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Joined 12 January 2010 Cherrybrook, NSW

  • Cathay Pacific Airways Limited - Sydney

    Airlines Mascot, NSW
    Super lovely staff. Really polite and welcoming at check in. Jonathan was so lovely and welcoming. A great start to our holiday!
  • Sydney Airport

    Airports Mascot, NSW
    Hectic. If you plan on visiting TRS for some tax refund you had better be ready for a 1 1/2 hours wait, especially if thee are flights going to China.
    If your flight is boarding they won't even serve you. Luckily we got here 3 hours before our flight so there was no stress. No such luck for the couple who bought 3 iPhones and 2 iPads who were already 15 minutes late for boarding.
    The staff are professional and have a tough job. Lots of people trying to cut the line and a few loud altercations occurred so the police soon came to quieten the crowds.

  • Royal Copenhagen Circular Quay P

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Sydney, NSW
    Creamy deliciousness with a real dairy taste and lots of flavours. I had an "eat all the ice cream moment" and couldn't choose just one flavour. But given my current circumstances I felt one scoop would be all my thighs could take right now.
    Runs and raisin is my all time favourite and there are whole giant juicy raisins speckled throughout which make it extra deliciously sweet.

    This store is in an extremely picturesque location, right near the ferries at circular quay.

    $6 for one scoop or $7 for two, it take sheer willpower not to upgrade. Don't forget the free hot fudge and other condiments on the counter before you leave!
  • Ginger & Spice Singapore Restaurant

    Specialty Food Neutral Bay, NSW
    Good Singaporean food that really hits the spot when you need some full spicy Asian flavours.
    The chicken rice is extremely popular, saw pretty much every table order it. Squid with ketchup manis which is a dark sticky soy is delicious and crunchy and the Singaporean chili prawns are like chilling crab, but with prawns...
    $23 a dish is pretty reasonable for the serving sizes, you'll spend about $30 each.
  • Ngan Kee Asian Grocer

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Neutral Bay, NSW
    Good little asian grocery store for buying pastes and asian veges. They also stock fishballs and beef tendon balls for soups and hotpots. They also stock a good variety of pastes and spices.
  • L'Ami de pain boulangerie cafe

    Cafes Cremorne, NSW
    A really nice local french shop selling cakes, breads, and pastries. Many of the staff speak french and are very friendly.
    Lots of seating, a very casual dining spot, great for a quiche breakfast, to grab some fresh bread and cheese or just a little french sweet.
    Great casual meet up spot, I'll be coming here again!
  • Chatime

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    A busy Chatime store selling asian Bubble tea and Milk tea drinks. They always get my order right and the service is quick. A very convenient location too right in the food court of Westfield next to Priceline. MY new favourite is Guava Green tea and pearls.
  • Decjuba

    Fashion Mosman, NSW
    I like browsing this clothing store as it has great casual pieces. Their winter collection was full of oversized cardigans, fur vests and leggings, super comfortable and reasonable prices. The store assistants are friendly and sociable. I suggest trying things on as there are some items that just have an odd cut or fit.
    When they have sales it is really tempting to buy a lot!
  • Jacadi

    Clothing Retailers Mosman, NSW
    A really beautiful children's clothes store with Parisian inspired looks and amazing quality. Pieces are pretty pricey with dresses costing $129 for a newborn. IT is a nice store to browse but probably not a place I would actually purchase anything due to budget constraints.
  • T2

    Coffee & Tea Suppliers Mosman, NSW
    A really well presented Tea store with lots of specialty teas to try and taste. The staff are friendly and there are so many beautiful teapots and cups to look at. I sometimes lose myself amongst all the colours and displays.
    They sell iced tea now too!
  • Telstra Store Mosman

    Mobile Phones Retailers Mosman, NSW
    Was pretty excited to moving to a plan and finally getting off prepaid Telstra when it was announced the new iPhone 6S was getting launched. Came into this store to hopefully find out about the pricing and plans. The staff were rude and totally disinterested in explaining anything to me and instead pointed me to a sign on the middle display and said "read it for yourself there".
    I decided to just buy the phone outright from Apple and not worry about it... Missed opportunity with a customer who was ready to buy.
  • Seed

    Clothing Retailers Chatswood, NSW
    This is a HUGE Seed store which is much bigger than at first glance. It stocks the full collection of women's and kids clothing. The merchandising is nice and I love browsing all the sections to se what is new. The kids section isn't connected to the women's store but is right next door. Lots of cute accessories for kids and super funky outfits with touches of retro neon.
  • Seed

    Clothing Retailers Mosman, NSW
    Seed has a wide selection of modern casual clothes. The fabrics are good quality and their cuts wear well. I find they are always on trend and when items are on sale it is we'll with stocking up. This local store doesn't have the full selection but it does have lots of stock. The change rooms are at the back of the store and are spacious. The staff are friendly and not pushy, and encourage you to take your time and browse.
  • Balmoral Boatshed Kiosk

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Great takeaway coffee stand that makes getting a beverage much easier than lining up inside the store with all the other people ordering food. Located at the front entrance it is easy for beach goers to grab a coffee while their kids play on the monkey bars just opposite the kiosk.
    The staff are friendly and even though the line looked long it took only around 15 mins to get the coffee.
  • Avenue Gourmet Pizza

    Takeaways Mosman, NSW
    A great local pizzeria that sells great selection of takeaway pizza. They use super fresh ingredients and and friendly. Prawns and garlic are my favourite!
    Really good flavours and super convenient for mosman locals at a reasonable price. Around $23 a large pizza or $18 for a medium.
  • KFC

    Takeaways Baulkham Hills, NSW
    When I am craving nuggets or wings this is my stop when I am in baulkham hills. The entrance is a little tricky to find as you need to go around the shops, and there is a build up of traffics from people trying to get into the shopping centre. This store has lots of seating and due to the volume of people has good food because it always seems to be freshly made.
    Wicked wings are always a good idea...
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Bella Vista, NSW
    A small store but they sure get through lines quickly. Frozen coke is still only $1, and they have lots more burger options including a very spicy jalapeņo chicken burger.
  • Oporto

    Takeaways Bella Vista, NSW
    Quick service and delicious chili flavours in their chicken. The burger are getting a little thin, with the chicken patty less then a cm thick. You can order a double patty and I suggest you do. Or just go for the old favourite chicken, I find it more filling. The chips are great, I suspect it is he chicken salt they use.
  • Yue Fung Chinese Take Away

    Takeaways Bella Vista, NSW
    Good food for at reasonable prices. Around $10 per dish!
  • Ripples at Chowder Bay

    Restaurants Mosman, NSW
    $15 breakfast is pretty rare, especially when you are overlooking the beautiful Clifton gardens. But it's such reasonable prices here and it is such a beautiful spot. We came and it was raining but it was still a gorgeous place to have a leisurely breakfast. The staff were friendly and professional and the food was great quality. Nothing fancy, just a simple menu with typical breakfast items cooked well.
    Would definitely Come here again.