go half and half with the medium size, the price went up from $6.50 to $9.50!!! Wow, I had to check with the staff serving me, as usually a medium is $7-$7.50 or maybe even $8 but never $9.50- a total rip off!! The pasta was only average and the beetroot, feta and pumpkin salad had no trace of feta?! They need to lower their prices, I couldn't even afford a drink after that, very disappointed, I won't be back!!!