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I stand by my comments and reviews. If I have said anything bad on there is a good chance I have said it to the business directly face to face or by signed letter.

I hope all businesses read my reviews, and are worried about their online presessence and reply, again I standby every word.

I hope my posts are of use to locals and travellers. And not suprisingly I have been both :))

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  • Oscars Lounge Bar & Restaurant

    Plenty of signage for free snacks & drinks. But don't offer a coke as in pic

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  • Shingle Inn Eastgardens
    Cafes    Eastgardens, NSW

    Another cafe in the cluttered array of cafe chains that litter the Australian landscape. So I ventured into Shingle Inn and when I walked out, I almost got the Shingles due to lack of creativity, no u.s.p underwhelming staff and really did the right thing and gave them a go, but now that I have I won't be back. Coffee was creamy in texture rather than strong or flavoursome. Cafe was noisy with staff attitude rather than buzzing with the next great novel or a muso writing their next hit. Cake tasted old and dry and if I could be bothered it should have been returned, but I feel the staff was more interested in going home for the day vs worrying about quality and food service.

    It's still not the worse cafe in Eastgardens. But try any of the other franchises for a cheaper, better coffee and entire cafe experience.

  • Skycity Darwin
    Hotels    The Gardens, NT

    If I had to be honest I would start by saying that this place is way too expensive considering its rather remote location from Darwin Centre. But lets take away the price alone, as this isnt a concern for everyone.

    This SkyCity Hotel is a beautiful hotel in Darwin. I stayed in one of the newer Lagoon rooms on the top story (2). If the water was a bit deeper, I could jump off my balcony straight into the water, but its a lagoon, not a diving platform. There is also another pool which is featured in most of the Casino propaganda but I didnt bother to check this pool out found on the other side of the complex. The Lagoon was sublime and often I was the only one swimming in it of an afternoon or evening, also has a pool bar connected to it.
    The room was awesome with huge bathroom, electronic do not disturb and Service my room signage. Excellent toiletries including and air conditioning which is probably making a huge hole in the ozone above Darwin, but it works well considering the tropical humidity, its so needed. My room was a decent walk from the reception are, which wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt Darwin, but you can live with it. If I was elderly or had lots of luggage, I would ask the concierge to drive me by buggy to my room but you can walk slowly and make it.

    Room service meals in the room, is like adding $15 to what I consider the normal Sydney main price average. The Hotel is part of the Casino which is great as it has plenty of restaurants, but I was caught out one Saturday evening with no booking and hence nowhere to eat. The city is a $10 taxi ride and not worth it when all you want to do is grab a bite to eat. There is a free shuttle service for guests, but this runs three times per day and not in the evenings. I ended up eating party pies and chips which tastes like it was in the bane maire since last night. I do find it strange you can enter the casino in thongs and stubbies, but hey to each his own, and when in Rome, where sandals.

    Reception was fine, though they took an eternity to check me out. I am still not convinced that they added my QANTAS card to my booking, so I can get the Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

    Otherwise I just needed directions for to the around the hotel. Breakfast was just reasonable at $17 but really you dont have that many other options unless you go into town. Grabbing a sandwich and coffee in the Casino set me back $11 anyway.
    Fantastic Hotel and really has that full resort feel. A little on the pricey side and if you just want a cheaper room in Darwin, look for a Hotel in the Darwin Centre for a 3rd or 4th of the price. You do get what you pay for and it was sublime. Biggest draw back is being out of town and away from the action, its okay if you dont mind grabbing a cab every time and back. Great hotel, crap location.

  • Golden Lake Seafood Chinese Restaurant
    Restaurants    Baulkham Hills, NSW

    Why is it that when new management comes in they increase prices - thinking this is the best way to turn around the business?

    Sadly they have also sacked all their regular waiters who knew their regulars, was extremely friendly and customer focused.

    So after making this my regular weekly Chinese, it's now become an AVOID at all costs lunch venue. I have given the new management three chances before writing this review and lets say, things have got worse.

    The first problem is the wait over lunch! The first time it was 35mins, then it was 40mins and the last time (even though the place was rather empty) had me and my work colleague waiting over 1 hour for our food. The worse part was them telling us it will only be 5mins, it will only be 5mins.

    As mentioned the prices have increased with the new management. Portions seemed to have got smaller - not significantly, but they haven't stayed the same for sure. They have also changed the names of a few dishes, a fancy name doesn't make the food better, or warrant a price increase. As for actual flavour I think it has dropped off considerably, but this in itself wasn't the reason why I won't come back.

    I appreciate that new management and new staff means it will take time for them to learn their regulars, but I feel they have very little interest in delivering the basics of a restaurant, good customer service, good food and at an affordable price. I have officially "sacked" this place after being of it's weekly regulars.

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  • Minh Diese Newbie  reviewed LYNN Shanghai Cuisine
    The photo of the "Mango Pudding with Seasonal Fruits" in the menu shows mango pudding, cubes of fresh mango, slices of kiwi fruit, raspberries and blueberries. However, what was served was mango pudding, cubes of fresh mango, and a whole lot of whipped cream.
    When I asked the wait staff, said 'the photos are for reference purposes only'.
    We argued back and forth as I believe that photos should somewhat ressemble the product. They went on by saying that the 'seasonal fruit' is the mango. They finally buckled in the end and said they had run out of other fruits but refused to apologize or show sympathy. Rude.
    Its a shame I won't be coming back as this was one of my favourite restaurants.
    • Parge Local Star 
      They really should have pictures of a Taiwanese market place to accurately reflect what this so called restaurant is about.


  • Waldoeview Cafe Crowd  reviewed Starbucks
    Waldo walked a mile to have an early morning coffee, after a govt agency decided to have a holiday and not tell those with appointments, so we had time to kill.

    I've had Starbucks in other countries and it is great to know that yuouu can get what you want when you go there.

    Finding i could still get a signature hot chocolate with 2 shots was great. Missus had a coconut bread that was toasted warm and crunchy on the edges with a caramel hazelnut frappe, coffee base, great flavour.

    Staff could be a littlke friendlier, though we don't always have great days, who knows...a cheery disposition is a part of good service.

    Heaters on the sidewalk were great too, very windy day. is good to know you can get, what you know.

    • Parge Local Star 
      There's not many reviewers who write more than one line without justifying their rating. Luckily for the Truelocals, their are reviewers like yourself, as most of the time you are spot on with your review and reading your review is the difference between going to an establishment or walking elsewhere.

      Though we may disagree on a few reviews at times, at least you bother to justify your answer. Truelocal should reconsider their "Star" policy based on quality and depth, rather than just volume of reviews.

      Keep up the awesome reviews Waldoe


  • Parge Local Star  reviewed V Club
    I have to totally agree with cogeesurf. I was promised the world when I joined up, but was literally hounded out of the gym by the over zealous sales staff. Things started poorly when they took away the bike racks straight after I joined. Why?

    But though they have a variety of classes, but like the Spin bike classes, you are totally cramped literary on top of each other. The one Yoga class was awful (but since it was only one, it's hard to paint them all with the same brush).

    I will say in the first two weeks I think I was interrupted during every workout by the sales staff. And it was because of this I ended up cancelling my membership. Much better value for money elsewhere.
    • Parge Local Star 
      Selonline : Yes they did have bike racks located underneath the stairs, just because they weren't there when you started at the gym, doesn't mean they did not exist.
      As for the award, let's just say V Club are lucky I and fellow Truelocal cogeesurf weren't on the panel. It's a bit like selecting a wine with 4 medals, very shiny and well marketed, but its still below par.



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