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atan7 Local Star

Love life!

Joined 12 January 2010 Cherrybrook, NSW

  • Josophan's Fine Chocolates

    Chocolatiers Sydney, NSW
    Received a box of these fine chocolates as a gift and I can tell you it was a bit of a battle in my family as everyone wanted to eat them! They are smooth and delicious, milky portions of chocolatey goodness.
  • Drummoyne Sailing Club

    Sports Clubs Drummoyne, NSW
    Great water views from every seat in the bistro. Floor to ceiling glass windows provide a spectacular view of the sailing boats. The food is tasty and delicious. Had the schnitzel and the peppercorn sauce. The chips were crunchy, the schnitzel was perfectly cooked and peppercorn sauce was rich and had a full flavour. Lots of free parking outside too.
    Would definitely come again!
  • Tobikiri Japanese Kitchen

    Restaurants Neutral Bay, NSW
    The prawn tempura here is one of the best in the area. Pretty difficult getting a table so ensure you book!
  • Se Jong Korean BBQ

    Restaurants Carlingford, NSW
    Came here for a party and was blown away by the variety and quality of the food. Sushi, Kim Chee, Takoyaki and all the meats some marinated and some just good on their own. The staff are quick to help you set up your hot plates and change the disc regularly to avoid too much smoke.
    I throughly enjoyed all the food and I suggest you also try their seaweed soup!
  • New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurants Chatswood, NSW
    One of my favourite places to eat homely Chinese food. The xiao long baos and the pan friend dumplings are a must. I also like the crispy chicken and the pork soup with bamboo shoots. The portions are large, there are lots of seats and it is pretty pram friendly.
  • KFC

    Takeaways Artarmon, NSW
    Hot and spicy all year round makes this one of the best KFC outlets in Sydney. Lots of parking and a prompt drive through experience. Always ask for extra chicken salt on your chips...
  • Pablo & Rusty's

    Takeaways Lane Cove, NSW
    It had been while a while since we were here but it is still the great little cafe we remember it to be. Sit down for breakfast and enjoy the breakfast boards accompanied with some great coffee. I ordered the vegetarian board and the avocado is delicious with a slight tang and zest lemon hit. They poach eggs perfectly and the service is fast. Was quite busy for a weekday but it shows how popular a cafe spot it is!
  • Bob Jane

    Tyres Artarmon, NSW
    Great service that is quick and professional. Needed to get types put on our Honda but many other stores didn't have them in stock. This store did and they booked us in quite easily. We dropped the car off and had s nice breakfast at the Lane cove shops just a few minutes walk away. When we returned they were just doing the final checks, we waited another 20mins or so but there was an air conditioned area and water provided so we didn't mind. After an easy payment we were on our way!
  • H&M

    Clothing Retailers Chatswood, NSW
    A great store but today it was extremely busy and messy. There were clothes on the floor and hangers everywhere. It made it quite a challenging place to shop and my friend and I didn't last long before we had to leave due to the crowds and the fact my pram was not able to move.
  • H&M

    Clothing Retailers Chatswood, NSW
    One of my favourite stores as they always have new stock, their pieces are on trend and the prices are affordable, even cheaper than Target!
    Purchased a few kids items and they were all under $20.
    My friend even found some tops for $3! This store isn't very busy on weekdays so it is nice browsing and walking around.
  • Aldi

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Chatswood, NSW
    Came in to see what the super buys we're for this week. Found some like warm sleeping outfits for baby and my friend even found some nice gloves for the winter weather. The prices are ridiculously good and it is always a bit of fun looking to see what aldi has on sale any given week.
  • Target

    Department Stores Chatswood, NSW
    I stepped into this Target so the first time in a while, and I was so incredibly impressed. It has been completely renovated, has a fun and spacious feel and even has a cafe!
    The sections are clearly marked and the merchandising is bright, fresh and clean.
    Absolutely loved it and will be coming again!
    Their baby clothes are very cute and they also stock s good range of bonds gear. The prices are a little more expensive than they used to be with some items for $20, but they still have some bargains such as baby leggings for $6.
  • Public Dining Room

    Restaurants Mosman, NSW
    We only recently realized that Public Dining Room also serves breakfast. The prices are reasonable and comparable to the overly popular Boathouse. The setting is very fancy and the place is bright and welcoming. The staff are professional and everything is extremely pristine. I ordered the salmon and potato rosti. The salmon was fresh and soft with a light saltiness. The creamy ricotta sauce was the perfect accompaniment.
    Prices are around $25 and I ordered a fresh juice $8.
    A really nice way to start the weekend!
  • Ginger & Spice Singapore Restaurant

    Specialty Food Neutral Bay, NSW
    Ordered takeaway from here and it was delicious. $3 for delivery which made it extra convenient too. We ordered the chicken rice and they were generous with the serving, the ketchup manis squid is crunchy and sweet with the caramel used sauce, and the chilli prawns are like chilli crab flavours without the price tag.
    Will definitely come again!
  • Papi Chulo

    Restaurants Manly, NSW
    Now that our nights are full of early dinners, it was nice to keep this restaurant opened at 5:30. It wasn't busy at this time and we were promptly seated. Our table was positioned perfectly near a wall which meant we could have our pram close by.
    We ordered a BBQ platter which is meant to serve 2-4 people. There were only two of us, but we were hungry... The waiter nevertheless still tried to up sell us but we stuck to our wits.
    The BBQ platter is around $89 and comes with a selection of meats, beef brisket, lamb ribs, pulled apart pork, sausage and a side of fresh coleslaw.
    The food came out promptly and we devoured every morsel of smokey, slow cooked goodness.
    Even better was hey are in the entertainment book so we received 25% off our meal.
    Loved it and will be back.
  • Westfield Sydney

    Shopping Centres Sydney, NSW
    I enjoy strolling through this Westfield as it is beautifully decorated with spacious polished floors, ambient lighting and large lounging areas. There are lots of fashion stores and one of the best food courts you will find. It's in the heart of Pitt street so there is lots of shopping that can be done!
    Best to get here using public transport as parking is very expensive.
  • Westfield Shopping Centre Carpark

    Parking Chatswood, NSW
    Here's a tip, on the rooftop of the carpark block, it is actually also a electric car charging station! There is a whole roof of solar panels and about 5 spots to charge your electric car for free...
    It is shaded and there are usually not many cars there!
  • Pages and Pages Booksellers

    Bookstores Mosman, NSW
    A really nice and quite a large bookstore. Yes there are electronic versions of books around, yes there are libraries, but there's nothing like instilling a love to seek knowledge through reading into kids.
    There is a large children's section at the back of the store and it's nice to see beautifully illustrated books, some from my own childhood days.
    Worth having a browse!
  • Sydney Ultrasound For Women

    Specialist Medical Services Sydney, NSW
    Enjoyed coming here but FYI- this please burned down in feb 2016. It is now on 47 York street.
  • Sushi Rio

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Good, cheap (all plates are usually $3.80) and you can eat quickly. Came here after 4pm and all sushi was $3! We ordered around 6 plates of grilled scallops nigiri. It was delicious and made to order.