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atan7 Local Star

Love life!

Joined 12 January 2010 Cherrybrook, NSW

  • Oroton

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    They have lots of sale stock here and some
    Item are around 70% off! Oroton is a great Australian brand and they use really divine leather quality hardware.
    Their umbrellas are also a very popular item
  • Bonds

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    They had a further 40% off again and the wondersuits were under $10!
    I also bought so great basics such as bras and underwear. Thee are lots of styles for everyone, men, women and kids.
    Their prints are fun and the quality of the clothes are good. Also bought a tee for kids for only $6! Will definitely be back!
  • Diana Ferrari

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    One of my favourite stores at Birkenhead, this old faithful has great deals on really comfortable shoes! They had leather heels for $79 and then if you bought 3 pairs the 3rd cost $1... I unfortunately didn't have time to find another two pairs. There are lots of styles and I like you can see if they have your size as all he stock and boxes are on the floor.
  • Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre

    Shopping Centres Drummoyne, NSW
    Lots of
    Parking on weekdays and a very pram friendly shopping outlet with ramps and lifts. There are also little 'play' areas for kids which are great when the children are tired of sitting in the pram.
    Good brands such as Seed, country road, Oakley, witchery, Lorna Jane; Mumford and more.
    3 hours free parking helps too!
    I enjoy coming here but there are so many shops you will need to come back again!
  • Metalicus

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    A well stocked store with great bargain on metalicus fashion. Everything in the store was under $50! There were a few tops and loose stretchy pants I liked. The changerooms are readily available and the staff happy to help. The racks are quite full but it is easy to find your size as lots of pieces are 'one size fits most' or just S/M/L!
  • Seed Heritage

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    I can't tell you in much detail, but this store always seems to disappoint me. I came here as my local Seed store told me many of the main shops are sending sale stock to the outlet at Birkenhead. I went here hoping to find some bargains. The racks were packed which was nice. It looked so promising. I wanted to browse he kids section but had a baby in a pram and it was so hard navigating the store and even more difficult browsing the kids section! The staff member there was busy restocking the shelves and as I was looking through some of the racks she told me quite abruptly "this is for girls age 2 years". I thought... yeh... I know. I didn't get much time to browse as people were pushing my pram around and when o put it to the side it was actually the changeroom.
    I only found one item after all that trouble. Probably not worth it.
  • Oakley Vault

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    A great outlet store with knowledgeable staff and a wide selection of clothes, ski gear and eyewear.
    I can to buy some Holbrook and they had a great sale where you get the second pair for half price! Needless to say I walked out with two pairs! The staff were so helpful in explaining the different styles, and even went to the back store room to get a fresh new pair. The eye wear comes with a 2 year warranty on the frames, but not the lenses so the staff ensure you check the lenses thoroughly before you leave the store.

    They have a 90 day return policy at any Oakley store which is great if you are buying them as presents. I'll definitely be back!
  • Drummoyne Sailing Club

    Sports Clubs Drummoyne, NSW
    Overlooking the water, this club is very popular at lunchtime with the Seniors. There is a special menu for seniors where they get $14.50 meals, the portions are slightly smaller but it is great value for fettuccine pasta, chicken schnitzel or a plate of dish and chips!
    I ordered from the regular menu some chilli crab fettuccine and it was cooked nicely. The pasta was fresh and there were little chunks of crab meat in the rich tomato and chilli sauce.
    They have high chairs for babies and there's also a 'baby free area near the bar where they serve alcoholic drinks and beverages.
  • Ken's Charcoal BBQ

    Restaurants Carlingford, NSW
    Came here for a party and I really enjoyed it! Lots of meats and a wide selection of hot and cold dishes. Only problem is you need to scaled lots of steps to get in which is not good if you have a pram!
  • Creative Hair And Style

    Hairdressers Carlingford, NSW
    It had been months since my last haircut, yet my hair still retained great shape. I came back here as I really enjoyed my last experience. Yung cut my hair again and she is just a wonderful and caring person who has overcome immense adversity to build a business and raise her family in Australia. He is also a talented hairdresser and I couldn't recommend her more. She take great care and is very thorough and I always leave the salon feeling fabulous. My haircut also cost $22 - incredible!
    Will be back!
  • Nilgiri's @ Home

