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FeeFeeQue Local Star

Joined 25 February 2017 Ferny Hills, QLD

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  • The Apo

    Restaurants Fortitude Valley, QLD
    I've been to the Apo twice recently(ish). First time late last year we took clients and work colleagues for a Christmas lunch. Decor is a sparse industrial style and very chic. Staff are so friendly and welcoming and they were happy to recommend dishes and cater for vegetarian and gluten free members of our party. We ordered just about everything on the menu and there was so much to choose from. The fried chicken, carrots, charred cabbage, kingfish and steak were all presented beautifully and absolutely delicious. We were there for hours and they were happy to have us.
    I enjoyed myself so much at this lunch that when the next appropriate dining opportunity rolled around, I didn't hesitate to nominate The Apo.
    They had condensed the menu but I was pleased to see most (but not all) of my faves from last time. I was looking forward to the carrots and cabbage again (who'd believe these vegies could taste so good) but the had been struck from the menu. However, we did order many similar items as at the previous visit as well as the lamb ribs and the tuna sashimi. Everything was delicious. A tiny let down was the fact that I was very much looking forward to the Aperol ice pops I'd been seeing on Insta, only to be told that someone had left the freezer open and they'd melted! Espresso martini was a worthy replacement though!
    Love it here and looking forward to returning.
  • Storia on Queen

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    Caught up with friends last week for a quick bite at Storia, a fairly recent addition to the lower end of Queen Street. Staff are very friendly and welcoming and the place is always busy which is a good indication. I ordered the arancini and a gourmet salad, while others at the table ordered the vegetarian risotto and beef burger respectively. Food arrived promptly and we dug in.
    My arancini looked the goods and came with a side of aioli dipping sauce. I'd have preferred a napoli based sauce for them in hindsight. However, the outside was crunchy and cooked perfectly which was a good start. The inside was a bit of a let down to be honest. The rice was quite gluggy and unseasoned and for this reason it seemed there wasn't enough bolognese filling - overall, a bit bland. The salad wasn't particularly gourmet, being mixed leaves topped off with some antipasto mix. It was fine, I definitely ate all of it but wouldn't order again. As a side, the vegetarian risotto was way too saucy with what seemed to be a tomato based pasta sauce. I had a taste and it was a little overpowering. Servings were decent and the burger was good according to Friend No 3.
    I'd give them another chance, as the previous time I visited, the godfather pasta (pork and chilli) was quite good!
  • Master Tom's

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    Visited Master Tom's for the first time last week. We liked the decor and location was convenient to where we work which can be a bit of an abyss for restaurants. They seem to have a good selection of food and drinks (including craft beers). We all ended up ordering burgers. I got the 'Master' which was a basic beef burger on a super soft bun. A friend ordered the 'Plant Master', obviously this was the vegetarian version. Burgers came out fairly quickly with only a modicum of confusion! It's a new business after all. Bun to burger ratio is a bit off, everyone's burgers fell apart all over the place! Potato fries that friends ordered were amazing - they had the skin on and well seasoned. Unfortunately my sweet potato chips were another story - they were a bit limp and not crunchy at all. This seems to happen a lot, no matter where I go though so I'm not holding it against Master Tom's too much! Overall, I think this could become a solid lunch location once they get on their feet a bit more.