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I stand by my comments and reviews. If I have said anything bad on there is a good chance I have said it to the business directly face to face or by signed letter.

I hope all businesses read my reviews, and are worried about their online presessence and reply, again I standby every word.

I hope my posts are of use to locals and travellers. And not suprisingly I have been both :))

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  • Cafe Oasis
    Cafes    Darlinghurst, NSW

    Tucked down the bottom of Westfields right in front of Coles this cafe offers the usual cafe fare.

    No high chairs for the kids, but the Big Breakfast was a decent size for $17 with plenty of bacon and two eggs. The staff were friendly and though I feel they botched up the size of my coffee, it was fine and really no complaints.

    Plenty of tables, so whether at breakfast or walking past lunch, always seems to be a spare seat.

    Nothing special, but nothing bad either.

  • Jasper Hotel
    Hotels    Melbourne, VIC

    Was here over the F1 week.

    Absolutely no complaints. Starting with the location, which is on the north-side of town and dead centre. Just two blocks from the free tram ride. There are also trams down Elizabeth street heading North and South Melbourne. The Hotel is in the Tram Free Zone which is nice.

    I felt the prices was more than reasonable, booked three months in advance and considering it was over the F1 weekend. Above average but fine nothing silly.

    Staff was super friendly without being pushy or rude. Great toiletries and clean rooms and bathroom.

    Room is actually dark, which I find very important and noise was not an issue.

    Breakfast (included) is a choice of about 6 meals. After going for the bacon, eggs, chirozo sausages and mushroom. My arteries suggested I worry less for value for money and more for my health, so the fruit salad with yogurt was the go.

    If I wanted to be pedantic, the bathroom sink has a small splash area depth, so as soon as I turned it on, it splashed all my clothes. Learned my lesson after the first time.

    Otherwise, I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to stay in the heart of Melbourne.

  • Spice I Am
    Restaurants    Surry Hills, NSW

    The most over rated Thai restaurants around.

    Due to its popularity, its always busy filled with pretentious Surry Hill types who are here to try and be seen, as they cannot be here for the food. They pile the people in and the moment you enter can be exhausting. Once you are packed in like battery hens the service goes down hill. Simply terrible from slow, to trying to get their attention and for them to come over was near impossible.

    The food was below average, nothing special from the Pad Thai, to the green curry's or beef dishes.

    I really do not understand why this place is so busy considering the Thai choices in Sydney.

  • Bar Century
    Pubs & Bars    Sydney, NSW

    All the reviews are on track. Cheap drinks swapped out for a stench which hurts the eyes, my eyes are burning. Clientele seems to revolve around having a quick drink before before heading out to a venue with more expensive drinks. Or having a slap - which means playing the pokies.

    I wouldn't hang here very long, like sipping on a martini or anything. Just have a drink get the job done, save a pretty penny and head home or hit the club for triple priced drinks and deep queues.

    P.S. Stock up responsibly

  • World Square Pub
    Pubs & Bars    Sydney, NSW

    This place seriously has no atmosphere.

    No local barflys means, staff I feel deal with clients in a way they know they won't be seeing them tomorrow. Not a bad way, just not like the difference of a homely feel vs a touristy, one and done deal.

    My mates who work nearby (hence why I am doing some day drinking here) tend to go elsewhere for a drink or workmans lunch.

    But for me the place was rather empty at lunch time, pretty empty after work on a Thursday night and this all added to the lack of atmosphere. Mid-shelf spirit and coke was $11.50 which again is okay, just not great when its to an empty room as people have gone elsewhere.

    I can only assume they pick it up on a Friday night and Saturday night, otherwise how can this place keep kicking? So my fellow reviewers are spot on, no long wait or difficult in finding a seat.

  • Aldi
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    North Sydney, NSW

    Massive queues here every Saturday and Sunday morning as well as the fact that it's always busy suggest Aldi are doing something right. I do wish it was open earlier that 08:30 on weekdays.

    A great place to do some grocery shopping before going home. I would say prices are a little higher than my local supermarkets, but it can be considering the location. If you haven't got lunch for work and the time to queue, enough variety to give you a filling lunch and something to take home.

    Supermarket in great location, slightly overpriced but okay for North Sydney.

  • IGA North Sydney
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    North Sydney, NSW

    There is a nearby supermarket that TrueLocals, truly go to and even line up before it opens on the weekend.

    Prices are more reflective of a Seven11 rather than a supermarket. But then again it has more variety and it's proximity to the the North Sydney train station is everything. Some specials which are nice, but generally I would try and avoid this place as it's a bit of a rip off for a Supermarket. I have also found food past it's use by date more than once.