    Takeaways Crows Nest, NSW
    Delicious freshly made Indian cuisine but a little pricey. This restaurant came highly recommended as it used to be located in Crows Nest and had now moved to Cremorne. The place has a casual atmosphere and the staff are friendly and warmly greeted us, showing us to our table. The menu has vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. A curry dish is around $26 and add and entree, rice and naan, you are looking at around $45 per person. We ordered the prawns as an entree $16, and there were only 4 prawns. They were delicious, marinated in spices such as fennel and turmeric, and lightly fried.
    The naan was deliciously doughy and they use high quality basmati rice.
    It was a little too expensive for what you get as there portions are quite small.
  • Nilgiri's at Home

    Restaurants St Leonards, NSW
    Nilgiri has now moved to Cremorne
  • Macquarie Centre

    Shopping Centres North Ryde, NSW
    The most pram friendly shopping centre that I know of in Sydney, the whole centre is accessible for prawns and wheel chairs without having to wait for a lift.
    There are also great play areas for the kids outside target on the ground level or at the very top of The centre in the 'Loft'.
    There are padding shapes that the kids can use to build little fortresses, to climb, rolls and just have fun with.
    It's a great way of tiring kids out while enjoying air conditioned comfort. Really happy my friend introduced this place to me and I have been bringing my toddler here just because of the play area! She naps REALLY well afterwards! Grab a coffee and a snack and then enjoy some peace as your little ones burn off energy!
    Just watch out for older kids who may get a little too rough due to over excitement.
  • Warringah Mall

    Shopping Centres Brookvale, NSW
    There's a small but fun soft play area for kids . It has a nut iCal themes and though it looks simple, the kids love it. A few steps, a little hill, a ship and spinning rocks all make it a little fun adventure for young kids. Was quite busy when I arrived. Lots of seating for parents too and it is a nice and convenient play area on air conditioned comfort.
  • The Cut Bar & Grill

    Restaurants The Rocks, NSW
    One of the best steaks ever. You walk down a mysterious set of steps where you only see a thick curtain, behind them the room is mysteriously dark with dim lights shining briefly on each small table. The waiters are very professional. We ordered quickly, as we were a little short on time. You are served a choice of eye or sourdough bread and it is a nice filler as you wait for your meal. We shared a 500g steak and it was amazing. Cooked it medium rare perfection. We order a side of mushrooms and Brussel sprouts.
    It was a great and memorable meal and we will be back. Come if you have a steak loving friend to share a nice prime rib with you.
  • Sushi E

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    One of the best Japanese meals I have ever experienced. The place is fancy, and you need to book in advance. It is clearly frequented by bankers and 'suits'. Stage hostesses are all friendly and there is definitely a 'look' to them, as in, the room was filled with ridiculously good looking people.
    We sat at the bar where we could watch the chefs prepare the dishes with mastery and skill. Dish after dish, I was blown away by the full flavours and beautiful presentation. Highlights include the balmain bugs in lettuce cups, the kingfish and the wagyu!
    Pricey, but really a great experience.
  • Kmart

    Department Stores Ryde, NSW
    Kmart has really come a long way! This store has a fun, modern and fresh look, and Kmart has never looked so good.
    They showcase their homewares really well, the merchandising is amazing and makes you really see how Kmart products can add a fresh feel to your home at a relatively affordable price. Their kids wear is nice, and mainly has basics.
    Really enjoyed browsing this store and will be back!
  • 28's kaffe

    Cafes North Sydney, NSW
    Hidden at the bottom on this high rise, just next to a modern water feature 'zen' like garden is this small modern cafe. You order at the counter and you can take a seat. They only have outdoor seating so it can get a little hot in the sun.
    I ordered a fresh juice and a coffee, both were great.
    This is a good location for a coffee catch up for work or a casual catch-up with friends.
  • Sprout Wholefood Cafe

    Cafes Naremburn, NSW
    A really kid friendly cafe with a huge play area at the back with artificial grass, veges patches and a cubby house. The kids can roam freely while you enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast. The menu boasts healthy fresh options including buckwheat pancakes which are not too sweet and taste rather healthy, topped with freshly cut fruit. Seemed to be a popular dish as I saw a few plates begin served. They also make nice smoothies!
    Their toilet has a change table which is very convenient and they also have around 9 high chairs so there's ample room for a parents catch-up
  • Aldi

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores North Sydney, NSW
    This also ha shad a renovation and it looks great. Modern, well stocked and great signage. The staff are quick at serving too.
    I love the superbuys and browse the 'middle' section for the weekly specials.