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  • Billabong Gardens Motel/Hostel

    Motels Newtown, NSW
    Clean, pleasant dorms with private bathrooms. Power points for every bed. Fantastic staff, excellent prices, and in a really good spot. This place is great.
  • Premier Motor Service

    Buses & Coaches Nowra, NSW
    there's a bus going exactly where I need to. I enter in my credit card details and click submit.

    The site takes a moment and comes back to let me know my booking has been made, but that they "were unable" to send me a confirmation email. That's a bit strange, but I print the page as the site suggests and continue booking other aspects of my trip elsewhere.

    Fast forward two weeks and it's the afternoon before I fly to Sydney. I double check my papers and I'm surprised to find that the printout from the Premier site is blank. Not completely blank, it says "page 1 of 1", but frustratingly the booking details, times, check-in instructions, none of it has printed. So I call the 13 number.

    Sighs as picks up the phone, and sighs once again when I tell him what I'm after. staff asks for my booking number, and I explain that I don't have it. I offer my name, which ignores and starts asking other questions like where I'm leaving from and when I made the booking. I'm a bit flustered because I don't really know, that's kinda why I'm calling, and tells me I'm "gong to have to do better than that,".

    After a few minutes more of this I ask for a refund, and tells me it's going to incur a $20 fee. Fine, I say, and asks for my credit card details over the phone which I'm absolutely not going to give this stranger who hasn't at all given me any great confidence in character. I reply that I don't feel comfortable with that, and tells me there's nothing more staff can do. There's a very awkward silence before I confirm not interested in helping me further, and after another long pause I bid a terse farewell and hang up.

    Still with no real information about my bus trip, I start looking at alternatives. A lot of services are booked out being so close to Christmas, but on as whim I check out rental car prices and find them roughly comparable to the price of a return trip with Premier. Kicking myself, I book a car instead, which has the added benefit of mobility for the few days I'm at my destination.

    So if anyone is travelling to the south coast of New South Wales this Christmas and needs reliable transportation, give me a yell and I'll spot you a lift in my rental. Otherwise, make sure you write down your booking number, and best of luck.