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  • Kam Fook Seafood Restaurant
    Restaurants    Bondi Junction, NSW

    Kam Fook is not just for yum cha during the day. We decided to visit on a Saturday evening recently. It was quiet, perhaps their patrons were still away on holidays. At this restaurant, one can point at the water creatures in their aquarium to pick out what you wish to eat - don't do this at home. As there were 9 of us, we sat at the furthest end from the entrance at the large table.

    It didn't take long before we were given menus to choose from the numerous dishes. The menus were a bit tattered and old (not in line with the overall quality of this restaurant) but I was quite taken aback by the number of dishes they offer. From experience, too many menu items meant that the kitchen can be disorganised and foodstuff less than premium condition. However, this was not the case when our food came.

    Table service was a little disappointing due to seemingly inexperienced waitstaff but the head waiter was good help and saved the day. The waitstaff had spilled sauce from a dish due to holding it at an angle. Placement on the large 'Lazy Susan' was also quite haphazard as they try to fit all the dishes in. We were happy all dishes came out almost within 10 minutes. We ordered 9 dishes ranging from a fish, a beef, a couple of chicken, prawns, tofu, a fried rice and vegies. All dishes were presented well and tasted delicious. We would be back more often if it was not for the high end pricing and eating standard which this restaurant represented. When you have important dinner guests, this place will fit the bill - not your suburbia Chinese restaurant, unless you know a good one.

  • Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
    Cafes    Bondi Junction, NSW

    This is truly a place that 'Chocoholics Anonymous' should definitely avoid! From whatever angle you look at this, it's all chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! To the left of the entry, we found 2 large tubs churning chocolate and it almost felt like we've entered the world of Willy Wonka. The store atmosphere is very warm and welcoming and it's probably the dark browns of the chocolate themed interior design.

    The staff serving us at the counter was really friendly and upbeat. Due to our large group (9 in total), taking our order must have been painful as there were ums-and-ahs before we made our picked our desired item from the extensive menu. Nevertheless, the team member never flinched and patiently took our orders. Each one of us must have changed our minds at least once - such was the offering on the menu. We had to join 3 tables together and this was easy enough, but this was late evening and there number of other patrons were sparse.

    Our orders came quite soon and greeted with Ooohs and Aaahs. Once we chomped into our chocolate and strawberry fondues, took our chocolate shots and gulped down our chocolate inspired cappuccinos (served in a kangaroo cup!), we felt truly satisfied and sick (in a good way). Oh well, off to the gym to burn off those calories. Must visit again!

  • Moochi
    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt    Bankstown, NSW

    Another outlet sprang up in our local neigbourhood Centro, hardly ten days old, it's in a very convenient location on Level 2 near the centre's Jacob Street exit where the bus stops are. When you come in from the summer heat, you see Moochi straightaway and may fall into temptation for something nice and cold. Something different about this fro-yo (frozen yoghurt), it's got mochi in them of course. Little bits of chewy and gummy glutinous balls mixed in with several flavours of fro-yo. It's delicious. We visited the kiosk on a Sunday afternoon and there were two queues of at least six deep with the staff in full swing trying very hard to keep up. Friendly and hip service with a smile at the counter as you make your decision. Despite the throng, the team member took a little time for small talk and personalise the order taking. Time in the queue was an opportunity to decide what to have. After our order was taken, we waited at the side for our turn. Staff hurriedly scooped toppings onto the Moochis and called out customers' names. So organised and systematic; they hardly stumble over each other when there were five the behind the counter, not including the two staff taking orders at the tills. Prompt and happy service. A little pricey but you get something unique and refreshingly delicious. Would try again.

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