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  • Raya Thai Indonesian Restaurant

    Restaurants Engadine, NSW
    YUK. ....Always keen to see what our local Asian restaurants have to offer, we decided recently to give Raya Thai their first try with some anticipation.
    What we received was extremely overpriced really small portions of disgustingly sloppy reheated noodles, reheated rice and overcooked beef lumps. They have no idea at all. This is positively the worst value and 100% without doubt the most disgusting we have ever encountered . If this place gets return business I'll eat my boots because they would be tastier. Anyone in the area should locate this shop and then turn about and go directly opposite to a really GOOD Chinese Restaurant that has to be the best in town. What a pleasure to eat there instead.
  • Viva Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurants Engadine, NSW
    My family are real Asian food lovers so can tell a bad one from a good one. Regardless of anything else in this area, Viva offers THE BEST Cinese meals at the best prices with the largest quantities. Constantly magnificent I defy anyone to dislike their Honey Chicken or anything else they carefully serve up. Always top quality, Always fresh and Always generous. The owners are really lovely and take pride in their business.
    If I could give them 10 stars I is seriously that good and I'm amazed more people haven't found them yet.
  • Sutherland Court House

    Courts Sutherland, NSW
    Today I had the misfortune to ask certain questions about procedure from the 'enquiries counter' of this courthouse. Sadly I was faced with the massively, highly overskilled, omniscient 'staff' , which appeared to be sneeringly 'seconded' by some staff. In essence I was informed I was not clever enough to appreciate answers from these omniscient beings. Not having taken a tiny bit of a law course I couldn't possibly know anything worthy of their reply. The only conversation offered was to boast of legal qualification while refusing to let me ask my question. Did advise I was free to pursue any case and would happily take my payment. (I'm sure I don't need their permission) So the question remains, what level of enquiry do these people offer? What service do they take their public-purse wages for? They told me I was wasting their time with questions that they couldn't be bothered spending their time on. The pair of them are extremely rude, unprofessional and appear to have no interest in the needs of the public. Hopefully they will grow from being an ex-solicitor to become an ex-deputy registrar too. Certainly displays zero professional dress code, manners, respect, despite their apparently amazing legal prowess. Asking them advice sure got me a bad reaction.
    Neither of them knew anything about VIC Statute Barring.
    I will be making an official complaint about this very unhelpful office.