    Walk a bit further, wait a little longer, but get better variety and save enough its worth the effort.

  • Zapparelli's Pizza
    Takeaways    Lane Cove, NSW

    The first word that comes to mind is "Family." This family run Pizzeria is just so nice they make you feel welcome and make you feel just so welcome.

    Busy, but room to seat three without a booking on an early Friday night. We shared a large family pizza $22 and that was fine, though I can always eat more. It had plenty of topping and

    Though this review is nothing flash, don't let it reflect on this just flat out "nice" Pizzeria. Makes me just smile, writing this review and thinking of my next visit to Zapparelli's.

  • Bar Asia
    Takeaways    Lane Cove, NSW

    Location isn't everything. A little isolated in location down Burns Bay road away from the main shops. Most lunch dishes were between $14-$18 from the standard Pad Thai and curry dishes with rice. I think it's the same prices for diner.

    A few seats, but no real dining area.

    Been here twice, the first time was a lunch time and the a rather long wait. Lucky wasn't a work break lunch. The second time was around 14:30 for a late lunch and no real issues.

    Food was tasty and authentic, both dishes were from Thai side of Asia (I think it use to be called Bangkok Bar before widening its menu). I think the prices are fair considering the location. Don't drive miles to try this place out. But if Lane Cove is a bit too busy for you, give Bar Asia a go.

  • Firefly Lodge
    Restaurants    Lane Cove, NSW

    I will review this place as "The Lodge" as I actually liked the Firefly. The over priced wine and drinks kept away the riff raff. Sadly it kept away other customers and business, The Lodge doesn't open as late as it's predecessor.

    As for the Lodge, this place doesn't have a great deal of choice in my opinion. Breakfast is all show and no substance. Poached eggs with one strand of spinach and Hollandaise sauce is still just some poached eggs, $18 later, have you had breakfast or just been nice and pretentious, in a showy area of Lane Cove?

    Coffee was fine and an after noon Ice coffee isn't bad either. High Chairs for kids is nice. Cakes only two choices, were old and not made fresh, same with their plastic cling wrapped - had one and probably should have returned it, rather just not come back.

    Lane Cove has plenty of cafes, yes with chairs that overlook the green. If you want pretentious food with little substance and plenty of cost, The Lodge is your place. Save a few bucks and do yourself a favour like Truelocals, go elsewhere 10ms away.

  • Sea Treasure Restaurant
    Restaurants    Crows Nest, NSW

    You know when you go to a Chinese and order the same thing. And though this is not a franchise you can expect a certain level of same-ity? I mean Mongolian Lamb, Beef in Black-bean, Short soup and since this is a Seafood Restaurant King Prawn Omelette and Salt and Pepper Squid... well we ordered these to be on the safe side, or very similar versions and they did not have Black-bean (Black pepper instead).

    Given that, this place was so bland. Honestly the homely feel reviewer atan7 speaks about, has more to do with the fact you and I could make these dishes at home with more flavour and less tinned blandness.

    Most shopping malls have better Chinese than this!

    Not one of our dishes was worth writing home about. Instead being charged more than $8 for each meal, should have involved a lawyer, bringing "restaurants" into disrepute. No thanks.

  • The Sushi Counter
    Restaurants    Crows Nest, NSW

    Reading my fellow True Locals I am not sure that we are even talking about the same place. Food is actually above average, but way above average.

    My issue is the fact so is the price. I mean there is so much choice within 20ms down the road and 20ms up to the Pacific Highway. By choice I mean equally as good Japanese places at like half the price.

    For this kind of Shashimi I want to know grade of the salmon and fish. This place isn't terrible or not worth it in isolation. But in a sea of choice, it drowns and should sink to the bottom like a bad King Fish.

    Service is fine and wasn't too busy so didn't need a booking! If this place was in isolation it could get away with it, but it's not.

  • Hurricane's Express Chatswood
    Restaurants    Chatswood, NSW

    Should the amount you pay for a meal (lunch per se) dictate the level of service? So if I am buying a full rack of pork ribs ($44) and a drink for over $50 in total, should I expect a bib? Do you expect a "How's your meal"?

    This franchise of the sublime Hurricanes is an Express with the full service price )or near enough to its Bondi and Darling Harbour counterparts) it's a massive down grade in service and atmosphere. This joint has no atmosphere and no service. But it does have the Hurricanes food as promised. Get your own cutlery and own water if that doesn't bother Ya.

    No complimentary bread with your full rack of pork ribs. Also the portion of chips with my meal was about a third of what I am use too. Burgers aren't exactly cheap considering what's on offer in the surrounding Chatswood area. My friend was very disappointed with his which seemed all bread and BBQ sauce and no substance.

