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I believe in treating people how I wish to be treated and giving credit where it is due. Manners and a smile go far in customer service, so it puzzles me when people don't use them. Happy reviewing!!!

Joined 25 July 2012   Bridgeman Downs, QLD

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  • KFC
    Takeaways    Springwood, QLD

    Stopped in here over the weekend. This is not our local KFC. We were passing by to another venue and this was the closest KFC. We ordered a variety bucket and requested no wings. We have done this before and the wings are normally replaced with alternative pieces of chicken. We arrived at our destination to discover that we were short 4 pieces of chicken. Yes they took the wings out, but didn't replace them with anything!
    Customer service through drive through was fine.
    Service was quick. Food seemed fine and didn't taste any differently than what we buy from our local KFC.
    Given our experience and my concern over earlier reviews regarding store cleanliness, unfortunately I would not recommend :-(

  • Yatala 3 Drive-In Theatre
    Theatres    Stapylton, QLD

    This is an awesome night out in my book! Took the family here recently and we all loved it! This drive-in has three fields to choose from. Facilities are very well maintained and well laid out. The canteen/ diner is awesome! We only purchased packaged lollies so I cannot speak for the prepared food, but presentation was very clean and tidy. It's just like being in a 1950s cool!
    Vittoria coffee also available, but I didn't try it on this occasion.
    Staff were all efficient and courteous. The three fields were full on the night we went, so hopefully this means Yatala Drive-in will remain open for years to come.
    Kids are already asking when we can go back!
    Totally recommend!!!

  • Warner Tavern
    Pubs & Bars    Warner, QLD

    Went recently for the Sunday banquet roast night with friends that go regularly. The place was full which is always a good sign.
    Presentation of Tavern appeared clean and tidy.
    Kitchen appeared well organised and clean.
    Tables were cleared quickly and efficiently.
    The roast banquet was yummy and kept well stocked. All the vegies and roasts (pork and beef) were cooked beautifully! Desserts were on offer if you had room left. I didn't partake but others in our group did and said the desserts were lovely.
    There's a kids room here which kept our brood entertained until it was time to eat. Big tick in my book!
    99% of the staff were friendly. I ordered a beverage from the bar and staff member was quite grumpy! Possibly nothing to do with me, but still not good for business.
    Coffee beans used are Vittoria, which I really like. The barista textured the milk nicely and I thought this was promising, but the taste just wasn't right :-( Without knowing for sure I would recommend a clean out of the filters or maybe the beans aren't stored correctly at the end of the day??
    Would still recommend for a good, family friendly Sunday night dinner!

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  • SocialQ Local Star  reviewed Bridgestone Select
    Took our car here for brake repairs. The gentleman at reception was so lovely and helpful. He had fantastic customer service skills. But that is where the good stuff ends.
    Our brakes didn't seem to be any different after the repairs, but Bridgestone assured us this was how it was meant to be. A couple of weeks later a dreadful banging noise coming from my front right-hand wheel led us to discover that a bolt was missing!
    Upon bringing this to Bridgestone's attention, they actually admitted the staff who worked on our car had been relieved of his duties with them. But as we couldn't prove the issues were caused by the staffs work, Bridgestone were not interested. Unfortunately do not recommend )-:
    • SocialQ Local Star 
      Further to my comments above. We took our car for a service recently at a different local business.
      This business is owned by a friend, so we know we can trust them. We were advised that a previous brake part had not been fitted correctly.
      Interestingly this was the same part that Bridgestone fitted and tried to tell us was fine. Do not recommend :-(


  • SocialQ Local Star  reviewed Stumer's Sewing Centre
    Stumers came highly recommended by someone who has been sewing for 40 years.
    So I went to the store with my list in hand and questions prepared. Unfortunately I have to say that I came away disappointed. Seasoned sewers probably love this place, but I really got the feeling that unless you know what you're doing/ talking about you are not welcome here.
    After wandering around for approx. ten minutes I realised I would need help. So I approached the sales assistant behind the counter and admitted that I was new to sewing and needed help purchasing some items. There was only one other customer browsing around the store at the time, so I didn't feel that I was imposing too much. But the staff seemed annoyed at my lack of knowledge.
    So my score is based on the following:-
    End result is that I managed to purchase everything I needed - 1 star.
    Highly recommended by an experienced sewer, so it must be good if you know what you're doing - 1 star.
    Store was very clean and tidy - 1 star.
    • SocialQ Local Star 
      Your store is very enticing and appears to have everything a sewer would need. Thank you for viewing my comments as constructive criticism. I have always wanted to sew, so am slowly learning my way :-)


  • SocialQ Local Star  reviewed Hertz
    Arrived in Sydney late at night after a delayed & eventful flight due to bad weather. So feeling a bit jaded and tired, we made our way to Hertz. The office was full, but one of the staff acknowledged us to say they wouldn't be long. Good start in my book. A few minutes later we were served by Daniel, who was super efficient and friendly. Within ten minutes we were on our way. Returning the car a couple of days later was another smooth process. Very friendly staff. Recommend!!!
    Have marked mid-way though, because since returning have noticed substantial extra charges on our credit card that don't match our receipt. Currently awaiting a response from the customer relations team.....stay tuned. Hoping for a good outcome.
    • SocialQ Local Star 
      Yep all good with Hertz. Just me not understanding the rental car holding charge. Spoke to George on the Customer Helpline and he was very helpful. Thanks!!!



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