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FeeFeeQue Local Star

Joined 25 February 2017 Ferny Hills, QLD

  • The Apo

    Restaurants Fortitude Valley, QLD
    I've been to the Apo twice recently(ish). First time late last year we took clients and work colleagues for a Christmas lunch. Decor is a sparse industrial style and very chic. Staff are so friendly and welcoming and they were happy to recommend dishes and cater for vegetarian and gluten free members of our party. We ordered just about everything on the menu and there was so much to choose from. The fried chicken, carrots, charred cabbage, kingfish and steak were all presented beautifully and absolutely delicious. We were there for hours and they were happy to have us.
    I enjoyed myself so much at this lunch that when the next appropriate dining opportunity rolled around, I didn't hesitate to nominate The Apo.
    They had condensed the menu but I was pleased to see most (but not all) of my faves from last time. I was looking forward to the carrots and cabbage again (who'd believe these vegies could taste so good) but the had been struck from the menu. However, we did order many similar items as at the previous visit as well as the lamb ribs and the tuna sashimi. Everything was delicious. A tiny let down was the fact that I was very much looking forward to the Aperol ice pops I'd been seeing on Insta, only to be told that someone had left the freezer open and they'd melted! Espresso martini was a worthy replacement though!
    Love it here and looking forward to returning.
  • Storia on Queen

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    Caught up with friends last week for a quick bite at Storia, a fairly recent addition to the lower end of Queen Street. Staff are very friendly and welcoming and the place is always busy which is a good indication. I ordered the arancini and a gourmet salad, while others at the table ordered the vegetarian risotto and beef burger respectively. Food arrived promptly and we dug in.
    My arancini looked the goods and came with a side of aioli dipping sauce. I'd have preferred a napoli based sauce for them in hindsight. However, the outside was crunchy and cooked perfectly which was a good start. The inside was a bit of a let down to be honest. The rice was quite gluggy and unseasoned and for this reason it seemed there wasn't enough bolognese filling - overall, a bit bland. The salad wasn't particularly gourmet, being mixed leaves topped off with some antipasto mix. It was fine, I definitely ate all of it but wouldn't order again. As a side, the vegetarian risotto was way too saucy with what seemed to be a tomato based pasta sauce. I had a taste and it was a little overpowering. Servings were decent and the burger was good according to Friend No 3.
    I'd give them another chance, as the previous time I visited, the godfather pasta (pork and chilli) was quite good!
  • Master Tom's

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    Visited Master Tom's for the first time last week. We liked the decor and location was convenient to where we work which can be a bit of an abyss for restaurants. They seem to have a good selection of food and drinks (including craft beers). We all ended up ordering burgers. I got the 'Master' which was a basic beef burger on a super soft bun. A friend ordered the 'Plant Master', obviously this was the vegetarian version. Burgers came out fairly quickly with only a modicum of confusion! It's a new business after all. Bun to burger ratio is a bit off, everyone's burgers fell apart all over the place! Potato fries that friends ordered were amazing - they had the skin on and well seasoned. Unfortunately my sweet potato chips were another story - they were a bit limp and not crunchy at all. This seems to happen a lot, no matter where I go though so I'm not holding it against Master Tom's too much! Overall, I think this could become a solid lunch location once they get on their feet a bit more.
  • Mizu Japanese Restaurant

    Takeaways Teneriffe, QLD
    I've been to Mizu for lunch and dinner - both meals were really lovely and you can BYO! For lunch they do mostly bento boxes which are fresh and tasty. Dinner was the winner for me though - they do a wagyu steak stir fry which was incredible. Decor is a bit meh but the food makes up for it! Staff were really nice too.
  • Saks Gourmet Sandwich

    Takeaways Brisbane, QLD
    This is the place to go in the city if you want a fresh sandwich for lunch (or raisin toast for breakfast!). Great range of breads and fresh delicious toppings. Staff are always running around like crazy as it's so busy but they're always polite and friendly.
  • Gusto Da Gianni

    Restaurants Hamilton, QLD
    Gusto da Gianni is traditional Italian fare done exceptionally well. The food is rustic and simple but oh so good. I love it here, the best thing to do is order a selection of small plates and share with friends and a bottle of (insert your drink of choice here!). Staff are welcoming and friendly. Price is a little expensive but I don't have a problem paying for quality food and ingredients.
  • SONO Japanese Restaurant Portside

