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atan7 Local Star

Love life!

Joined 12 January 2010 Cherrybrook, NSW

  • David Jones

    Department Stores Chatswood, NSW
    The store was very quiet today (Friday) and it was nice being able to browse the store slowly without worrying about the crowds. Some of the fitting rooms need a refurbishment and also the parents room doesn't has any hot water or filter water for bottles. They also look a bit dated.
  • Chatime

    Cafes Chatswood, NSW
    They recently refurbished the shop and it looks nice and modern. The prices however have increased with toppings now costing 70c. They now also have what only the yoghurt franchises had previously- popping pearls! These a sweet sugary filled balls which pop open, releasing sweet fruit flavored liquid, turning your drink into more of a dessert!
  • KFC

    Takeaways Chatswood, NSW
    It's a bit awkward when you are the only one reviewing KFC, but they have great deals, 12 wings for $12.95 and it's hard to go past some fried chicken on a cold raining day.
    The staff are friendly and service fast, you order and get a number, the screen then tells you when your food is ready.
  • New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurants Chatswood, NSW
    The lines are not as bad anymore as hey has expanded the store so there are more seats and tables. The ambience is still that nod to the old Chinese era but with a modern feel. The dumplings are made fresh and the dishes are super delicious. Can't go past the pan fried dumplings!
  • Chatswood Chase Sydney

    Shopping Centres Chatswood, NSW
    Attended a really well organised fashion parade to usher in the new winter fashion season. The set up was impressive with models, large screens and a bright stage.
    It was a fun way of showcasing the key pieces from the stores.
  • Bom Bom Salad

    Restaurants Mosman, NSW
    Fresh, delicious and healthy Asian inspired salads. It's pretty casual and you order at the counter and then take a seat. They only accept cash too, so come prepared. Salads cost around $15.

    The make it fresh to order and you can see all the brightly colored ingredients prepared in the glass counter.

    The seating is casual but the shop gets quite hot and there is only one table outside.

    Love coming here and will be back.
  • North Ryde RSL Community Club

    Associations & Unions North Ryde, NSW
    My child loves standing at the Avery watching the birds fly around and the fish swim in the pond. The fish are huge and it is an impressive collection of koi. They have two Macaw birds here too which you don't see often. The display is free and at the front of the centre opposite the gift shop.
    If you are a member of the club you get 10% off the gift shop which I sticks some good brands such as Crabtree and Evelyn, Ecoya and Birkenstocks.
  • King Dynasty

    Takeaways Chatswood, NSW
    The standard here has really slipped. The yum Cha was over steamed, many items were not even offered anymore and the service was slow. When I told the senior staff member at the counter she didn't even seem to care. It was a disappointing experience especially as I had brought friends who hadn't been here before and I was telling them about it.
    It's sad when a place that opened up with such great food and service has their standards slip over time.
  • KFC

    Takeaways Sydney, NSW
    9 pieces for $9.95 is back! I may have partnered with some fellow friend chicken lovers and shared 18 pieces amongst 3 of us.
    Really good value and the chicken I believe tastes better during these promotions as they have a higher turnover. A very busy store during work lunchtimes but you usually don't wait more than 10mins or so.
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Cremorne, NSW
    The drive through here is very efficient and is fully covered so it makes for the perfect stop when it is pouring rain and you need some food on the go.
    The staff are very friendly and they even serve Mc Cafe coffee so you can get a latte without leaving the car.
    I ordered a McChicken and it brought back great childhood memories of having some Maccas after Saturday sport.
    Seniors also get a free coffee or soft drink when they show their card.
  • Chipmunks

    Cafes North Ryde, NSW
    This play area is a very busy place for parents and kids. There is a giant inflatable slide for older kids and a soft foam area for younger kids. I personally found the place too crowded and noisey for my child. The place is also quite dark and has fluorescent lights which make the place look a little cheap.
    It's clear the kids love it here but it was way too busy for my liking and there were no seats and hardly any space to walk around. It's one of those places parents seem to let their kids run around freely in so it felt very chaotic.
  • Smokkim Modern Kitchen

    Restaurants Ryde, NSW
    Had such a great time here with my family. We had the 'premium' all you can eat option and loved the variety of meat and my personal favourite was the scallop in shells which we cooked over the hot plate. They also serve Korean hot and cold dishes at the back left of the restaurant including steamed egg, kimchi, sweet calamari and rice.
    It's easy to find parking for dinner as Top Ryde shopping centre isn't as busy.
  • Gong Cha

    Cafes Macquarie Park, NSW
    Located on the top floor on 'the loft' Gong Cha is probably my fav of all the bubble tea chains as the tea tastes better and I believe they use better ingredients. At this store if you buy two large teas the second is 50% off! It is just a bit of a trek getting tot his store as it is in a less trafficked area than easyway (outside the cinema) or chatime (next to the food court).

    The premium milk pearl tea here is my fav.
  • Kathmandu

    Outdoor Gear Retailers Macquarie Park, NSW
    They sell high quality outdoor winter clothes. My friend will be heading to Japan in the winter and found some nice fleecy items and thermals. The clothes are quite pricey but there was a clearance rack so items were around 50% off. There are additional discounts on some items too if you are a 'summit' member. If the discount is $20 or more it is probably worth signing up which costs around that.
  • EasyWay

    Takeaways Macquarie Park, NSW
    This easy way is almost unrecognizable as it looks so different! It has a modern black and white look to it, very different tot he normal blue and bright yellows of other stores. The teas tasted better too. Unfortunately they don't accept your loyalty card but instead give you a 'stamped' manual card.
    I order a pearl tea and it tasted a lot better than what I remembered easy way to taste like! A stringer tea taste and a fuller milkier drink.
  • Boost Juice

    Juice Bars Macquarie Park, NSW
    They give you a free drink on your birthday! Came here with a friend and it was so nice getting a little treat from Boost!
  • Hattrick

    Cafes North Ryde, NSW
    Was a little disappointed. We were he only ones in the restaurant as we had gotten there for an early lunch. We order some share plates including wings, ribs, squid and some waffle fries.
    The ribs were tough, and not much meat was on the ribs and some parts were actually rare.
    The wings were tasty but one wing had so many feathers on it, it kind of put me off my meal. The salt and pepper squid was nice though and was served with a nice quinoa, pine nut salad.
  • Oroton

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    They have lots of sale stock here and some
    Item are around 70% off! Oroton is a great Australian brand and they use really divine leather quality hardware.
    Their umbrellas are also a very popular item
  • Bonds

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    They had a further 40% off again and the wondersuits were under $10!
    I also bought so great basics such as bras and underwear. Thee are lots of styles for everyone, men, women and kids.
    Their prints are fun and the quality of the clothes are good. Also bought a tee for kids for only $6! Will definitely be back!
  • Diana Ferrari

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    One of my favourite stores at Birkenhead, this old faithful has great deals on really comfortable shoes! They had leather heels for $79 and then if you bought 3 pairs the 3rd cost $1... I unfortunately didn't have time to find another two pairs. There are lots of styles and I like you can see if they have your size as all he stock and boxes are on the floor.