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I am passionate about good food and drink at fair prices. I am a writer, reviewer and small business owner. Have over 10 years in the hospitality industry and a passion for coffee (certified Barista and member of various coffee appreciation networks) - I feel it's time to share my passion with others and help consumers realise a good deal, great service and excellent experience when they see one.

Joined 08 November 2012 Everton Park, QLD

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Latest Reviews

  • Everton Park Hair & Beauty

    Hairdressers Everton Park, QLD
    Best salon in North Brisbane to get your hair and makeup done for a special event. Well priced and very experienced staff. Nothing is ever too much trouble. I always feel respected and valued as a client when at this salon. The personalised service is what makes the difference.
  • Mirror Mirror Beauty

    Beauty Salons Surry Hills, NSW
    Attended Mirror Mirror in Jan 2013. We had come down from Brisbane as we were due to depart for a cruise from Sydney the next day. Closest Beauty Salon if you're staying at the Sebel in Albion Street, Surry Hills. Whilst there are no "in-house" beauty services at the Sebel, Mirror Mirror is only a short stroll away.

    Joyce took my booking via email (iphone) and was very pleasant to talk to. I just had an eyebrow wax and tint and was happy with the service. She works quickly. She was prompt at taking me to the beauty room when I entered the premises (no waiting). Would return to Mirror Mirror again if I found myself staying at the same hotel and in need of beauty services.
  • The Greek At The Creek ESPRESSO BAR

    Cafes Albany Creek, QLD
    This review relates to one purchase and is not a generalisation about the establishment. Further visits would need to be made before a judgement could be made about the establishment as a whole.

    Purchased a regular take away mocha yesterday. My main gripe is what is being used in the mocha and the lack of justification for the price.

    At $5.30 this mocha is one of the most expensive in Brisbane.

    Add another 50c because I wanted to pay by card and this becomes a very expensive beverage.

    Milk used is from next door at Aldi ($1.99 per 2L). No transportation is necessary as it is about 4m away from the Greek at the Creek.

    Coffee used is Piazza D'oro. The chocolate powder used is from the same manufacturer.
    A double of espresso was used in the making of the drink (this is standard for a cup this size).

    I'm passionate about supporting local small businesses but don't understand the excessive price. You can go down the road of Albany Creek and get a regular take away mocha for $4.50. This includes marshmallows. I am not necessarily and advocate of one business over another. I could list several other businesses nearby where you could get a cheaper drink of the same variety.

    Greek at The Creek....I implore you to reconsider your price structure. Your mocha is so expensive that it becomes a treat and can't be a regular purchase. Wouldn't you prefer that people come back more often rather than less?

    Would you not consider that it's swings and roundabouts in the end? For every person that orders a mocha or gets a hot chocolate or marshmallows, there are many, many that don't. Why not have no extra charge for marshmallows or mocha? It will all work itself out in the end.

    Consumers don't seem to like to spend over $5 on a coffee. Cafes all over South East Queensland use more expensive milk yet are able to offer cheaper coffees. They have to pay more for their milk (Maleny Dairies or Barambah Organics) but the end result is a better tasting beverage. It's sending a message to their customers to say "we care about you enough to use really high quality milk for your drinks and support other small SEQ based businesses at the same time".

    I struggle to understand as a Barista who has worked with coffee for many years, small business owner, consumer and mother of 3, how you justify the exhorbitant price of the mocha?

    On a more positive note, the staff serving was nice enough. Pleasant to deal with and answered any questions I asked in a polite and professional manner.

    The point of difference for this place is that there are genuine greek foods on offer. This is nice to see. Please don't change this. It's what makes the Greek at The Creek cafe different.

    Will be back to sample more of the menu but wouldn't purchase a mocha from the business again whilst they're so highly priced. I am a keen advocate of seeing small independently run businesses succeed (there are enough chain and franchise cafes around...it's time for the little guys to shine) but cannot sustain purchasing regularly from the Greek at The Creek whilst the price of my favourite beverage is so steep.

    I wish there were more 'star' options. Many things were good but my overall experience yesterday and the nearly $6 take away coffee means I'm voting below average.