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atan7 Local Star

Love life!

Joined 12 January 2010 Cherrybrook, NSW

  • Palings Kitchen and Bar

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Fun atmosphere inthe Ivy courtyard with streams of light coming through. The service is great, you order at the bar and they bring the food out to you.
    Really delcious Thai, a little pricey for lunch at around $20 per person, but it was a nice treat.

    Good vibes to enjoy the Sydney sunshine.
  • Bau Truong

    Restaurants Marrickville, NSW
    Great food. I especially love the fish soup with is a hot pot filled with sweet and sour soup and vegetables and sea perch added. The service was warm and the ladies serving us really ensured our baby was catered for. They were very careful to also ensure no hot food was placed near our baby. Try the DIY rolls too, with prawn and sugarcane or beef!
  • Collage Boutique

    Clothing Retailers Cherrybrook, NSW
    This store has been in Cherrybrook village for many years as is well loved by older women in the area looking for unique casual wear.
    The staff are friendly but it is a small store so you can browse through it quite quickly.

    They also have some unique gifts for sale.
  • St Honore Bakery

    Cafes Mosman, NSW
    Nice big bakery with a cafe and lots of seating. Frequented by lots of gym goers as it is next door to fitness first.
    Their sourdough bread is nice and I often grab a loaf here. They slice it for you too making it convenient for sandwich making for busy mums.

    They also sell good sausage rolls and pies!
  • Mosman Library

    Libraries Mosman, NSW
    Lots of nice open reading areas for children. Pram friendly and has a baby changing station in the toilets. Close to cafes and lots of parking near Allan border oval.
  • Kmart

    Department Stores Castle Hill, NSW
    I'm in that phase of my life where kids parties seem to be dotting on my calendar more and more. We, being the unorganized parents that we are often found ourselves roaming Kmart looking to find suitable presents. Kmart have lots of great toys, from classics like hungry hippo board games to the newer brands like 'shopkins'. They also have some nice craft sets and themed items such as Frozen dolls.
    We also found some great swimming accessories for kids at good prices.
  • Jb Hi-fi

    Home Entertainment Retailers Macquarie Park, NSW
    I find myself in here, as I follow my husband on his technology adventures. They sell Mac books, go pros and even appliances. The staff as young and quirky, but super friendly and knowledgeable.
    It's a nerd heaven in here with gamers, and technology enthusiasts meeting in one Fluro yellow and black sharpie decorated hub.
  • Oporto

    Takeaways Macquarie Park, NSW
    A freshly renovated fast food joint located where mcdonalds used to be (they downsized).
    Not as busy as the other places but they sell some good chips.
  • KFC

    Takeaways Macquarie Park, NSW
    If Nugs is life, I totally rate KFC. There's the endless debate over which nuggets are the best. My dollar is on KFC, this store makes them pretty well too probably due to the high turnover.
    Add some sweet and sour sauce and this mummy has a great lunch that is quick to eat.
  • Cotton On Body

    Lingerie Retailers Macquarie Park, NSW
    A small but nice store selling active wear and sleep wear. They have good accessories too, found some undergarment accessories to help wear tricky clothing, and it was very affordable compared to other stores and brands!
  • Witchery

    Clothing Retailers Macquarie Park, NSW
    A small store, the staff were helpful and welcoming. The clothes are nicely merchandised and on trend, with nice detailing and quality fabrics. You can find items with a wool or cashmere blend and some tops feel very nice, especially their stretchy basics.
    Their boots are made from really nice leather too, but have a high price point of around $250.
  • Sportsgirl

    Clothing Retailers North Ryde, NSW
    Youth fashion that is on trend and some items are actually really well made. The prices are around $59 an item which is a little steep given the international brands that are now around.
    I tend to shop in the sale section and found some nice cardigans and basics.
  • Fratelli Fresh

    Health Markets Waterloo, NSW
    This place as moved to Mitchell street in Alexandria. Please change the address.
  • Big W

    Department Stores Ryde, NSW
    Love browsing the aisles especially the kids clothes section. I found a pair of baby tights for $5. Their full price items aren't much more either but their clothes are on trend and have nice designs.
    They recently did a Peter morrisey collaboration and lots of that collection for kids is on sale. I got a top and pant set for $15.
    They also stock kardashian kids if you are interested in glittery gold and white styled clothes for your baby.
  • Woolworths Ltd

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Lane Cove, NSW
    Lots of parking at this large supermarket and the ramp escalators make it pram friendly.
    Lots of registers too and parking is ticketless but has a limit of 2 hours.
  • Bloom the Healthy Food Co.

    Cafes Mosman, NSW
    So we often come here for breakfast but this was the first time we had come for lunch. It was amazing, and this is now my go to place for a healthy salad.
    I ordered the chicken salad which was fresh, crispy and had nicely cooked poached chicken. I had a serious case of food envy when my friend's tuna salad came out! Not tuna from a can, instead, light pan seared fresh tuna on a bed of greens with a light vinaigrette dressing. I said I wanted to try some but really, I wanted to eat the whole thing...
  • Dalcross Adventist Hospital

    Hospitals Killara, NSW
    Part of the Adventist hospital family (like the SAN), this hospital is a small establishment in the residential area of Killara.
    The staff are so lovely and caring and even though there are mostly day patients, they treat you with care and patience.
    Lots of free parking too!
  • Bottom Of The Harbour Seafoods

    Takeaways Balmoral, NSW
    We come here often as it is probably the only takeaway place serving hot food in the area. Good seafood, amazing chips and quick efficient service.
  • Lincraft

    Arts & Crafts Retailers Sydney, NSW
    A huge store and very conveniently located in the city. Lots of fabrics, buttons, and haberdashery.
    Not many staff so you really need to fend for yourself a bit. The line is pretty hectic at around 5:30pm, but with Halloween and book week happening, I guess there have been a lot of busy parents preparing for all the dress ups.
  • Baby Bunting

    General Retailers Kensington, NSW
    Great baby's tire where you can pretty much find everything you need. They have good sales throughout the year.
    The store is a little hard to find as they are located in the car park, a little walk away from the rest of the homemaker centre.
    A secret register is at the front of the store, on the left as you walk out. Go there if the line is long at the central register.