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  • Talk about "getting it right!!" Interior design services matched with a homewares store and topped with the cutest kitchen serving up some fun dishes. This is where I'd like to spend most of my days.

    We wanted to get out of our bubble and were told about this place through friends. I'm such a 'googler' and love my research prior to checking out a new place but couldn't quite figure out what this place had to offer, other than super cute furniture.

    Well, in addition to the awesome armchairs, huge variety of exquisite tea cups and saucers, AND the fresh flowers - we sat down to quite a fabulous afternoon. They serve lunch until 3pm, and we got there around 2pm. There was no rushing at all, everyone is on 'beach time'. The menu ranged from burgers, whale ale fish and chips, antipasto platters, ocean trout salads, frittatas, lamb back strap...the list goes on. All very reasonably priced, $15 - $25 ish.

    And that's just the savoury. For sweettooths, this will be your sort of heaven. Homemade banana and honey thickshakes served in old school milk bottles and the homemade brownies and caramel slices being the highlights. Then there were the kids on the table next to us were downing GREEN SPIDERS! It's been years since I've seen anyone drink one of those, let alone serve them.

    You order up at the counter, grab your number and find a seat. It's much more glamorous than it sounds.

    We thought it'd be rude not to order a bottle of champas, again no huge mark up and served in a cute bridgewater mill clear cooler. All amongst amazing furniture, that isn't yours...but could be.

    One of the most colourfully classy cafes with very honest hospitality.
    • I can't believe I haven't heard about this place before. Food, sweets and interiors - three of my favourite things!