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I stand by my comments and reviews. If I have said anything bad on there is a good chance I have said it to the business directly face to face or by signed letter.

I hope all businesses read my reviews, and are worried about their online presessence and reply, again I standby every word.

I hope my posts are of use to locals and travellers. And not suprisingly I have been both :))

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  • Cafe Oasis

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    Tucked down the bottom of Westfields right in front of Coles this cafe offers the usual cafe fare.

    No high chairs for the kids, but the Big Breakfast was a decent size for $17 with plenty of bacon and two eggs. The staff were friendly and though I feel they botched up the size of my coffee, it was fine and really no complaints.

    Plenty of tables, so whether at breakfast or walking past lunch, always seems to be a spare seat.

    Nothing special, but nothing bad either.
  • Jasper Hotel

    Hotels Melbourne, VIC
    Was here over the F1 week.

    Absolutely no complaints. Starting with the location, which is on the north-side of town and dead centre. Just two blocks from the free tram ride. There are also trams down Elizabeth street heading North and South Melbourne. The Hotel is in the Tram Free Zone which is nice.

    I felt the prices was more than reasonable, booked three months in advance and considering it was over the F1 weekend. Above average but fine nothing silly.

    Staff was super friendly without being pushy or rude. Great toiletries and clean rooms and bathroom.

    Room is actually dark, which I find very important and noise was not an issue.

    Breakfast (included) is a choice of about 6 meals. After going for the bacon, eggs, chirozo sausages and mushroom. My arteries suggested I worry less for value for money and more for my health, so the fruit salad with yogurt was the go.

    If I wanted to be pedantic, the bathroom sink has a small splash area depth, so as soon as I turned it on, it splashed all my clothes. Learned my lesson after the first time.

    Otherwise, I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to stay in the heart of Melbourne.
  • Spice I Am

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    The most over rated Thai restaurants around.

    Due to its popularity, its always busy filled with pretentious Surry Hill types who are here to try and be seen, as they cannot be here for the food. They pile the people in and the moment you enter can be exhausting. Once you are packed in like battery hens the service goes down hill. Simply terrible from slow, to trying to get their attention and for them to come over was near impossible.

    The food was below average, nothing special from the Pad Thai, to the green curry's or beef dishes.

    I really do not understand why this place is so busy considering the Thai choices in Sydney.

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  • Mr. W.B. Woodheart Local Star reviewed Bar Century
    If bars were poetry, bar century would be Flo-Rida.
    If bars were movies, bar century would be Twilight.
    If bars were shoes, bar century would be Crocs.

    The most positive thing I can say about this place is, "it exists."

    Cheap drinks, but just go to a bottle shop and sit somewhere nice that doesnt require you to step into a vertical coffin and walk up 3000 flights of stairs to hell's toilet.

    The one star is for the staff who are, from my personal experience, awesome.
    • Parge Local Star 
      Awesome review, except dissing on Flo-Rida!
      What's up with the hate. Would be funny if the bar was playing that when you were there!
  • Parge Local Star reviewed Thai Face
    Just way too busy to be good. Had to wait forever for our dishes. I appreciate it was a Saturday night, and very very busy. But at the same time there's just reasonable wait times, and ready to walkout times.

    Unfortunately the six different dishes we ordered from Duck to Beef to Chicken with different flavours - just seemed rather same. I wouldn't use the term bland. Just more of a case of not tasting different enough. There's just so many better options in the area, and I would encourage you to try elsewhere.

    Of the 4 other guests with me, we all felt the same. So I am not just writing about my isolated opinion. Lastly if you are going to give this service and this level of food, Thai Riffic really needs to consider lowering their prices, extremely pricey for what we got.

    Maybe if this was the only Thai place around, but there's just too many better places to choose from in Crows Nest.
    • Parge Local Star 
      I will say the BBQ platter for a tick over $40 is pretty awesome!
  • So what do you do on Australia Day? Go for yum cha, of course.

    Admittedly in have avoided yum cha here at Kam Fook Chatswood because of the crowds, but we came at 11 and a friend managed to get us a table for 7 adults, 2 children and a pram.

    The restaurant is huge and it filled up pretty quickly. The steamed dumplings at Kam Fook were really good - generous portions without skimping on seafood, while other dishes like the "yong tau foo" (tofu and eggplant stuffed with fish paste) aren't spectacular. (other restaurant in Castle Hill do a great job with that one.)

    Service is decent, but they charge $3 a head for tea. That's $21 for cheap tea leaves and hot water.
    • Parge Local Star 
      How Australian of You :p

      But 4 stars seems rather high after reading your review? Just based on your comments alone, not 2 or 2½ stars max? Just a question