    Restaurants Hamilton, QLD
    Sono is a fantastic authentic Japanese experience. Staff are lovely and attentive, the food is absolutely delightful and so fresh. Consistently excellent. It is a little expensive but you get what you pay for! Love it.
  • Grilling Art

    Restaurants Stafford Heights, QLD
    We went here expecting great burgers, and sadly we were disappointed. Nothing terribly wrong with them, but you could tell the quality of the ingredients was just average. Service was pretty slow, especially considering we were there with only a couple of others.
  • Grill'd

    Restaurants Everton Park, QLD
    I must admit I have a soft spot for Grill'd - any Grill'd, anywhere but this is my local so it gets all the credit. I love the bugers and fries here (potato fries that is, the other kinds aren't that great). Staff are always welcoming and friendly - it's a regular cheap dinner venue for us.
  • Stones on Everton

    Restaurants Everton Hills, QLD
    I am torn by this place - I did have a nice time and I enjoyed the novelty of cooking my own steak. It was a lovely quality eye fillet and I did do a great job of cooking it if I do say so myself! The prices are pretty hefty though and you end up with the sizzling juices flying everywhere so don't wear white! The staff are super friendly and helpful and the other half and I are keen to try their takeaway rib special one day.
  • Miss Kay's

    Restaurants Mitchelton, QLD
    So happy Miss Kays has come to the northside - and the locals must agree because this place is always packed. Great fresh burgers, fries and the shakes are amazing. Staff are super friendly and they have live music some evenings.
  • ECOHILL Hair Boutique

    Hairdressers Alderley, QLD
    After visiting my usual salon and ending up with an allergic reaction twice at the end of last year, I did my research and ended up at Eco Hill.
    Lovely little salon with a 'salon dog' - this is a massive plus for me as it serves as a welcome distraction from being stuck in a chair for hours! Carmen was so helpful and welcoming, we decided on a colour much closer to my natural shade (having been platiunum blonde in recent years).
    Colour was applied quickly and professionally and I was left to simmer with some magazines, T2 tea and a delightful bikkie, plus the dog who of course found me much more interesting once I had food.
    A lot of care was taken to get the right colour (and neutralise some gold banding issues from previous bleaches) and cut - all said and done, hair (and eyebrows) looked amazing, cost around the same as before and best of all - NO REACTION!
    My new regular.
  • Vintaged Bar & Grill

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    A friend and I got into our minds that we were craving a hotel buffet breakfast (but we weren't going anywhere -d'oh). So after a quick 5 minutes of research we narrowed down our options to Vintaged at the Hilton.
    The location and atmosphere here is quiet and serene, almost a secluded little getaway. There weren't too many people there when we arrived at around 715am and all the food you could possibly desire was laid out and ready.
    There's a massive selection of hot food and eggs made to order, they also cater to Asian tastes and have fried rice and a chicken congee available, which I tried for the first time (couldn't miss that opportunity). Everything was laid out in Chasseur cookware under hot lamps to keep it piping hot. There's a selection of tiny individual serves of juice and smoothies and you can also juice your own fruit at a separate station. The croissants and danishes were freshly baked and the flaky pastry was a delight. My only disappointment would probably be that the tidy up service and tea/coffee rounds were a bit scarce and there's not much room on the tables for dirty plates. All in all, I really enjoyed my breakfast here and I ate as much quantity and variety as I possibly could, in true buffet style. Craving satisifed.
  • Kabuki

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    Japanese food is a favourite of mine. It's fresh and light and when it's done well it's superb. I recently went with a group of work friends for what turned out to be a boozy lunch!
    There's a pretty limited menu if you don't get the teppanyaki. Accordingly, we all ordered various bento boxes, which came with miso, salad, fresh fruit and rice. We also decided on some edamame and the braised eggplant. Starters (and the first of many Kirins) came out quickly. We were unsure as to what form the eggplant would take but we were pleasantly surpised. It was rich and soft and the miso braise perfectly complemented the eggplant. Edamame are a crowd favourite and these were up to par.
    I decided I was being healthy that day (this was before the 4th or 5th beer!), so ended up with the sashimi bento. The tuna, salmon and kingfish was fresh and cut perfectly to melt in the mouth. The serving was more than enough food and I ate every last morsel. I like how they satisfy your post lunch sweet craving with some fresh seasonal fruit - it really hit the spot!
    I really enjoyed Kabuki (this time and the times before!) and frankly, I'm surprised that there aren't more diners on a Friday.
  • Chester Street

