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  • James1975 Newbie  reviewed Mahjongg Cafe
    Rudest staff I have ever met. We attended for a Saturday breakfast with 6 adults and 2 children. There was a cruise ship in and they were busy. Firstly, they had no high chairs for the children. Therefore, we had to nurse the children on our lap. We were seated at two tables which were joined togeather. The staff came and attempted to take one of the tables away leaving all 8 of us to sit around a table made for 4. When asked what they were doing they told us that they had other customers waiting and that we could all sit around the table made for 4. We told them that this would make it very cramped to which thier response was a shrug of the shoulders. We left before ordering to find a cafe who were prepared to treat their customers with some respect and courtesy.
    • Mahjongg Newbie 
      Dear James

      We are very disappointed to read your comments as we work hard to provide good food and friendly service. We are proud of our good reputation but obviously we let you down on the day. We would love you to come in and meet us under less extreme circumstances ?? we will buy you lunch and show you how we have earned our reputation.

      Kind Regards
      Michael and Diana
      Owners Mahjongg Cafe




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