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I stand by my comments and reviews. If I have said anything bad on there is a good chance I have said it to the business directly face to face or by signed letter.

I hope all businesses read my reviews, and are worried about their online presessence and reply, again I standby every word.

I hope my posts are of use to locals and travellers. And not suprisingly I have been both :))

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  • Oscars Lounge Bar & Restaurant

    Plenty of signage for free snacks & drinks. But don't offer a coke as in pic

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  • The Rag And Famish Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    North Sydney, NSW

    If you found a Killian in Ireland and rove down middle street wearing a green suit, at 12pm on a Wednesday, you couldn't get as more middle then this place. It's so middle of the road pub.

    The staff do their job, the drinks are right on average for North Sydney (so a little expensive) and if I had to explain the food - middle of the road. Sure a little pricey, but normal for North Sydney.

    The punters that drink here are also middle of the road (not in a bad way, as I can include myself here). Just that they aren't the high flyers, cocktail crowd or some young ladies starting their night off. Na, it's just middle of the road people having a quick catch up before they head home.

    The food we tried was rather slow to come out, but that's okay as it was busy. Size and taste wise was rather expensive to be honest, but again that North Sydney.

    So so

  • Fire House Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    North Sydney, NSW

    I really only come here if work Colleagues make me, and when they do it's for the $10 burgers. Which include Pulled Pork, Beef, Chicken and I think there's two other burgers on the special menu for diner. All come with chips and aoli and are well worth the visit.

    Drinks are reasonable for the area. Chivas and Coke for $9.50 ($4 cheaper than a nearby bar with a "Verandah") always seems to have room and a table, even on a Friday night, as it's not the best after works venue. A bit lowbrow I think for the North Sydney suits.

    But I got no complaints, staff do their job and aren't out the back hitting on eachother or patrons, so you get your drinks in a timely fashion. No huge pokie room which is a good thing and an upstairs area, hence why there's always enough room. Though some drinks/specials available are not available at all bars which is weird.

    Check this place out if in the area and feel unpretentious.

  • Kurtosh
    Cafes    Crows Nest, NSW

    As atan7 points out this is a Prague speciality, though I believe it originates from Hungary and I found plenty of similar shops in Budapest.

    So is Kurtosh authentic Hungarian pastries? Sadly it doesn't come close. I don't mind it at all - but I just find it over priced quantity wise. Great use of space and I like how they make the food in front of the customers - authentic style. But the finished product is too sweet - probably works in the Australian market place but not for me. The other cakes we tried, tasted like they have been there too long.

    Yeah it's okay, but wouldn't be rushing there too soon.

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  • samantha_s Local Star  reviewed Salsa's Fresh Mex Grill
    For takeaway mexican it hits the spot. However, if I more highly rate other mexican grill as the Salsa's servings are smaller, not as tasty and the wrap itself isn't as good.

    5 months ago - 21/06/2014

    • Parge Local Star 
      Comments seems fair. Just after reading it I think the 2.5 stars seems rather generous!

      3 days ago - 20/11/2014

  • Parge Local Star  reviewed Gloria Jeans Coffee
    What is already under new management after being open for what seems like less than a year, it still goes "alright." It's really a case of what type of coffee you like. If you what a creamy caramel style light coffee, Gloria Jeans is for you.

    If you want a heavier stronger and richer coffee there is plenty of cafe's metres away which offer much cheaper and a more genuine coffee. Gloria Jeans is really starting to price itself out of the Australian market and when you consider how much variety and choice is nearby, there is a reason when nearby cafes have queues waiting for their coffee's whilst this Gloria Jeans has a few scattered customers.

    Service is fine on the few times I have been here with my family everything seems fine and it was mainly on the fact we could find a table rather than anything else. Still can't believe the prices in such a competitive location.

    Not the best coffee for the true locals.
    • Parge Local Star 
      Since TrueLocal do not publish my "true" negative reviews.
      I had to be generous and give this place 1.5 stars, the fact it has now closed down, illustrates that my initial assessment and review was correct.

      5 months ago - 13/06/2014

  • Minh Diese Newbie  reviewed LYNN Shanghai Cuisine
    The photo of the "Mango Pudding with Seasonal Fruits" in the menu shows mango pudding, cubes of fresh mango, slices of kiwi fruit, raspberries and blueberries. However, what was served was mango pudding, cubes of fresh mango, and a whole lot of whipped cream.
    When I asked the wait staff, said 'the photos are for reference purposes only'.
    We argued back and forth as I believe that photos should somewhat ressemble the product. They went on by saying that the 'seasonal fruit' is the mango. They finally buckled in the end and said they had run out of other fruits but refused to apologize or show sympathy. Rude.
    Its a shame I won't be coming back as this was one of my favourite restaurants.
    • Parge Local Star 
      They really should have pictures of a Taiwanese market place to accurately reflect what this so called restaurant is about.



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