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atan7 Local Star

Love life!

Joined 12 January 2010 Cherrybrook, NSW

  • Buena Vista Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Mosman, NSW
    Recently renovated, the Buena Vista has become a bright and vibrant pub. Serving good quality pub food, the prices are a little dearer than most places but the food is good quality. We order the crab linguini and the pasta was light and cooked to perfection, the burger was also juicy with delicious crunchy fries.
    Very pram friendly as there is a good amount of space and the elevators make it easy to reach the upper level.
  • Martelli's Fruit Market

    Fruits & Vegetables Cherrybrook, NSW
    Super friendly service and really high quality fruit and veg. They also have a large cheese section at the back right hand side of the store. This year Cherries were in short supply, but Martellis seemed to have big round juicy ones! The staff are friendly and quick at serving. They also have a tues special for seniors wheee you get 10% off!
  • Haru Healthy Sushi

    Takeaways Cherrybrook, NSW
    Great healthy sushi. This family run business is a popular eating spot at Cherrybrook village and at lunch time there is a line of waiting customers. The sashimi is fresh, volcano roll is creamy, sweet and just divine!
    After 5pm all stock goes on sale at 30% off so you can grab a sushi dinner quite cheaply!
  • Sushi Hub

    Takeaways Brookvale, NSW
    A fast and friendly shushing store. I particularly love the scallop sashimi. The staff are friendly and they also sell salads and healthy lunch foods.
  • Naked Foods

    Specialty Food Brookvale, NSW
    A great store selling healthy and organic foods. The food are 'naked' meaning there is minimal packaging. Instead, you use the supplied brown paper bags and scoop in what you want into individual bags and write the code supplied and pay at the counter. I have a baby who is just starting to eat solids so ensuring she gets food low in salt and without added sugar is imperative. I was delighted to see they sell puffed spelt and buckwheat! Much better than the sugary stuff they sell in the grocery stores, and my baby loves it!
  • Sushi Samurai

    Restaurants Neutral Bay, NSW
    A great restaurant that is extremely popular at dinner. Many of the tables were already reserved when we arrived at 6pm. You order from the iPads but they also provide a printed menu so you can more easily browse what is on offer. Key dishes I enjoyed include the carpaccio salmon, squid with butter and the takoyaki.
  • Open Circus

    Restaurants Mosman, NSW
    A freshly renovated cafe with a great menu for breakfast and decent coffee. I ordered the eggs Atlantic which is cured salmon on toast with posher eggs. I also ordered a side of mushrooms which were buttery and delicious. In the summer it gets pretty hot here and because they leave the windows and doors open the air conditioning doesn't really work.
    The green juice is also a fresh start to a morning with healthy ingredients such as kale and ginger.
  • Parrahills Appliance Repairs

    Appliances & Repair Wentworthville, NSW
    Our fridge broke down just before the important Christmas season but ParraHills came to the rescue.
    They are incredibly transparent with their costs, prompt in their arrival and very polite and courteous. They came over, assessed the fridge, and within 1 hours had fixed the issue. I coudlnt'recommend them more!
  • Huntley Berry Farm

    Agriculture Huntley, NSW
    Had a fantastic time here at Huntley berry farm! The orchards are neat and well
    Maintained and the staff super friendly and helpful. It is also a workplace and teaching establishment for the disabled.
    The Baird at he front do the main store tells you which crops are in season and ready for picking. For our visit it was raspberries. Armed with plastic containers we went to the raspberry bushes and started picking! It was hot, so I recommend bringing a hat! You then take your container back to shop to get it weighed and you pay for your pickings.
    A fun day!
  • Woolworths Ltd

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Lithgow, NSW
    A large Woolworths with your basics such as bread and meats. Found some things I needed tot he road trip back to Sydney and also got some groceries for dinner.
    Service was quick and friendly and it was easy to find parking in the car park directly underneath.
  • Byng Street Local Store

    Cafes Orange, NSW
    A great cafe with a modern and clean feel. The service was fantastic and even thought hey forgot my meal, they made it and served it to me within 10mins after apologizing for the error. There are lots of seats and the food is delicious. I had the chicken and quinoa salad and felt full and satisfied. The chicken was moist, quinoa light and fluffy.
    My friends ordered burgers which came with deliciously crunchy shoestring fries
  • KFC

    Takeaways Brookvale, NSW
    The nuggets I purchased were super fresh as the store is very popular. You order and then wait for your number to pop on the screen so you know it is ready. Good for a quick snack or a cheeky lunch treat.
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Brookvale, NSW
    A busy fast food chain store located in the food court. Though there was a little bit of a crowd gathering, the device is efficient and quick.
    Seating is in the food court as is a little limited as it gets very busy.
    Frozen cokes are super cheap at $1 but are very satisfying on a hot day.
  • Country Road

    Clothing Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    A casual, modern aesthetic country road sells good quality clothes which are on trend. From plain cotton tees to patterned, off the shoulder dresses, there are plenty of designs to suit different fashion tastes. The racks were very full as it is currently the sale period but it was quite enjoyable rummaging through the racks, finding pieces I liked. Their baby clothes are cute beyond belief, but items are quite expensive. I bought a cute little bloomer outfit for my daughter which will be perfect for gnus hot summer weather.
    Will definitely be back!
  • Woolworths Ltd

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Brookvale, NSW
    A large, well lit woolies with a large selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. They also have a seafood monger selling fresh fish such as salmon and prawns. The 1/2 prices specials are all at the end of the aisles so it's good to do a quick run around to see what's on sale. Right now yeh have lots of the toys from their Christmas displays on sale.
    Quick friendly service too.
  • Big W

    Department Stores Brookvale, NSW
    Some great deals here after Christmas, I stocked upon things for baby including sangenic refills which were on sale and also some baby snacks.
    Lots of registers and the self serve registers are quick and easy to use. They also sell cosmetics and beauty care so I often purchase neutropenia products from here as hey are reasonably priced.
  • Best & Less

    Clothing Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    I really love shopping in best and less as he prices are very reasonable for kids clothing and they have some great designs. Dresses are around $30 and they also stock popular brands such as Bonds. I found some nice Christmas outfits and good gifts for expectant mothers.
    They also have a great return and exchange policy which gives you peace of mind when buying from here especially when you have a child who hates trying on clothes!
  • Jamaica Blue

    Cafes Brookvale, NSW
    A really nice modern cafe, I was surprised to find that it was actually Jamaica blue! It's mainly a takeaway coffee place with very limited seating. Located just near David jones it is in a convenient location if you need a coffee mid-shop! Coffee was ok, but reasonable for a chain store.
  • Warringah Mall

    Shopping Centres Brookvale, NSW
    During the Christmas sales it was a super pleasant surprise to see they were giving out free beer and champagne near the water fountain. Some singing angels even came to entertain the crowd! Clearly warringah mall went out of their way to make Christmas shopping a real treat for customers.
  • David Jones

    Department Stores Brookvale, NSW
    The store was very busy, as the boxing days sales are still on. My favourite brands were there including Lover, CMEO and Shona joy. Staff were a little hard to find as it was super busy and there was a line for the change rooms. The kids wear section was good though as they had lots of good deals on kids shoes and designer wear.
    A good department store to shop in.