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  • Mary's CBD
    Takeaways    Sydney, NSW

    Any hipster or anyone who cares about fried chicken has heard about Mary's in Newtown. I fall into the latter category.

    That said, the thought of waiting an hour for a table -- cranky toddler in tow -- with the hipster and food blogger crowd is enough to turn me off and possibly even eat a salad for dinner instead.

    When I heard about the pending opening of Mary's in the CBD, weekday work lunch options started to get exciting. The CBD joint is takeaway only, and (even better), burgers only. As expected, opening day was insane and the keen office worker slash food blogger community came in droves. Two months later, the buzz has settled down and I am game enough to try it out.

    On the menu is the Mary's burger, a cheeseburger with pickles, their famous fried chicken in a burger, a veggie burger and a breakfast burger. You can get your burger on its own, or in a meal deal with fries and a soda or a shake.

    I know exactly what I want, and after a short wait and much anticipation, I get my white and black paper bag with my fried chicken burger and fries. The fried chicken is everything I want it to be -- and more. It's a generous, chunky, juicy serve of chicken fried in a glorious buttermilk batter. The chicken has just the right amount of spice, and is sandwiched in a soft bun. The accompanying Mary's sauce is delicious. The burger isn't huge but it's enough (to clog up your arteries). The fries are shoestring, slightly thicker than your Maccas fries (which I also love). They are good but on the salty side -- the side you want to err on when fries are concerned. The help-yourself soft-drink machine is a great idea - very Hungry Jack's.

    Needless to say, I'll be back to try the other burgers, probably as often as my skinny jeans will let me.

  • Opera Kitchen
    Restaurants    Sydney, NSW

    I want to give this more stars as it is a top location and the menu is promising. Situated right next to Opera Bar, you really can't go wrong with location, especially on a nice day.

    The food isn't amazing despite having been put together by some big names. Our beef burger is way too dry despite being sandwiched by a lovely brioche bun. The accompanying fries are a disappointment, but a side order of onion rings are marvelously crisp and satisfying.

    Drinks are really expensive -- say $6 for a cranberry juice -- but understandably so. A number of patrons I saw were just there to sit down for a drink or two. The crowd is a mix of sunburnt tourists, overly made up models in high fashion, and families with kids.

    I'd come back if I was in the area, but it's not a destination in itself. Oh, and watch out for the pigeons and seagulls!

  • MD Thai
    Restaurants    Darlinghurst, NSW

    It's been over a year since my last review here and I have to admit I still enjoy their green curry. It's not the most authentic but it's definitely comfort food. I love that takeaway dishes come really quickly. I called to order and was asked to pick it up in 5 minutes. How's that for Thai fast food?

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  • ghch346 Newbie  reviewed West Elm
    My husband and I ordered a patchwork dresser in Dec 2013. The staff who placed the order for us told us we were unlikely to receive it until mid Jan due to Christmas. The invoice emailed to us was uninformative and unprofessional, containing only a order number, and nothing else - not even a description of the item ordered!

    We waited till Jan then went in store to only find out our order had been mistakenly placed as an in store order so it was never delivered. Another staff helped us chase up, and assured us the dresser will be delivered next week. A delivery charge of $130 was mentioned to us for the first time (!!) but waived due to all the troubles we had. We also asked for a change of delivery address and was told the dresser requires assembly at delivery.

    Delivery company finally called, and I was told delivery address was still the old address. I again repeated our new address and settled on a time for delivery.

    Our dresser was finally delivered but it was badly damaged. One of the leg was broken and and a drawer seriously chipped. We were told that the product would be assembled at delivery but it was delivered already assembled. When we looked at the invoice, the address there was STILL wrong. The delivery staffs guessed our address from a half correctly spelt street name, and we went out to locate them.

    Erroneous order, unprofessional invoice, inexperienced staff, failure to inform customers of delivery cost, failure to track orders, failure to register an address despite multiple attempts, unclear instructions re assembly, expensive delivery cost, failure to protect products during delivery. We lodged a complaint but never heard back from anyone. We are disgusted about the whole ordering process and will never purchase from them again.

    11 months ago - 03/02/2014

    • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star 
      Did you end up receiving your patchwork dresser? See my review above regarding the knobs on the patchwork dresser coming loose. We purchased it in October 2013, started using it late November 2013, and already several knobs have grooves that are worn out - they cannot be screwed back on (and therefore drawers cannot be used).

      6 months ago - 26/07/2014

  • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star  reviewed West Elm
    I absolutely fell in love with West Elm (and its sister companies) and was excited when they first opened up in Bondi. I loved the store and the products, but after having purchased an item from them (the Patchwork dresser), I no longer hold them in such high regard.

    The dresser we received was in decent condition. There were a few nicks, but nothing worth complaining about. However, after months of use, many of the grooves for the screw-on knobs have already worn out and cannot be used to open the drawers. (Which then begs the question, how else do you open the damn drawers?)

    I contacted them on Facebook and email, with the proposed resolution: return the entire dresser, (with specific instructions on how to pack it up) and then place an entirely new order at a discounted rate, then wait for a new dresser to be delivered and installed. For a dresser that I use daily as a baby change table, this is a whole lot of effort to replace faulty screw on knobs, with no guarantee that the replacement will be any better.

    The email communication I have received has been decent so far, but the person in the American call centre I spoke to was extremely rude. Wow.

    Avoid. Save your money, I've had much better quality furniture from IKEA.

    6 months ago - 23/07/2014

    • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star 
      As it turns out, West Elm customer service have asked me to return the faulty dresser and repurchase the item at a price that is now more expensive than what I originally paid.

      I have to fork out more money to a company who sold me a bad product?

      6 months ago - 26/07/2014

  • Tiaraaaaa Local Star  reviewed Dural Terrace Chinese Restaurant
    Sadly a little disappointing considering they are the only local Chinese restaurant. Being a Wednesday lunch I would have thought it would be busier given the location but it was practically empty (knowing from prior outings that this means the food can go either way). Our wait staff was friendly and efficient when we first arrived but seemed to become less interested throughout the meal. As there was four of us we ordered a selection of entrees and mains to share - mussels in black bean sauce, king prawn & chicken sizzling in garlic sauce, combination & vegetables and seafood combination. Whilst the food was cooked very well, the sauces were bland and lacked any flavour, particularly the traditional flavours I long for from a local suburban Chinese restaurant. Of all the food the san choy bow was the signature dish and sadly the serving so small. To sum it up, it is definitely not the best chinese i have ever had but okay. The drinks, particularly the wine list and the general is pretty pricey but not unusual for the area. Such a letdown :(

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