    Sure I had no problems with the full rack of pork ribs, but restaurants are more than answering to a buzzer and slapping the food in front of you. If I wanted this I would go somewhere a lot cheaper and Chatswood has plenty of pork offerings.

    Unless you are happy to pay for over $50 and not even get a smile, come here. Otherwise head to their other franchises like Top Ryde or Darling Harbour.

  • L.I.K.E STYLE Hairdressing
    Hairdressers    St Leonards, NSW

    First of all the pic on this review is over 4 years old and I question whether it was ever accurate. The cars are rather rundown and look like a toddler has been trying to eat the car seats. TV and videos are up to date with Peppa Pig.

    I felt it was expensive compared to places we have now found for toddlers. Previous haircut was fine, though nothing special. Let's say my toddler looked cuter after haircuts elsewhere.

    Our biggest beef with this place, is that we have made two bookings and both were not honoured and double booked. The only hairdresser, no plural "staff" as suggested in the write up above. Confirmed the booking as heard by both my partner and I, but when we turned up with a toddler not easy to do, as no easy parking nearby. We were told it was for two days later and no apology. Then a week later, when we booked it again, we had the same issue.

    Again after showing up with our toddler and organising work around getting there. The booking was somehow moved to two days later. I felt the rudeness of the only staff member, suggested that the second instance was almost deliberate! As if I had stuffed up a customer once, I would make sure to do everything to keep their business if they gave me a second chance which we did.

    Expensive haircuts, average in nature. They know how to take the reservation, they just don't know how to hold the reservation.

  • Lane Cove Auto Care
    Mechanic    Lane Cove, NSW

    So I have switched to Felix and his team here in Lane Cove and found his service ultra competitive in terms of price. Everything was upfront and got a call as soon as there was going to be any additional costs.

    Auto Care Lane Cove also gave me a few options in terms of how I wanted my car fixed. So I could use a time frame that suits me and possibly lower the costs. Car was serviced same day. Will be saying with Lane Cove Auto Care for all my car service needs.

  • The Rice Den
    Takeaways    Chatswood, NSW

    Food is rather exceptional here. Starting with the duck wonton soup.

    Then you can go any of the fried rice varieties from a great main meal. Or try the soft shell crab main. Everything else I have had from here has always been exceptional in terms of taste and decent sized mains.

    For Chatswood, it could be considered a little expensive, but worth the extra few bucks. It's also a little small, but that just means you get some personal service and more attention to detail. Wooden seats can get a little uncomfortable.

    Well worth the visit.

  • Minskys Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Cremorne, NSW

    As pubs go, this is decent enough. Nothing flash, whilst at the same time nothing bad to say either. Usual pokie room and mug betting terminals.

    Why I give this pub a higher than average rating is it's late opening hours. So often I am looking for a place to drink late into the evening. So Minsky's with it's late opening hours and piano bar is the place to come.

    Overall the staff are friendly enough and drinks are reasonable for the North Shore and surrounding area. When everything else closes, your always welcome at Minskys

  • Wooden Spoon Bar & Restaurant
    Restaurants    Cremorne, NSW

    Close to one of the worse experiences I have ever had. To the point where I question how these people are in business and still open.

    Food was ordinary and plain. Lacked flavor, creativity and taste. Didn't think it was cheap either. The drinks were rather over priced. Whilst the service bordered on a scene from Faulty Towers.

    I also felt cramped, which wasn't necessary considering that most of the other tables were empty.

  • Luxe Espresso Bondi
    Restaurants    Bondi Junction, NSW

    What I find so strange about this place is having alcohol right in the middle of the mall.

    Otherwise the coffee is fine though nothing to write home about. I wasn't convinced that the food I had for an early diner or afternoon snack was ll that fresh. They seemed to simply heat up - pre-made food and that's exactly how it tasted,

    Coffee and all drinks were reasonably priced. Though the food was well over priced, especially considering the competition in the eatery.

  • Lettuce Tempt You
    Cafes    Lane Cove, NSW

    I have to disagree with my fellow reviewers who feel this place is over priced! I mean it's located in Lane Cove! I come here mainly for a coffee and raisin toast for my boy. Normally this would set you back $4.00 for the coffee and another $4 for one slice of raisin toast. Combined this is $5 for a regular coffee and two pieces of toast. So I don't call this pricey, but the best way to start my mornings with my son in Lane Cove.

    We have also tried the bacon and egg roll, which is fine. Atleast "Lettuce Tempt You" has more selection than just white rolls. Staff are friendly, prompt and do their best during the lunch rush!

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