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  • Madame Nhu
    Restaurants    Surry Hills, NSW

    Cute little restaurant, opposite Bar H - in Surry Hills. Great Pho and chicken rice, not BYO anymore as they now have a licence. Great spot for lunch... buzzy, fun, and vibrant!

  • Bellevue
    Restaurants    Paddington, NSW

    Food needs a revamp. Service needs a revamp. Don't ask for a amaretto sour... Great location.

  • Fine Food Store
    Cafes    The Rocks, NSW

    What a great place to meet, both for business and pleasure! Situated in a side street in The Rocks, if I hadn't been told about this place, I certainly would have had trouble stumbling across it. Rather busy compared to the other local cafes in the same area for a early week day morning - always a good sign. Friendly staff, great herbal tea (apparently the coffee is fantastic too!) - only shortfall is the toilets located upstairs in a public space and I found the music a little too loud to listen carefully to my guests. Overall, great little spot.

  • Botanic Bar
    Pubs & Bars    Adelaide, SA

    One of the greats! Perfect location for an after work drink. Very fabulous cocktail list, generally a set of good looking bar staff, surrounded by a crowd full of hotties. Great vibe and very classy, a must check out.

  • Distill
    Pubs & Bars    Adelaide, SA

    Ah Distill, so many memories! Love this little gem, one of the better bars in Adelaide... decent drink menu, decent crowd, decent location - particularly on a summers day!

  • AXIA
    Hairdressers    Adelaide, SA

    One of my favourite hairdressers in Radelaide, love the service and the owners are approachable and friendly. Decent prices, although on the higher end it is the CBD.

  • Performance Podiatry Sydney
    Podiatrists    Darlinghurst, NSW

    I recently visited here as part of my yearly 'freshen up' before summer, based on a friend's recommendation. I can't fault the experience at all, Laura was great.

    I got a little lost finding the building, but here's a hint - it's in the big grey building where Bresic Whitney also is on Liverpool Street just near Victoria Street!

    Up the stairs and around the corner a bit, you enter a very clean and professional suite. I was a little concerned how much of my wallet I had pre-committed but the cost for the services were very reasonable.

    Definitely recommend for any foot related requirements.

  • Goodlife Health Clubs
    Gyms & Fitness Centres    North Adelaide, SA

    Not a bad gym, I love its location and the fact you can usually get parking, do a work out and then grab something delicious for post-work out fuel from the fun shops within the same shopping centre.

  • Citi Nails & Beauty Salon
    Beauty Salons    Oaklands Park, SA

    A very friendly group of staff, attentive and an okay selection of colours - not the greatest range but there's still enough options. Can get very busy so try and book or pop in when you've started your shopping and put your name down.

  • Oscar Oscar
    Hairdressers    Chermside, QLD

    My regular hairdresser was away for one of my appointments so I was referred here to get my 'hair did'. I am very happy with the service and the results, not a cheap few hours for a colour but that's Paddo + Sydney for you I guess. My hairdresser was very attentive, definitely knew what they were doing, offered some different suggestions which I loved and provided the perfect amount of 'chat'. Highly recommend!

  • Massage & Osteopathy
    Massage    Bondi Junction, NSW

    For a thorough remedial massage and for a reasonable price, I can definitely recommend the team here. Friendly staff, clean studio, and great service - my only criticism is the toilets being located deep into the gym (the massage business is located in the front of the gym's building) and having to bypass all the fitness pros getting their muscles on!

  • Hungry Jack's
    Takeaways    Melbourne Airport, VIC

    HJs brings back some of my favourite memories as a kid... and gee did I love indulging in a little treat before we took off this week!

    A junior whopper with cheese, sometimes fast food joints can get it really wrong but they got it all right this time. It was so dam fresh, wasn't greasy and I didn't have food guilt post consumption! Would I do it again, sadly I admit yes on this public forum. There's something about the patty, the fresh lettuce & tomato, and the combination of mayo and sauce... so good.

    I really don't know why, but the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks.

  • Milky Joe's
    Cafes    Melbourne, VIC

    A great, quick stop shop for your morning coffee fix - the quick bites on display also looked delicious. Definitely recommend if in or near the QV building!

  • Imperial Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Paddington, NSW

    This is an okay pub, it's not bad but it's not amazing either. I've had the pizzas here on their pizza special night, these were tasty. It's particularly good when the sun is out and would say the front bar with the high top tables and TVs are a hit with a group of friends.

  • Woollahra Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Woollahra, NSW

    As a local, this pub is great. I'm not sure I'd venture here as a destination but when in the area, it hits the spot. The food is okay, the drinks are good but it is a little pricey. Usually a great, buzzing atmosphere - love the outdoor area but it does have a tendency to be filled with smokers.

  • USA Nails & Footspa
    Nail Salon    Paddington, NSW

    We love USA Nails... the staff are friendly and thorough. They also have the largest assortment of colours (including OPI range) I've seen in a salon. The prices are fair and they also do tanning and waxing. I've only used the waxing services and they were definitely better the second time around. They welcome feedback, so if ever concerned or have a question definitely ask as they're more than happy to go out of their way to assist.

  • VENUSTUS beauty & body lab
    Beauty Salons    Paddington, NSW

    I love a massage and after a bit of research, I chose this salon. It was good enough, but I found it a bit too steep for my budget. I knew the price upon booking yes, but walked away although relaxed and refreshed - slightly guilty for my splurge. I also found the treatment room to be a bit pokey, but that's probably expected in Paddington. If you are looking to spoil yourself and going to do it often, I think this place would be perfect, the staff are friendly and their products are divine.

  • Beauty Grace
    Beauty Salons    Sydney, NSW

    This place was just okay, it wasn't amazing but it wasn't terrible either. I've been looking for beauty salons in Sydney since I moved here a few years ago and still haven't 'found the one', this was one of those that I tried, having booked the facial. The staff were nice but there was definitely that 'upsell' and walked away not feeling completely satisfied with the experience.

  • Flow Athletic
    Gyms & Fitness Centres    Paddington, NSW

    I'm torn to share my love for this business, the secret gem in my new 'healthy' life. Not often do I give 5 stars but Flow ticks all the boxes. I took up a membership with Flow when they first opened their doors with opening arms, generally the novelty would've worn off by now (for both parties) but the spark is still there...

    Offering three types of classes, TRX, yoga and spin - some might be concerned this isn't enough variety but they change up the classes with differing instructors, music, sequences, and levels... 5 months later and I'm no where near bored. The concept of mixing strength, cardio and stretching is really the ultimate recipe, I've never felt stronger.

    I was a little apprehensive about the yoga classes, being a full time member at a yoga only studio previously but the Flow Yoginis are just perfect. Some very strong classes for the regular yogini and then a 'foundations' class for those starting out.

    The location is perfect, even if you aren't in the area, parking (particularly in the AM) is easy and there is plenty of public transport (buses) that will take you to and from.

    The change rooms are decent in size, sometimes a bit hectic pre-work but the facilities are more than enough to make yourself look decent for the office after a sweaty work out. Tip: they have a little bowl of 'hair tie delights' at reception for days you've forgotten or snapped yours. It's the small things!

    Lastly, it really feels like you're part of a community - I think this is one of the main reasons for Flows success to date.

  • Bath Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Norwood, SA

    Another one of Adelaide's greats... the food is great for pub style grub, the drinks are standard, bar staff are friendly, the outdoor area is a hit in Summer, inside is a hit in Winter. Can't really go wrong!

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