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I believe in treating people how I wish to be treated and giving credit where it is due. Manners and a smile go far in customer service, so it puzzles me when people don't use them. Happy reviewing!!!

Joined 25 July 2012   Bridgeman Downs, QLD

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  • Event Cinemas
    Cinema    Strathpine, QLD

    I don't go out to the movies often, but had the good fortune to go last weekend. Presentation of foyer upon entering was very clean and tidy with the standard aroma of hot popcorn...mmmm! We were greeted quickly by a bubbly, young lady, purchased our tickets, food and off we went to our movie. Cinema itself was also very clean and not smelly (don't ask!) Seats weren't the most comfortable I've sat in, but still good. All up would definitely come back to this cinema, especially given the convenient location. Easy parking too just outside on the same level.

  • Angus & Coote
    Jewellery & Watch Retailers    Strathpine, QLD

    Purchased an item of jewellery recently at this store. Presentation of store was very neat and tidy. A lovely lady named 'Bec' greeted us warmly as we entered. She was very friendly and efficient without being pushy. We quickly found an item we liked and Bec gave us some space to make our decision. Price was just right, so SOLD!!
    We were done and dusted within ten minutes. Now that's the way I like to shop! I'm hoping our friend likes the present. To me jewellery shops are much of a muchness, but I would definitely return to this shop (hint hint husband) because of the pleasant customer service.

  • Lollipops Playland and Cafe Strathpine
    Amusement Parks    Strathpine, QLD

    This place was a little lifesaver over the school holidays. I was able to use a 2 for 1 voucher both times we went which helped. Playground equipment was plentiful and appeared clean and tidy. We went in the afternoon both times so probably got the quieter half of the day. Adult entry $3.50 entitles you to a free beverage. Bit tip though, take heaps of water or take advantage of the free water refills Lollipops offers. There is a ship ride as well for no additional charge, You cannot take your own food, but there are standard food options to purchase. I purchased the wedges with s/cream and sweet chilli sauce for $6.50. Amount of wedges was ample and completely filled my two (apparently) starving children. Staff were friendly and efficient. On our first visit the staff lacked a bit of warmth, but it was a very, very hot day so they had probably had a massively busy morning. I would still return as my younger kids loved it and have asked to go back again!

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  • SocialQ Local Star  reviewed Computer Rehab
    Hi Computer Rehab
    Some constructive feedback on my experience. Please, please improve your customer service. On an equal playing field, it's what sets a business apart from their competitors, and unfortunately in my experience Computer Rehab did not rise to the occasion. According to all the "newbie" reviews below you are fabulous at what you do, that's great! I put my first conversation with Computer Rehab down to someone just 'having a bad day'. But when they didn't phone me back on the day they said they would, or the next day, I had to phone them again. Unfortunately our second conversation was no better. Such a shame because I am passionate about supporting local, independent businesses.
    Turns out Computer Rehab could have helped me out, but given the customer service I received, I have chosen to spend my hard earned cash elsewhere.
    Sorry :(

    2 months ago - 07/11/2014

    • SocialQ Local Star 
      Dear Computer Rehab
      Thank you for responding. I felt concerned that if you were not aware of the customer service that is being delivered over the phone, you may lose even more business. When I submit a low scoring review I always aim to be diplomatic and hoped you would view my comments as constructive. Maybe in time you will.
      You are right in that I was not a 'paying' customer of Computer Rehab. You may have missed my point. I chose Computer Rehab because I like to support small businesses in my local community. You had me.
      But you lost my business because of the dismissive and rude way I was spoken to over the phone, not once, but twice!
      It's a simple matter of treating people how you would like to be treated, whether they are face-to face, or over the phone. Just because I did not proceed with your services, I was still a potential 'customer'.
      And yes, I did have my computer fixed; with someone that impressed me with their great customer service. Thanks for asking :-)

      1 month ago - 10/12/2014

  • SocialQ Local Star  reviewed Bridgestone Select
    Took our car here for brake repairs. The gentleman at reception was so lovely and helpful. He had fantastic customer service skills. But that is where the good stuff ends.
    Our brakes didn't seem to be any different after the repairs, but Bridgestone assured us this was how it was meant to be. A couple of weeks later a dreadful banging noise coming from my front right-hand wheel led us to discover that a bolt was missing!
    Upon bringing this to Bridgestone's attention, they actually admitted the staff who worked on our car had been relieved of his duties with them. But as we couldn't prove the issues were caused by the staffs work, Bridgestone were not interested. Unfortunately do not recommend )-:
    • SocialQ Local Star 
      Further to my comments above. We took our car for a service recently at a different local business.
      This business is owned by a friend, so we know we can trust them. We were advised that a previous brake part had not been fitted correctly.
      Interestingly this was the same part that Bridgestone fitted and tried to tell us was fine. Do not recommend :-(


  • SocialQ Local Star  reviewed Stumer's Sewing Centre
    Stumers came highly recommended by someone who has been sewing for 40 years.
    So I went to the store with my list in hand and questions prepared. Unfortunately I have to say that I came away disappointed. Seasoned sewers probably love this place, but I really got the feeling that unless you know what you're doing/ talking about you are not welcome here.
    After wandering around for approx. ten minutes I realised I would need help. So I approached the sales assistant behind the counter and admitted that I was new to sewing and needed help purchasing some items. There was only one other customer browsing around the store at the time, so I didn't feel that I was imposing too much. But the staff seemed annoyed at my lack of knowledge.
    So my score is based on the following:-
    End result is that I managed to purchase everything I needed - 1 star.
    Highly recommended by an experienced sewer, so it must be good if you know what you're doing - 1 star.
    Store was very clean and tidy - 1 star.
    • SocialQ Local Star 
      Your store is very enticing and appears to have everything a sewer would need. Thank you for viewing my comments as constructive criticism. I have always wanted to sew, so am slowly learning my way :-)



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