    Bakeries Newstead, QLD
    Super busy bakery that also serves breakfast and lunch (I think!). Their insta feed is amazing and if you like to ogle amazing edible creations, do yourself a favour and follow them. If you're trying to eat clean, I'd steer clear! There's usually a massive line to order here so be patient. At least each side of the shop is lined with fridges full of fabulous cakes, slices, icecream cakes and nutella lasagne to help you decide what to order! I've only been here for the treats, so can't comment on the plated food they serve. My husband is a portugese tart afficionado, and theirs meet the brief. Their mini cheesecakes are beautiful and the taste lives up to the looks! Worth a visit!
  • Baskin Robbins

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Albany Creek, QLD
    Let's just start by getting this out there - I couldn't live without icecream. It's my favourite thing in the world. I remember getting Baskins as a child from the store up on Racecourse Road (it's no longer there, WHY?) and my flavour of choice was of course, chocolate mousse royale. Fast forward many years and I still love Baskins. Pretty sure I've tried just about flavour they have (must be more than 31 with their special edition numbers!), though I always come back to the best: Jamoca Almond Fudge, Pralines n Cream... now that I think about it, I was going to add Caramel Choc Crunch but I'm not sure they make it anymore (I shoud petition them!). Husband has even evolved from Cotton Candy to Choc Mousse Royal Sundaes but it's hard to sway him any further. If you love icecream, you should know they have loyalty cards with generous free scoops offered for once you've visited not even that times. I'm very loyal, it seems.
  • Nando's

    Takeaways Albany Creek, QLD
    This Nandos used to be a go-to for us - look, the chips are always delicious; hot and crispy and fresh and the chicken is juicy and well cooked. Recently however the chicken seems to be smaller/less pieces (we always get a whole chicken with hot basting) and the minimal amount of basting (so that we have to ask for extra!). Service is good and pretty fast (we normally order ahead and pick it up). We still go there and although I'm disappointed in the portion sizes considering the price, it's still nice food.
  • Guzman Y Gomez

    Takeaways Albany Creek, QLD
    This Guzman store recently opened nice and close to where I live, much to the delight of my husband who makes us drive to Newmarket otherwise! I really like Guzman y Gomez, the food is fresh and delicious and I like that you can choose brown rice over white. This store is clean and bright and they have a drive through which is pretty cool. We normally eat in though and the service is generally good, however it's a bit annoying that your food (for two people) doesn't come out at the same time. For me, that's about the only downfall. I'm glad it's around as the Mexican food to be found around Brisbane beforehand was pretty poor.
  • Elixir Coffee

    Cafes Stafford, QLD
    Elixir coffee is the bomb. This place goes off, we've driven past a couple of times thinking to get brekfast, but there's been a line out the door!
    We managed to stop there early one Saturday before the rush - it was definitely worth the wait. The menu is extensive and it was so hard to choose! Food came out quickly and was absolutely delish. Coffee, as expected was awesome - I got a ristretto and it was smooth and rich, my husband got the coffee frappe and it was perfectly blended and he was suitably impressed.
    Elixir also offer a selection of coffee beans to take home (and associated gadgetry to purchase) and cabinet food that my husband assures me is as good as it looks as well. Get here early - it's worth it!
  • Pav Bar

    Restaurants Brisbane, QLD
    Pav Bar is conveniently close to where I work, and offers seating in a smoking area so you can drink and smoke at the same time (which is convenient for some, let's be real!). Dropped in here on Friday afternoon chasing a wine (and for those I was with, a smoke as well). Service is what lets this place down - there's a massive line for service at the bar, and the people working behind it don't move with any sense of urgency. There are positives, however, happy hour house wines were only $5 so you can't complain about that!