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  • Lounge Suite Warehouse

    Furniture Stores St Marys, NSW
    *******Worst Customer Service we have ever had in our entire life ********
    Ordered a lounge which was suppose to take approx 4 weeks and ended up being 6.5 weeks which i can deal with as sometimes things happen.
    My problem is that i was paying for the final payment of our lounge and they hit the wrong button and took $5000 more than they were supposed to.
    We understand mistakes happen and i notified our bank what had happened and they said that LSW Lounges could reverse the money, but instead LSW Lounges kept our money , drained our account and then had the hide to ask for $88 delivery which was suppose to be free. I spoke to the management staff and they never said sorry once or apologized and said that they had given a cheque for the amount that they took out of our account which meant we had to wait for 1 week for the cheque to clear . The management staff was still insisting we pay $88 delivery and i said how can we you took all our money and then gave us a cheque.
    The Management staff showed no sympathy for what had happened
    We were intending on buying more furniture from them , but after this we shall shop else where and i suggest everyone who reads this review do the same.
  • Panthers Pizza & Kebab

    Takeaways Penrith, NSW
    Panthers Pizza used to be the best Pizza in Penrith. Not anymore. We have ordered pizza home delivery and also picked it up and the pizza's are terrible. The last 3 home deliveries we have had the order has been wrong, forgotten pizza's , cold pizza's, soggy , late and tasteless. When you ring to place an order the person on the other end of the phone hardly understands English and usually gets our order wrong.You would think after so many years of ordering they would have our phone number and address. We won't be ordering any pizza's from Panthers Pizza until the service and quality of the food returns to what it once used to be.
  • Evolution Autocare

    Mechanic Penrith, NSW
    We have used Evolution Auto Care for over 6 yrs for all our cars and have never had a problem. The Guys are always really nice , trust worthy , and i know that they do a great job every time and look after our cars very well.
    They wont rip you off fair price for a excellent job.
    We have used plenty of mechanics to look after my cars for the last 20 + years and have been ripped off by all them except these guys.
    Evolution Auto Care are the only mechanics we trust to look after our cars.

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  • I recently bought a car from a car dealer that uses Evolution for Roadworthy Certificates. Evolution passed the car off as roadworthy, I took my car to my own mechanic 3 days later for an inspection and the car was deemed not only un-roadworthy, but dangerous and should NEVER have been passed for a pink slip. Good to know I was driving around in a car with a buckled wheel and a loose/worn N/S Tie Rod End, brake pads with less than 30% remaining, O/S Tie Rod End had minor play, a worn and leaking steering rack, a knock from the gearbox, oil leaks from the gearbox, a leaking rocker cover gasket, 2 different sized wheels and nothing to notify me when my timing belt was due for replacement. Just the type of car you want to be driving!
    • Sounds Like the Dealer is the one you should be complaining to by selling you an unsafe car. Where did they get their pink slip from to sell you the car in the first place.
      And besides before you buy a car you should always pay the money and get an NRMA full inspection as that's just common sense.