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jarrahblue Local Star

a couple with 3 young children who enjoy eating out as a family

Joined 28 February 2008 Glen Waverley, VIC

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  • Babble Bar

    Restaurants Prahran, VIC
    had a great grazing platter that was yummy and sizeable $21- with felafels that were nice and mosit not dry like often are, hummus, s/d tomatoes, black olives, greens, fetta, flat breads and 2 lamb cutlets and sagnanaki cheese. great chai lattes- made with fresh leaves not powder. warm and cosy on a cold winters nights. old stone building. great food.
  • Cote Terra

    Cafes Oakleigh, VIC
    ordered the pea and fetta smash- p/eggs, p/fetta, charred corn and proscuitto $18- quite yummy. the polenta mushies $18 with p/eggs, polenta biscuit, crumbed buffalo mozzarella, roasted wild mushies, an crispy enoki was also very tasty and inventive. plenty of seating and staff very attentative
  • hyde n seek

    Restaurants Ashwood, VIC
    had nice soup of the day chicken and vegie $10, seating under cover on street front, seating inside and some seating out back in sunshine, not covered but area a bit rustic. coffees very good and have bonsoy. we also had the breakfast burrito- $14 s/eggs wrapped with ailoi, rocket, grilled mushies, s/avo and fetta, you can add bacon or salmon for $4.50- yummy and sizeable for price.

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  • have tried their home and contents insurance and car insurance, for a couple of years now. recently had a window repair claim which we had no difficulty with (settled quickly, followed up with me with satisfaction survey and email, claim form done over phone politely, great communication). appreciate how they dont operate under the rating system (which is a such a farce) where you are penalised when you make a claim by an increase in your renewal premium, have never found them difficulty to get hold of on phone (waiting time). the car insurance policy was fine, never had a need to claim though, but the paying for km is a good idea but gets a bit trickey as difficult to estimate how many km you will do in a year and although you can top up you have to make notes on your calender to remind yourself to keep an eye on it as if you go over and need to claim you are not covered (and we did go over and i didn't realise for several weeks) so decided not to renew just from this issue. there insurance rates are very competitive and often a little cheaper than other companies. did not use their landlords insurance only because they dont offer "rent default by tennant" which we required.
    • Real insurance?? subsequently to my previous review I am disgusted with real insurance for contents insurance. We had some broken windows so I rang about our policy to enquire if we made a minor claim our premium would go up the following year and was told no Real don't operate that way (premiums go up each year according to the 'market' you are not penalised for making claims. So we claimed about $250 in window repairs then received our next premium and it had gone up at least $300 so I phoned for an explanation and was told it was because of the claim and I told them I had asked specifically about this, they said they would listen to phone tapes and get back to me and of course they never did. So we phoned back and they offered nothing, so we have obviously not renewed our policy (how can it possibly go up $300 for a minor $250 claim anyway?)
  • had my child's taken at his preschool by them recently. although they was very friendly I was not happy with the service. They does not respond to repeated emails and phone message you leave with them with queires (such as over pricing) and i prefer more natural shots of kids playing rather than posed shots which they tends to take. prices for photos are expensive considering nature of digital photography now where there is no cost for them to develop prints to show parents to choose whether to buy or not (as there was with film). disappointing.
    • the preschool where my daughter went, and I worked, had so many parents compaining they never received their photos they paid for and all attempted to contact you and got no/little response, consequently after 2 years of booking you we booked elsewhere